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Performed by Randy Newman

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Whew | Reviewer: D | 4/10/12

I'm so glad to finally find a comment in regards to the Dixie Flyer not moving out of CA. I've spent hours trying to find history of it...and, obviously, never did. I thought I was searching incorrectly. Poor me...Randy's lyrics was my history.

Dixie Flyer on the wrong track? | Reviewer: Dennis Noyes | 2/10/11

The song is beautiful, but the Dixie Flyer never ran out of LA. The Flyer ran for 80 years out of Dearborn Street Station in Chicago. Marty Robbins has a song about the Flyer on its southern run. It was the train that carried Al Capone to prison in Atlanta. At one time it ran all the way to Florida. A great old train...I heard it daily growing up in Hoopeston, Illinois. I am glad the romantic name found its way into this song, but the Flyer never saw LA.

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