just saying :) | Reviewer: Van Hallen | 3/7/07

I have the good luck that after a long training, i have Till's voice >.<
5 years of efforce :>
I have 2 versions of the "Rammstein" history, one of them was that they took their name from the location of a German tragedy where 80 people were hurt and killed as the result of a crash during an American Air Force flight show. The other is that during the Second War, there was an American Base that the German's destroyed. Which is the real history?, i'm kind of confused :P

I LOVE RAMMSTEIN ESP. TILL | Reviewer: Violet D.S.K. | 2/27/07

RAMMSTEIN IS THE GREATEST BAND EVER !!!!!!! Till IS THE GREATEST SINGER EVER!!!!!! RAMMSTEIN changed my life!!!!!!!! If I never discovered Rammstein, my life would be a piece of sh#t!!Rammstein changed my life for the better. I LOVE RAMMSTEIN and I WOULD DO ANYTHING FOR Till, Christoph,Richard,Paul,Christian, and Oliver!!!!!!!!!! RAMMSTEIN IS #1 FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE U RAMMSTEIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Only the best! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/18/06

Rammstein is one of those bands you either love or hate, there's really no in between. I started listening to Rammstein about 5 months ago, when I heard "mann gegen mann" on the radio when it was released. Since I am taking German class in my high school, I decided to buy one of the CD's. They have evolved from a thought in the back of my mind to my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE BAND IN THE WORLD! The lyrics, rythym, tone of the music is suitable for any mood. Some songs are relaxing, but with a metal twist (Reise Reise, Wo bist du). Other songs are deep and dark, like RosenRot and Benzin. My personal favorite is Du Hast, there is truly NO other song that can compare. Same goes for LaichZeit! The song "Amerika" is great, but I can't tell if they're making fun of America or praising it. I guess some of the songs can be considered gothic or evil, and that did bother me at first, but now it doesen't. It doesen't mean I'm a gothic kid, I just like that type of music. Some of the songs took a while to grow on me (Spring, Ich Will, Mein Teil), but now I love all of them. If you've never heard Rammstein before, I recommend listening to them MORE than once before you decide if you like them or not. I have all six albums, and I can't wait for Volkerball to be released in Amerika!

Till | Reviewer: TillLvr365:) | 10/26/06

Till has one of the sexiest voices around! His "purrrr" in "Amour" is nothing short of orgasmic!!! i love Till and if he ever reads this, know that i would die to meet you!

Till | Reviewer: TillLvr365:) | 10/26/06

Till has one of the sexiest voices around! His "purrrr" in "Amour" is nothing short of orgasmic!!! i love Till and if he ever reads this, know that i would die to meet you!

rammstein | Reviewer: melissa | 7/1/06

TILL IS MY GOD he is the best thing in music hes my hero i would do anything just to meet him

hah! Poor man's OOMPH! | Reviewer: -M- | 6/19/06

Rammstein - one of a kind? maybe. But they have a role-model. they've sayd it too....few times in their interviews. Oomph! is their example and influence!!!

the best!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/25/06

Rammstein is undeniably in my opinion the greatest metal band ever!!! The way their instruments flow with Till's voice is extremely powerful! When you see this band play live you will know what I am talking about. When a german band is popular throughout different countries, especially Latin American countries which primarily listen to Latin music you know that they are something else. Rammstein's music is extremely inspiring and captivating. I hope they keep it together and come out with many more albums!

well duh | Reviewer: sweets | 3/22/06

rammstein my be as some of you say, ummm..., evil or just satanic, but i once got backstage passes for rammstein and talked to him a bit, he's evil, but in a good way, and he's definitely not satanic. so for those of you out there that read this think what you may but do not make it public unless you know what you are talking about. rammstein has hidden messages but if you listen and i mean honestly listen to his music and read over the lyrics, you will understand that it's not "hidden" you just need to learn what your talking about.


SUBLIMINAL! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/24/06

I found a subliminal message.it isn't backwards it may not be influencing but in one part of feuer frei its fast and quiet when he says " It's my home, its my home mom it's my home"

Smart east germans | Reviewer: Annette | 5/31/05

Hey,Iam one of the bigest fans of Rammstein.I grew up in East Germany just like them and Iam happy that they are so succesfull!!I saw a lot of Interviews and all the Members come across as very smart and still down to earth. What I also find amazing is that they all get along very good and respect each other.One reason for that could be how we grew up and had to learn how to work as a team without being selfish. I love Tills lyrics,they are genius!! He also came out with a poembook in Germany.Truly a great Band!!

Zwitter | Reviewer: Steve | 5/5/05

Has anyone else ever noticed that the word zwitter is in many of their songs not just the one entitled that, i took the liberty to translate this and it literally means hermaphrodite. Still puzzled put hermaphrodite into a google search and see what it brings up. I think their trying to tell us something here; apart form that i think Rammstein are a truly great band and their music really aids you on counterstrike (feuer frei!)

Rammstein: Putting Hostility Back Into the Stereotypical View of Germany | Reviewer: MortallyWounded | 2/27/05

Are they Nazis? Hatemongers? Criminals? Anti-American?

If the fact that Rammstein has become a household name in the U.S. among heavy-metal fans for the past 10-or-so years is any indication of the latter, then no. As far as any other label you may put on them, you would have to listen to find out.

It doesn't matter if you can speak the language or not, Rammstein's lyrics speak for themselves. The musicality is there, the language is fitting for the mood, and the bands antics on stage make Marylin Manson look like Lynard Skynard playing "Free Bird" for 15 minutes. Beyond that, there isn't much more to it for most fans; translations are meaningless and politics are too touchy a subject for anyone to be concerned with. But if you were to venture a little deeper into the psyche of the sextuplet, you might find that there is a lot to be said for the German language.

The band's name, a perverted spelling of the Ramstein (U.S. Air Force Base in Germany, site of a horrific three-way plane crash) which would translate literally into "ramming stone" if it were a real word, conveys the essence of the band's choice of subject matter AND musical style in one word. Most topics illustrated in the lyrics are either sexual or masochistic in nature (frequently both, see Weisses Fleish), and somehow Rammstein manages to turn the mood of the topic around while maintaining industrial musicality. Political satire is also a frequent source of inspiration for the group (Amerika, Moskau), although it has been said that politics is "Nothing that Rammstein wants anything to do with."

To try and extract a single viewpoint from the lyrics through translations would only result in finding that nowhere does the band hide any subliminal messages envoking anti-sematic philosphy. And while violence, though fantastical in essence, may be an underlying theme throughout the history of the American fascination with the German rockstars, the same could be said for so many American bands which are typically disregarded as an insignificant catalyst for violent behavior (Nine Inch Nails, My Life with the Thrill Kill Cult).

And somehow, behind the shrill guitar, smashing drums, and sythetic keyboards there lulls a melodic bass note that both contrasts and compliments a beatifully orchestrated (albeit synth) backdrop. Till's wunderbar voice fills the front half with shallow but focused intent. Short of the Bensenhoist Lesbian Choir (Type O-Negetive), you could not find a more angelic form of noise. Just don't pay any attention to the flame-thrower strapped to Richard's face. (You watched the movie Triple X, didn't you?)

So if you feel guilty for not understanding the band's lyrics, don't. They might even find it humorous, but they are also making millions by selling to America. Just enjoy the music for what it is, and take it any way you want to. If you haven't listened to Rammstein but enjoy sarcastic, masochistic, industrial-istic heavy metal, these guys are right up your alley. You can even leave your swastika at home.

Only the best band ever! | Reviewer: Louise Walker | 12/12/04

When listening to Rammstein, you may not be able to understand the lyrics, but you know they're good! Rammstein release great songs, and vidioes, showing that they litraly rock. There is no other band who sound like Rammstein, and all though they labeled themselves as dance/metal they are way more than a hip hop beat and shouting. Songs like Du Hast and Amerika are great, no one can compare anyother band to Rammstein. They are a one of a kind, wicked, German band!