Translation is quite off. | Reviewer: Nisse | 11/5/14

This translation is really bad, so it's not strange that many seem to think up strange back stories and messages from this lyric.
The worst part is "and the world pays according to ten".
This is ".. Und die Welt zählt laut bis zehn." meaning ".. And the world counts loudly towards ten".
This is really simple grammar, only old google translate etc might miss interpret it I think..
When you have this part correct it's extremely obvious that it's about boxing at least as the surface message.

I'm not fluent in German, but I can do a hell of a lot better than this. So I might make a cleaner translation of it soon.

It's an entrance song for a boxer | Reviewer: Jennifer | 11/2/13

This was written for a boxer to walk down into the ring to. The boxer is supposed to be the bright sun that is in the song. Their videos do not directly relate to the meaning of their songs. They've said before they don't want their videos that way. It just gives a new viewpoint. In the video, Snow White is the bright sun to the dwarves. Eventhough she is abusive, they still love her and view her as their bright shining sun. It's meant to be a comical twist in light of the song.

cocaine or female sexual power over men | Reviewer: aswede | 6/9/13

Snow white relates to snow so it could be a reference to cocaine if referring to a drug. Or quite the more literal interpretation.. men tend to treat beautiful ladies like godesses. (even if they are treated like shit by the woman..)

It is a song for | Reviewer: hup | 2/1/13 will never get this. It is for Klitschko, the boxer. this song should be his "opener titel" but foe the management it was "to hard". i think, with this in mind the lyrics are perfectly clear. and rammstein´s lyrics are NEVER an interpretation, when you read carefully you will get the point real fast. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 out.

3 Theories | Reviewer: Robinj | 12/22/12

I have listend and watch sonne again in a not so very nice mood and i can conclude this.

1. What Zohaib Mushtageu says about his interpretation is one of the correct ones.

2.What Marcos says about his interpretation is also one of the correct ones.

3. Now comes mine, and there for i need to tell you all some personal things. My dad was used to scream to my when he was mad and was used to hurt my verbally (basicly call me names). Also i have had a few bad experiences with women. I told a friend of mine that. Now i like a girl who is named Francis. She does not get out of my head, so i can't sleep. I got my laptop and played Sonne a few times. And what i understand (i am dutch, and live an hour away from Dusseldorf) that after a dark periode, there comes someone or there happens something which tkes you to a better place and a better and happier life.

Th theorie about the rise of the third reich, i see something of that in the song/movie but it is not that. The Swastika (or Hakenkruis in dutch) is the symbol of the sun, happines, luck and fetillity in the budistic or hinduistic believes.

what i think it could mean | Reviewer: Marcos | 9/24/12

Hey, as everyone is saying, songs can have lots of interpretations. As for me, i think the video could be interpretated as snow white being a metaphor for the government or the system. the dwarves are the population. they work hard to give things to snow white, and are treated like shit and put to work by her, without any reward, and she wastes the product of their work on things that only she can enjoy. but they do as they are told, because they still love her and think that's how they are suposed to be treated, that's how they should live. that's why when she dies they are sad and bury her as a loved person.

That fits for the video, but i'm not sure about how the lyrics connect to this(i can't speak german, so i had the translation on the internet). The sun in the music for me represents freedom. "The world counts to ten" means that something is coming to free them from the abuse they are suffering. that something has the light of freedom on it's fists and all over its body. it will come to destroy the thing wich slaves them. "and it will never fall from the sky" means that the idea of freedom will always survive inside some people's minds, and someday it will be back and prevail.

That's what it means for me. it may not be what they thought for the song, but i think it fits almost perfectly in the lyrics and the video. By the way i'm a 14 year old brazilian, so don't judge my interpretation too hard and forgive me if my english is bad. bye!

Review | Reviewer: Ted | 7/22/12

This isn't about a fucking girl or a freaking boxer, for God's sake! The boxer is just a cover upon a deeper meaning, don't you all see that, some freak even mentions a female domination , it's already a way too ridiculous, dream on and don't be fucking idiots, dominators! The only viable idea that really is sustainable, is the meaning of the Sun and its different historical implications, that's it!

Sonne | Reviewer: Anita | 1/16/12

Sonne in Indonesian it's mean ''matahari'' the power of sonne (kekuatan matahari), hier kommt die sonne (disinilah matahari--bersinar) I love so much this song..'cause it give me some energy in my live... I LOVE RAMMSTEIN,TOO

AMAZING LIVE | Reviewer: Sup? | 11/29/11

I saw Rammstein on May 15th last year and HOLY HELL do they put on a great show! I mean 30 foot flames over the crowd and crownd rafting thanks to Flake! Woo! Then there's Till running around the stage being Till with pyrotechnics and shooting flames over the crowd! It was AWESOME!

zeppelin | Reviewer: DUDES | 9/29/11

rammstein is kickass am only 14 but from listening to stuff like zeppelin pink floyd cream black sabbath boston rush and even motley crue rammstein was a band i coundet miss win i got the cd i listen to it over and over it and it is better then my fav alblum THE DARK SIDE OF THE MOON rammstein has changed my life so peace SS

Meaning | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/9/11

This song inverts the stereotype of male dominance, the idea is that the woman is dominant. In the video, the image of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves is used, but instead of snow white being loving and caring and motherly, she forces them to work down mines all day finding jewels for her, makes them cook her dinner, do everything for her, but they still love her because she is "Goddess-like". I think it sort of represents what men will do for women

Just A Fun Fact... | Reviewer: exangeline | 1/14/11

All of Rammstein's songs, in one way or another, are about love*. The band themselves have said this, with emphasis on the fact that they are about love in ALL of its forms.

However, Rammstein are also known for their dual meanings, so I am in no way saying that anybody here is wrong. That's not my intention at all. I just thought I'd state that the most basic idea, that this song somehow in some way represents a form of love, is definitely true. Whatever else it means, I don't know. That's up to you guys to contemplate. (:

* The exception to this is the song Amerika, which I mention only because it says in the song itself: "This is not a love song".

Sonne in a nutshell | Reviewer: Zohaib Mushtaque, Pakistan | 12/13/10

I translated the song with the help of Google translator, the words are to mysterious to confer any specific meanings or theme. Then i red the description about song at Wikipedia there i found subsequent 2 things;

1. According to Till Lindemann (Leading singer), the song was originally written as an entrance song for the boxer Vitali Klitschko, which was also the working title of the song.

2. The video features the band as dwarves working for a gold dust-addicted Snow White, driven by their sexual obsession towards her. Apparently, this came about while several of the band members were watching the old Disney film, Snow White, and had Sonne playing in the background, giving them the idea for the video. Also (as told by Paul in the Making Of Sonne video) the video came out of a video Olliver (bassist) did mixing Sonne song and parts of Snow White movie with his computer. The band supposedly went through nearly 40 different ideas for the video such as the story of a boxer, before choosing the Snow White theme. One of the other ideas was a video about the dropping of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima (which would have matched the lyrics and the depressed-sounding vocalization).

In a nutshell, no doubt the video and the words of the song appeared as smoke screen, we must have to pay heed on the words of the concerned (Remmstein) people to understand it. but i attained following two theories/feelings after casting a glance on all the aspects;

a. As it is mentioned by the leading singer that this song is regarded as the entrance song for famous boxer and politician Vitali Klitschko, in video the girl and its beauty is actually representing boxer and its and . Dwarfs are boxer's contemporary rivals boxers that are too weak to compete. They work so hard and hope to win against boxer but they fail eventually and gold ring is the achievement or medals that boxer's opponents award him after tiny resistance.

b. What i am really envisioning is; this is something against or may be about women, video reveals, woman is adhered with men as a parasite. Men do lot of hard work and ultimately bring all the earnings to the woman who keeps them slave with her charm. Men sing their "hope" that one day they will make her loyal to them as it is in their nature to love her. Eventually, when they feel this creature only uses them to fulfill her desires, they plan to kill her. (well, i am not sure about "b" but i had the same feelings while listening / watching their other song "Du Hast".

Interperation | Reviewer: Robbie | 8/25/10

One of the interpretations I heard is that this is the song about the rise of Nazism . As people already mentioned , swastika is ancient symbol of the Sun . Also verses about sun coming from the fist , burning and blinding , be afraid and do not be afraid , sun not setting down - all this point to something more then ordinary boxing match .

My personal take on this is that Rammstein deliberately produced lyrics with double meanings and created controversies . That way , every interpretation is part true , and part wrong .

Dudes | Reviewer: Enrique | 8/16/10

Hi well im here reading the Lyrics and then
i read all the revies here well i do not speak the German language but i do have a friend that is german and has the disc with the vidio for Sonne and in that same disc the member of the group are asked about the vidio and song and they do say that the song was ment to be for a boxer and that the idea for the vidio did came to them a day they were watching Snow white
the song was to mean how great the boxer was and one day he dies but the original idea for the video did not go well for the song nowI do not remember the name of the discwith a lot of music vidios on it i think it was Lych or Lich somthing but i do remember that the disc had originaly being distributed on 1998 well thats all i wanted to say