Satire in Randy Newman's "Short People" | Reviewer: Sanford | 5/31/09

Everybody: This song is a satire, you can stop freaking out. The accusations are obviously absurd, and that's the precise point. Very few people seriously believe there to be a fundamental difference between short people and others.

The excessive nature of the accusations and statements leads the listener to see their absurdity, which by extension shows the listener the equal absurdity of laying claims against other large groups of people who they may be as inclined to view as normal.

Most ive ever wrote in my life! | Reviewer: Josh. | 5/27/09

Reading everyone's little arguments is quite funny. When i first heard the song i thought it was just about how cute little people are (probably cause i heard it on the movie little rascals which has the cutest funniest little kids ever on it). So anyway when i read the lyrics i was a little confused whether Randy was just singing a funny little song that didnt really have a message and didnt think it would cause such arguments or whether he was intending to say that being prejudice is silly or whether he was being mean cause he doesnt like little people.

So anyway i came to a conclusion that he was sticking up for short people and saying being prejudice is silly. Until i listened to the song and read the lyrics at the same time. This particular verse raised an interesting question:

Short people are just the same
As you and I
(A fool such as I)
All men are brothers
Until the day they die
(It's a wonderful world)

Randy sings the bits in brackets and the other bits are sung by someone else.

I think this other person is saying: no randy these people are just like us, dont be mean to them.

And randy is arguing back saying no when they die it will be a wonderful world or whatever.

I used to think that that verse was him actually working out short people were alright, but it goes back to him being prejudice towards them so it got me thinking.

Soooo am i on too something or am i looking into it too much? Please comment on my thoughts and either tell me im mentally challenged or that i might actually be making sense. Thank you :)

Someone get randys number and ask him personally!!!

Reply to short people | Reviewer: webmaster at | 5/24/09

What is so sad and pathetic is that some of these people writing so-called reviews are also short - or so some of them say. Let's say we had a song called "Black People" and the lyrics went something like:

Black people got no reason to live
Black people got no reason to live
(and one could make up disparaging lyrics here)
Don't want no Black people round here.

Would some of the nincompoops here be writing things like:
"A little better wording would be good"
"If you are offended you didn't get the message of the song"
"For those offended by the song I just want to say "grow up".
"I like this song, and I made up some rockin'
dance moves to it"
"Engage your brains a bit. Critical thinking isn't that hard, your life will be richer for it, I promise."

I hate to be so harsh but I believe these people posting here should engage THEIR brains a little bit - if they have one that is. If this song was made about mostly any racial, ethnic, religious group or women or gays, etc. the song would most likely never have even been allowed on the airwaves let along "celebrated" like some of the (and again you'll pardon my terminology) brain-dead here seem to be celebrating it. If it had, Newman's career would have been over. Period. End of sentence. This is the socially acceptable prejudice called heightism that I discuss on my website, a prejudice that mostly all of the posters here seem to engage in rather freely - There are even some self-deprecating shorters here too that don't seem to mind being used as fodder for a tramp like Randy Newman and his very heightist song. By the way, I do get Newman's message, unfortunately he chose the short-statured to use as an example and the reason he did that was because he would not have had any career after making a similar song about any of the above groups and I think even some of the people posting here are smart enough to agree.

Is anyone "BIG" enough to respond to this post?? No? I didn't think so.

This person is retarded....!!!! *read*! | Reviewer: CamDaMan | 5/7/09

how dare him. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/27/09

No, this is not funny. Short people have more prejudice aimed at them today then anyone else. You CAN'T relate. No one can help it. This man deserves to be punished for these stupid lyrics. Shorter people are just as successful as tall people and we should not be looked down upon like this. What if someone made a song called "tall people"? Oh, then it would be SO MEAN right and not funny? Oh,but this, this is HILARIOUS isn't it. So everyone whose tall and says this is funny needs to get out of here

There is a song called Tall People, google, "tall people lyrics." I am 6'7 and the lyrics bash tall people, do you think I am offended by this? No, you being offended by this shows 1) how insecure you are about your height 2) you have no sense of humor and 3) you are short, get used to it!

PS: I think the song is extremely funny and even if it was aimed at making fun of little people I still would rub it in your short face just because it pisses you off. peace out short fry!! hahaha

Short thang.. | Reviewer: BobbyBrown | 4/13/09

Well I am 5'0 and when I was reading this song in school I laughed with my friend and got in trouble. This song is funny but people who do not get this may get offended a little better wording would be good.
Thank you.

If You are offended... you didn't get the message of the song. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/2/09

To be honest, I am not tall, but short. However, I love the song.
The song has a message, and it's not what you think!
The message is pointing out how silly it is to judge people on their appearance.
About halfway through the song You'll hear these lyrics:

Short people are just the same
As you and i
(a fool such as I)
All men are brothers
Until the day they die
(its a wonderful world)

Oh Please get a life! | Reviewer: Fifthhorseman | 3/20/09

As a lifelong short person I have loved this song since I first heard it. Sure I get ribbed about being short but oddly not by tall people but by women marginally taller or smaller than me ( 5'5"). Randy Newman Rocks .If you are short and are offendend by this song you really do need to grow up (pun intended)

Well... | Reviewer: Mcfizzlestick | 2/23/09

Gee. I mean, I like this song, and I made up some rockin' dance moves to it, but I AM only 4'8 and have been teased a lot by my "friends" who "don't really mean it". LOVE the song; but I HATE people who make fun of others just because they are different.So people who do, go get a life!

"Grow up" | Reviewer: John | 2/13/09

For those offended by the song I just want to say "grow up". The song makes a great point and pokes fun at prejudice. Spend a little more time looking for the positive intent in others and you will probably find it.

Great! | Reviewer: Shorty | 2/11/09

I heard this song for the first time on the episode "boy to the world" of ally mcbeal and I could not stop laughing!

I'm one of those short people, and even so, I love this song. Most of the verses are actually true, that's what's making this song so funny.

Everyone who's just complaining is wrong! We really need to joke around much more, even if it gets a little sarcastic...

tongue in cheek. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/10/09

Newman's said that this song is about how stupid prejudice is, and is about some lunatic.
Do you think there are people out there who are heightist? That's absurd.
The bridge gives it away.
Also, everyone's got some hangup that "no one else could possibly know what it's like to have", like being short, or tall, or fat, or skinny, or black or ...

Wow. | Reviewer: emjay | 2/7/09

Just stumbled onto this page, and am perplexed by these posts by people who don't understand the point of the song or Randy's intended irony. Engage your brains a bit. Critical thinking isn't that hard, your life will be richer for it, I promise.

Wow alot of people taking this like it's offensive... | Reviewer: Daniel | 2/6/09

Can't believe how many (short) people find this song offensive... I'm not tall myself but this song isn't about that it is bad to be short, it's about peoples prejudice.

It's exactly like the comment Adam wrote, couldn't have written it better myself. Great song!

Wow | Reviewer: tara | 2/7/09

Ok for everyone saying that this is insulting i am way taller than average and everyone teases me about my height even though they say they dont mean it so this is just a harmless song just like when short peole make fun of tall people but dont mean any harm this is what that song is . This is my opiniion

Chin up | Reviewer: Bilroy | 2/2/09

Always one of my favorites, and I have always been short. I you cannot laugh yourself, you have a real problem. If someone laughs at you, and you join in the laughter, you help them solve their potential problem. Now, let's here it for Tall People !!