Reviews for You Have Lyrics

------Performed by Rammstein | 08/08/2006 12:00:00 PM

Can i see you again

Thought of pleasant memory offer past me like the breeze, the time we spent togerther was all so sweet. If i can capture my youth once more, i know i'll get to see that flower bloom once more.

Can i see you again, to say good bye it's something i never had a chance to do. can i see you again, to feel you in my arms once more, make love, oh how my heart explodes, while i reminisce and unfold all the happiness we share. can i see you again

What will happen if i where to see you again will i start over again. We share some good memory, some were bad, but let's just say. your the best lover i ever had, and let's just say, thought of you will never leave my head.

When i think of you tears come to my eyes, a distant romance it should not come as a surprise, what we once share no one can't take, you were my first, we were the perfect pair, i hate to say it must end in this way. I move on, i hope to see you again.

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