The Best of Punk Rock Band in the world forever | Reviewer: TEDY BOY BONSAI | 10/2/12

this band realy make me happy everyday for my spirit when I made a Bonsai art. it's realy good for focus for me when I hate to imagine a beautuiful tree character. it makes me very .... powerful to do a good thing in my bonsai jobs. Love you man !!! Thanks for your great songs!!!

Rancid still rules! Screw the stupid haters! | Reviewer: Brian | 7/24/10

Let the dominos fall...proves Rancid still as good as they were in 95. I am a big fan of ska music so I prefer the ska songs of Rancid "Time Bomb" "Up To No Good" but I like punk songs too. Rancid is a punk band that plays ska songs sometimes and they have always done it that way. They never change or sell out like Green Day and Blink 182 and No Doubt etc who change there syles just to get mainstream.

Rancid salah satu band favorit gue | Reviewer: Achmads | 10/20/08

Pertama kali dipinjemin kaset sama temen, album "out of Comes the wolf" tapi ngga teralalu digubris, tapi lama-lama enak-enak lagunya, terutama permainan bass -nya. sampai gw nyari album2 rancid yg laen..cuma gw belum dapet album yang 1999

omg | Reviewer: Asbestos | 4/13/08

i listened to a bit of punk...mainly old stuff like Sex Pistols etc but i bought a PS one (yes that's right) off ebay last year, and it came with a game which had maxwell murder in the soundtrack. i was converted. they are one of the GREATEST bands in the world.

Rancid | Reviewer: Brian Burke | 8/10/07

I love Rancid They are awsome. The best album is And out come the wolves. matt freeman is the greatest bass player ever after les claypool and victor wooten

Rancid | Reviewer: James Tanner | 6/13/07

I was fortunate enough to witness the first Rancid show at Genoa house. They opened for another great band Citizen Fish. With the exception of Indestructable I never really got into their music. Doesnt take away from the fact they are truly devoted to the scene, their fans, and their music. True punks at a time when punk was all but dead.

Literacy | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/19/07

Such a great bad, such a poorly writen biography! Where did you learn english? Have you ever heard of proof reading? Very disappointing, you might want to rewrite this page, it would be far more enjoyable.


Rancid means Friends Pain Love | Reviewer: Dee | 2/10/07

Rancid’s music has the ability to make you feel amazing things because they sing and write music that anyone can relate to but for me they are especially good at giving you a connection with other people when it comes to the pain and happiness that is part of everyday life.

Love them or hate them...LOVE THEM!! | Reviewer: Mike | 2/2/07

I been a rancid fan since 2000, and i knew about them when i first listened to And Out comes the Wolves... Song "Ruby SoHo", let me tell you this band is one of the best street punk bands that you could ever listen to, they are not as commercial and they do not follow the public request, the story of how this was created is Amazing and interesting as well.

If you don't like rancid then don't read this review and do not even reply.

how punk should sound! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/28/06

fair enough if you don't like punk you shouldn't even bother reading this but Rancid is the real deal, nobody lives an plays punk like tim, lars matt and brett, if you're one of these pop punk kids who feels the extent of punk rock is blink 182 and greenday etc not only do you need your arse kicked you need to hear rancid!!!but rancid don't need to win over fans they have a loyal fanbase who will stick with them till the end me being one of them so if you wanna hear real raw punk rock crank up any rancid album (but especially 'let's go'-23 hardcore songs in 44mins!)and you'll understand what punk is really about!