Vampires ARE real | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/27/13

They live in South- and Mid-America, if I'm not mistaken; They feed of cows blood, biting a wound and lapping at the blood.

They are NOT immortal, they do prefer the night but do not burn in the daylight, they have no problems with crosses or holy water and they are NOT HUMAN! Never were. They are part of the Chiroptera family; Desmodontidae.

Anybody saying they are vampires are lying, since bats so far have not shown the ability to use a keyboard, never mind understanding our language.

Actual group | Reviewer: gwayb | 9/27/12

This song actually from Kein Meirheit Fur Die Mitleid, aka KMFDM. More of an underground band but still german rock/industrial just like rammstein, hence people mistaking this song for rammstein's or Die krupp's. Also, the flying fuck is wrong with you people arguing about vampires hahaha

Doh. | Reviewer: Apotheösis | 5/8/10

Well this is rather frustrating, Ive had this song on my ipod for like a year, and now hat Ive finally decided to look for the actual artist, it turns out that its a total mystery! How frustrating..

Fucking Idiots | Reviewer: Satan | 3/23/10

Ok, first of all i have to say, how retarded do you actually have to be to believe vampires are real?!?!?! that is the dumbest shit i have ever heard. The modern media perception of a vampire is a immortal who can turn into a bat, is burnt by sunlight, drinks blood, and lives after death. now seriously!?!?! who in the right minds would believe that. of course, there were real vampires, but they were just as human as everyone else. they were called vampires for their weird desire to see or perform obscure acts of cruelty for what ever reason. and if you idiots actually believe that the modern perception of a "vampire" is real, then you need to throw out your twilight collection and put down the razor blade you fucking faggot emos. but besides that, i dont know who did this song, but it is really good

Vampires are not real | Reviewer: Double Anonymous | 6/7/09

Vampires are not real. Humans cannot live for hundreds of years due to genetic decay. You cannot sustain yourself by drinking blood, it contains very little nutrition and if you drink more than about a pint you'll get violently ill (not the good ill). No human will combust in the sunlight. If anyone actually had super strength or super speed, they would be so bulky that they would collapse under their own weight. Look up the square-cube law before you search for an edgy new identity to be a "cool" social outcast. Also, this song is amazing. I really hope someone finds out who performs it.

Leave me and my people and society alone. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/27/09

Stay out of our life and the way we live. We are the vampires, not you. So for the hatred of the founding father and mother of the vampires, keep yourself out of the way will ya? Thanks and don't you go gloating around about how you know us.

Not Rammstein but Die Krupps | Reviewer: Sparky | 2/25/09

Dudes, this song is from the soundtrack of the game "Wing Commander: Prophecy" and its sung by Die Krupps. Rammstein has a song named "Eifersucht" in the same album, and that's why they play it in their concerts. Google it if you do not believe me.

Mystery Band | Reviewer: DevilsAdvocate | 11/29/08

Like others, I've been searching for a long time to find out who did this song. Not Rammstein, not Die Krupps. I'm beginning to entertain the notion that there really is a vampire society, ala VtM (forgive me) and that this song accidentally got into Human hands. Hey, why not, it's as good a theory as any other, given the fact that NOBODY can figure out who made it.

Agreeing | Reviewer: Satanic_lodir | 12/8/07

Vampires... I agree with freedom-nator... Sacnoth the Vampire doesn't know a fucking thing... did you even read other stories than Dracula?! Vampires aren't like people say they are in legends! Look outside the box... find yourself and come back and please... don't go cut yourself over this.

RE: SACNOTH THE VAMPIRE!! | Reviewer: freedom-nator | 12/5/07

This is a reply to SACNOTH THE VAMPIRE......

Dude... you don't know the first shit about vampires.... your probably some faggish wanna-be gothic/social outcast kid which makes you "A Vamprye" not a Vampire.... Get a fuckin identity and stick with it... Peace

Vampire Songs | Reviewer: Sacnoth the Vampire | 10/31/07

This song is not performed by Rammstein nor by Die Krupps. Don't spread mediocre rumors about the origin of songs you don´t understand at all. Let the vampire keep their secrets and humanity will be fine.

For once and for all! | Reviewer: DasUbersoldat | 7/14/07

This song is not written nor performed by Rammstein!
This is from Die Krupps

Really, not Rammstein. | Reviewer: Malfeitor | 7/12/07

Take it from a musician who knows what to listen for. This song, while admittedly bad-ass, is not Rammstein. God knows who it is; I've been trying to figure it out for days. I've only been able to locate the file via Limewire, so my best guess is that this is either the mystery song of the year, or something by some underground band, the likes of which can be found all over the internet. Good song, bad publicity plan for whoever wrote it.

Really, its not Rammstein. | Reviewer: Malfeitor | 7/12/07

Take it from a musician who knows what to listen for: This song, while admittedly bad-ass, is not Rammstein. I've only been able to locate the file via Limewire, and have as of yet been completely unable to discover the true name of this mystery band. Given the nature of Limewire, I suppose its likely a song written by some underground band, the likes of which can be found nearly everywhere on the internet. That, or this is simply the mystery song by the mystery band of the year. Odds are we'll never find out who these guys are, but still, this is a good song.

jim | Reviewer: noodles | 6/15/07

you prick jim i had the original lyrics for this song complete with the gaps where they are in the song you lil bastard