Interpretation | Reviewer: eine_person | 5/4/11

You can also read a lot between the lines about the girl. She sends the boy into a dangerous situation for nothing but a flower. The chorus is something like: "Searching clear water, you have to dig deeply. Deep waters aren't still."
I think it's a warning about the girl. She's treated like a nice young lady, who's whishes her love should fulfil to be worthy of getting her.
In fact she abuses and enjoys her influence to send the boy into his death (unknowingly of course, thinking it to be a romantic little game). Probably at the end she realizes, that it was stupid, but "She gets, what she wants": She wanted him to risk his life, he did so and died.
To me it's a song about foolishness and the shortsighted abuse of power, and it's totally right.

Help for Non-Germans | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/20/11

For those of you who don't speak German I will now outline the plot of this poem:
A girl sees a rose in a high location that is difficult to reach (like a mountain or a rock). She asks her lover if he can bring it to her. He is willing to give her whatever she wants and climbs up. The rock breaks in parts and the guy falls down (and obviously dies).

Pre-chorus and chorus are absolutely epic but I can't translate it in a way that doesn't sound gay.

This song wants to tell us that true love will make us do anything for each other, which is not always a good thing. If we focus too much on complying with the other's wishes we forget about risks (death from falling) and we aren't able anymore to enjoy other things ("Die Aussicht ist ihm sehr egal").

Both would be happier now if he had denied her wish for the rose.

Review | Reviewer: Alex | 4/9/07

This is an awesome song. Till's voice makes me want to either cry or try to comfort him.

Rosenrot | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/14/06

It is an awesome song that i think this site should have on it.