YOU ALL ARE INSANE | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/8/09

Another place of the internet where people argue about the meaning of this song. Is it about hort people or is it a metaphor. The latter quite for sure, but it's subtler than that. Newman will never come and tell you: ok little burgeois, it's a metaphor, you can sing it or hear it and feel good at the same time. That's why it is so great, you can get over with the song untouched.

Newman is famous for personificating horrible character is his songs, and nonetheless make them appear human (wrong human maybe, but human nonetheless). Take Sail Away, or Yellow Man for example. But it's not your average political folk-singer that breaks the worls in good and evil for your peace of mind.

By the way, the first comment of this row is pure BS... ah the internet! ;)

This is bad for short people | Reviewer: Ghostplanet | 12/6/09

The problem I have is that about 90 percent of this song simply says short people are bad. And the chorus (no reason to live) could be compared to a death metal band's lyrics that end up in a court where the band's trying to defend itself. Double standard anybody? Is it because this song is a bouncy, piano-driven song? Anyway, I'm sure Mr. Newman's attorney urged him to throw in the worst lyrics of the song: "All men are brothers until the day that I die." Haha, these lyrics have No Reason To Exist! I loooooove L.A.

True meaning | Reviewer: b.m | 11/26/09

Heard interview with Randy Newman a few years back.Not deep or mysterious.At the time the song was written Randy's wife wanted to have a baby.Randy did not & wrote the song describing his feelings.Check out the words.

Irony... | Reviewer: gabrielle | 11/11/09

To take the song literally, as the reviewer below (Lo) intimates, is to miss the point. I agree that "short" is a metaphor. If not, then the award-winning songwriter must have heavy esteem issues, not to mention a death wish: Newman is 5' 4".

A Must Read | Reviewer: AJ | 10/27/09

I looked up these lyrics tonight because I am a woman who works in a business of mainly men. I met a short opponent. He likes me but he doesn't. It is a power struggle. He can be so nasty. He reminded me of a short neighbor boy that treated me the same way. The neighbor boy used to sing this song from his second story window. Both the man now and the boy from the past have issues with their height and they take it out on others. I believe that the lyrics came about because of other short people who were nasty to others due to their own issues inside. I am a songwriter myself. These type of people do have dirty minds and are good for telling lies.

aaaaahhhhh... | Reviewer: ~shortperson~ | 10/19/09

Okay, I'm short. I'm 5"3" and I'm 18. I loooooooooove this song. It's catchy. I understand where people are coming from in saying they don't like it. I didnt at first. But now that i'm more MATURE, i like it a lot. That's all i have to say.

Pauli | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/12/09

One of my friends is, so to say, vertically challenged (due to an illness). We address him "midget" or "dwarf", which is a token of closeness and trust. We will certainly play this song for him and he will laugh. Wouldn't he be a pansy to take it as an offence? If he did, we would definitely start nagging him about his size, but in fact it would be his sissyness that we would poke fun at. Dear Anonymous, don't be a sissy and laugh at yourself louder than others do - this will make them stop :D

Can we see, hear, or feel? | Reviewer: Lo | 9/24/09

I'm a black female and when I first heard this song I immediately figured it to be showing how stupid racism is. I assume when he wrote the song he probably wanted to make people think. Cuz maybe if you're appalled by those words then maybe, just maybe you'd stand up when real injustice occurs. It's sad that a lot of people were taunted because Randy used the word short. And it's even sadder that most people are so closed-minded that they can only feel hurt for themselves and not others. Anyone ever heard of empathy?

Artistic writing. | Reviewer: Chris | 9/21/09

Who really knows what Randy Newman was thinking when he wrote this song.
I think you take your own meaning from a song, even if it's not the same as the one the writer intended.
I personally think this song is a dig at the small minded. And I believe anyone who takes it seriously is kind of the butt of the joke.
But that's just my view. There's no need to argue over what it means. Just read the lyrics, and think about it for yourself.

What is WRONG with people? | Reviewer: Laura Sapp | 9/14/09

I can't believe that people are still arguing about this song. I'm 5'2" and I have always LOVED the song. I really doubt very much that Randy Newman thinks that short people should die. The wording is perfect. If some people are offended by the song, then they should probably consider having senses of humor grafted onto their personalities. Only Randy Newman knows for sure, but I've always assumed the he intended to point out the absurdity of senseless prejudices, and I feel comfortable with that assumption. The saddest thing is that the people who don't "get it" are very likely the people who most need the message.

And if Randy Newman himself ever tells me that I'm wrong, I'll just bite him on the kneecaps.
(For the humor-impaired among you, THAT WAS A JOKE!)

My late husband was 6'6" and loved the song, and I have good reason to know that HE didn't think short people should die.

Lighten up, people!

Thanks for the insults. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/9/09

I happened to be about 7 or 8 yrs old when this song came out.

I was very short (still am) and this song made for several years of teasing. I still grit my teeth if this song comes on at a party and I have to smile while getting another round of "good-natured" teasing.

I don't care what the original intent was or if there is some deeper lesson within the lyrics. It's mean-spirited.

And by the way, I was told that the lyrics were about his Manager who was short and with whom Newman had a falling out.
Don't know if it's a true story but it seems a lot more plausible than all the crap spouted about it being some deep social commentary.

So F*ck you Randy Newman for giving the bullies more fodder. A$$hole.

Let | Reviewer: Serac | 8/14/09

Let me tell you the meaning of this song.
Randy Newman is not making an attack on short people, this song is an anti racist song. And the lyrics are saying that it is a stupid to hate short people as it is to hate black people. Anyone who missed this is not the brightest bulb in the shop.

Response to Webmaster | Reviewer: First Timer | 6/30/09

RE: Reply to short people | Reviewer: webmaster at | 5/24/09

Dear small-minded individual (no pun intended),

I have never actually taken the time to respond to anything like this. Upon reading your post I just could not in good conscience let this go! The audacity that you have in some of the things you have said makes me feel somewhat ill. First of all, to compare this song on any level or compare in general the prejudice directed toward short people to what the black community has gone through is mind boggling. You are truly a very naive individual to think this way.

Secondly, as NuclearSunrise pointed out the fact that you call people "Brain-Dead" because of their opinions further shows your naive, small minded nature. Everyone is entitled to their opinions (even you). If you don't like the song, simply state that, and then never listen to it again. I mean that is the great thing about finding music that you don't like or that offends you in some have the choice to never listen to it again. There is no need to attack the writer or the good people who are trying to enjoy it / celebrate here.

To all that like this song, - I agree, it made me laugh and it is quite catchy!

Another delightful little gem from Randy Newman | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/12/09

This light hearted song is so catchy, I can't stop singing it everywhere I go. I believe Randy definitely had a clear message in this song. It's not meant to make anyone upset. He is just singing about what he believes, in his heart, to be true. That's what makes this song so great. Just an honest man, singing about his unbridled feelings toward the vertically challenged.

To the webmaster | Reviewer: NuclearSunrise | 5/29/09

Blimey, you must be a laugh at parties... I'll be BIG enough to respond.

You have quite clearly taken this song with no sense of humour whatsoever. It's an amusing little song poking fun at prejudice and discrimination. Your later statement that you wish to be pardoned for using the terminology "brain-dead" shows how hypocritical, needless and detatched from reality your post is. Please, get your prorities right next time.

As for the song itself, I love it! Very good, very funny, made even better by the occasional person commenting with a serious issue about their height.