THE BEST!!!! | Reviewer: Shantelle | 2/14/08

Ok, I just want to say that Rammstein is the best and most original band I've ever heard. I absolutely love them. I love their dark and perverted lyrics!!! I think they're greater than most American bands that just try to copy each other. Keep up the awesome work Rammstein!!!!

best sound of the century | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/11/08

this band contains my favorite keyboardist of all time. He is so talented the band would sound like shit without his talent. But everyone in the band is very talented and without any of them the band would not be the same. Also, this is the best guitar tandem i have heard in a long time. They are worderbal!

looove them | Reviewer: jessica | 1/30/08

I listen to your music everyday i just cant stop . my favourite band member is richard he is the most beautyful man i have ever seen.and there is till love that man he is so talented . with his voice so powerful .i have 4 of your cds .including volkerball and aus berlin . well just wanted to say love them.

BEST BAND EVER | Reviewer: Kevin | 1/8/08

This band is a great success, I just started listening to Rammstein and i just can't get enough. I own 3 cd's and i physically cant stop listeing to them. I hope one day i can go see one of there concerts. who ever says rammstein sucks is a lame ass, they probaly listen to shitty emo music or if they just dont like the way the songs are. but thats ok because i love rammstein.Till has a very hard powerfull voice that gets you into the song like no other, and all the other member rock hard!! When i listen to rammstein i feel alive and happy for a very odd reason, i guess they way the songs put together makes me go crazy.Rammstien KEEP ON ROCKING !!!

Ich leibe Rammstein! | Reviewer: Nunu | 12/31/07

I love Rammstein! These 6 guys are amazing. The shows, the albums - everything. From the studio time they won in a competition to Gold and Platinum records and sell-out world tours. I first heard them on a free CD I got in Kerrang! about 4 years ago, I was 10 and since the moment I heard the first drum beat, I fell in love with the music. They are the only band with proper musicians and proper music I have 'grown up' with. Now, I'm 14 and I have every album, every DVD, I know every song and I know what most of them mean. I've been trying to find a band that are similar to listen to because I love the sound, the voice and the passion but there is no other band because Rammstein are special. You could imitate the guitars, the voice and the pyro but it would be a waste of time because there is only enough space on the music scene for a band with so much energy and musical personality and that band is and will always be Rammstein.
Rammstein Sie sind die beste Band Ich habe gehört, in meiner shortlife so weit. Ich bin aufgewachsen mit Ihrer Musik, und zu diesem Tag, an dem ich liebe es immer noch, und es ist immer noch so besonders für mich. Man muss sich immer wieder Musik machen, bis Sie alle sterben.

RAMM | Reviewer: nick | 11/9/07

RAMMSTEIN is the best metal band ever in fucking Germany and Gernaby is fucking LUCKY to have such a great band.

yeah! rammstein | Reviewer: jimena | 10/29/07

i love rammstein , thats so great ! haha i dont know what the hell i said just i know ( i love it )

Unsterblich | Reviewer: muclear | 9/27/07

Cant remember a group which was as popular as Rammstein in Russland.
They are forever.

"Es fließt durch meine Venen"

about how cool ur records are!!! | Reviewer: marcus | 9/23/07

hi im marcus i really like your records they are so cool i like all of them my most favourite are sonne,zwitter,reise reise,mein teil,dalai lama and keine lust and more but thers so many my favourite cds are mutter and reise reise.and also i would really like to see u because i have pictures of u and t shirts and other cool items.

Amerika | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/19/07

The song Amerika on their Reise Reise album isn't really talking about America specifically. This is actually one of their political songs. It refers to worldwide globalization, and even the worldwide expansion of capitalism. Of course the biggest example of both of these elements is America.

*sigh*........ | Reviewer: Loves USA | 6/4/07 much talent, so little morality...strapped on what?! Geez.....grow up, Rammstein!

Super | Reviewer: Klaus | 5/23/07

Ich komme aus Österreich. Darum schreibe ich hier auch in Deutsch. Ich finde Rammstein super! Es ist hierzulande sehr bekannt. Es ist einfach weiterzuempfehlen!

Sehr gut! :) | Reviewer: Kleine Teufel | 5/19/07

Well, I know Rammstein as musicians from 2001, when I was 11 years old. In this year I've listened album Mutter and I like it, but not so that now-in 2007. So, always I guess, that this band is real cool and they playing awsome music. In March, 3 this year I bought Völkerball's DVD and I'm truly fall in love! In they music! This guys are big professionals. Maybe, they lirycs sometimes wierd, but they music is really AWSOM! :) I like live concerts very much, and Rammstein live shows too, of course. Till is truly professional. He had unique strong voice and on live concerts sing very good. Well, Flake is also professional! Richard is my favourite band member:) He is really good guitar-player, charismatic and beautiful man with VERY sexy voice:) and other Rammstein members are cool guys: Schneider is beauty man with hooligan eyes:), Paul is very cute as a kitten:) and Olly is pretty too. Well, I bought all of they albums, including Live aus Berlin audio version, and I'm happy:) he-he:) I love Rammstein and they music very much. Guys! U're really awsom:) Be happy and making more good music! SPECIAL FROM RUSSIA:)

God Of Rock Songs | Reviewer: ranjit | 5/16/07

Rammstien is the greatest rock band ever. I like them more wen they r live performin. I have all collection of this band. Rammstien is in my blood i just can't live without hearin it.Just want 2 say rammstein rocks .They r the king the god n everything for me.Rammstein is the best n fuck the rest

Haha | Reviewer: Pip | 5/10/07

Charles M. Young in PLAYBOY ("Rammstein makes Metallica look like pussies. With its insane unison riffing, relentless rhythm-section drive and spare but bizarre sampling, Rammstein is also a lot more musical and imaginative than Metallica.") Haha, thats too funny. Yeah Rammstein has been one of a kind my favorite band since I was a kid <33.