What does it mean? | Reviewer: Ian | 11/13/12

I was in the 7th grade when this song was released. Always being the shortest male in my school, I was often greeted by peers singing the chorus to me. I remember seeing a brief television interview with Randy Newman where he discussed the song's meaning. "Short People" according to Randy Newman, does in fact refer to prejudice. This is a play on words e.g. short-sightedness, short-mindedness, or people with a limited capacity to see beyond their own narrow-mindedness. I've never understood why people argue about the lyrical interpretation of this song, when the artist himself tells you why he wrote the song and then explains its meaning. I saw the interview and I heard what he said. A simple search of the internet will validate my comments.

What? How come people dont get it? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/6/12

What is minimum number of words that must be a euphamism for something else and it suddenly all makes sense?
What if I added this one line...?

Short people may be 6 feet tall,
but they're little on the inside!

Long and short of it | Reviewer: Lorenzo | 10/7/12

Randy Newman is short. I have verified that because I saw him perform recently. The song is apparently supposed to be presenting the views of a lunatic (that's from Mr Newman's website), although I don't know how we are supposed to realize that.

This could mean he doesn't want kids... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/4/12

Talking about their grubby little fingers and tiny little cars that go beep, beep...Their going to get you everytime -I think it's about having kids of his own. In a weird way it's kinda cute. I'm short and at first when reading this, it surprised me how mean it sounded, but the more I read the more I couldn't help but think of little kids "toddlers". I'm short and have two little short people of my own (little kids) :)

-mama of two

I'm short and this song is silly funny!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/7/12

Yes I am short. So what! Did you know that kids that are tall for their age or just way tall in adulthood get gawked at too. Any one can feel bad when confronted on their height even so called average.
I remember hearing that song when I was a kid (I knew I was going to be short)and I loved that song!
I grew up with reading disabilities but gifted in math so I had my own battles of insecurities, after all I did ride a short bus, but this song was thought to be demeaning. I knew it was a joke.

Great Stuff for Everyone | Reviewer: Scott Steel | 6/27/12

Use this song as a teaching tool to explain inclusivity and discrimination. I also usually play, You got a Friend in Me and talk about Toy Story. Finally, if I have time I play, I Love LA to show the wacky Randy in the 80s and to explain Cali culture. All good fun, hopefully with a positive message.

im short | Reviewer: maria stovall | 6/3/12

im short for my age and i think the song is cute. most people say things about my height but i dont care, i know that i can have a totally different perspective on the world, that they cant beacause they are tall.

be real | Reviewer: obintto zaki | 5/30/12

am 6.1 and i'll have to be open.ok,in many cases,short people are ussually considered 2 be of less value and alot of people make fun of them.this really discourages them and make them feel less fortunate.its really hard to live in the mocking world they live in.i remember frequently telling my 5.4 brother how unlucky short people are unknowing how deep my words burnt him.despite everything,he would still do nice things to me only to show he was not of less value.one day he decided to open his mind,his cheeks all soaked in tears.just then i realized i was killing my own brother unknowingly.emotions exist and i think its kinda stupid to tease a person's weakness and then tel him not 2 take it personal.so mr Randy,i think u shd find a better way of explaining things.# no hard feelings.

You have to look closer... | Reviewer: Jeff | 3/24/12

Newman wrote this song as a dig against people in the recording industry. Agents and producers that were liars, slicks, cheaters, dishonest, cheap and a great deal of them were fellows of short stature. Inflated self importance and ego masturbators, difficult to deal with. They would walk around in very loud suits calling even more attention to their short stature. The Stones made a parody about music executives called the West Coast Promotion Man. Give it a listen.

Personal expression should have no limit.... | Reviewer: Newman | 3/7/12

If God gave you a brain that can formulate an opinion and you have the verbal/writing skills to express it then you have the right to do so, whether that be via artistic expression or otherwise, whether the opinion be deemed offensive, intolerant or not. THERE IS NO SUCH RIGHT AS A RIGHT NOT TO BE OFFENDED.

What? Logically two opinions here! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/26/11

It would make perfect sense if a person in the 21st century feels as though this song is offensive. Most examples of discrimination have been eliminated from our culture. Prejudice against a race, religion, or the disabled are never tolerated, EVEN IN ARTISTIC EXPRESSION.

On the other hand, prejudice against short people in this song is not intended to be interpreted literally. Most people should know that there is nothing different at all about short people. The sad fact, however; is that even though he is mocking small-minded people, some small-minded people would agree with the characterizations made here.

Short :People | Reviewer: Andrew Bonthius | 11/23/11

The is not actually a "joke" at all, as some of you have noted. It's a serious jab at prejudice. If we start trying to legislate or socially restrict the creative or artistic ways of expressing oneself then we will have more prejudice in the world not less.

supra shoes | Reviewer: supra shoes | 9/23/11

Some of you who have your "nose out of joint" really should relax. It is well known that if you take everything personally, you'll never be happy with anything. It's just a song. Besides, if you really paid attention, it actually says that we are really all the same no matter what. So - - - what are you all pissed off about - - - REALLY? Get a grip.

somehow Funny | Reviewer: Jason | 9/21/11

This song made me laugh, i just heard it from the little rascals movie. I'm Filipino, tan skin, and 5'4", oh yes i'm a short guy, so what, I still get laid , with taller girls, whites, asians, hispanics, :)I think it's how you carry yourself.

The fortunate ones | Reviewer: Short Stuff | 7/9/11

If you've never been bullied or rejected for something you can't help and can't change... If, like Joy and Laura, you've had lots of friends who couldn't have cared less about those things, and appreciated you for who you are, life looks a little different. It's funny how people wind up taking life more seriously after the people in their lives have seriously taken them. If you have never had a nerve rubbed so raw that even a "funny little song" makes it jump out of your skin, you are indeed one of the fortunate ones. As usual, though, people have to live in a place for a while before they can begin to get the lay of the land. Most just can't seem to imagine what it's like there, where they have never ever been.