Not Rammstein | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/12/07

I heard this song on limewire, thinking it a Rammstein song. Well, it isn't. And for the life of me I have been trying to find out who sings it.

Wow Awsome | Reviewer: VampireSeducer | 5/6/07

I really adore this song,even though its only a basic description of vampires,theres alot more then killing!but yes as the person above me said,it is full of bloodlust,plus revenge...i LOVE revenge..anyways ciao VS

Very good | Reviewer: Andi | 4/21/07

Although, the song is about the typical view of vampires, it's still very well performed. I liked it. It was quite powerful and full of desire and bloodlust.

G4M3R | Reviewer: Jrod the god | 3/8/07

This is a fackin intense song but i dled it from lime wire and yeah is it acctuly by ramstien cus i dont know it dosnt really sound like them btu the volcals almost doa nd the guitarr kinnda dsoe so i jus dont know

love it love it | Reviewer: yokae | 2/15/07

i love this song i dont care if no one else dosent!!! Oh & tatu too!