This is not a love song | Reviewer: Graeme | 5/3/14

The first time I ever heard this, I only understood some of the German, but it was enough to make me want learn more German and inspire me that it was one of the the most powerful love songs ever written. Except Lindemann has openly stated that the song is about heroin addiction, it's not a love song.

ohne dich | Reviewer: jordan kramer | 12/6/13

i really think this song relates to a lot of different emotions and rammstein has really outdone themselves with the video the band altogether is fantastic with their music because of their dedication to the music, its really inspiring, I knew only a few words of german but thx to rammstein ik more words of german, I wanna learn german bc its such an awesome and unique language

love declaration to nature (the environment) | Reviewer: gurrathegerman | 6/13/13

To me this is a love song to the environment. They both literally sing about black, dead forests and "Und die vögel singen nicht mer" "And the birds no longer sing." - a clear reference to "silent spring" - the book in the 60s that started the green movement.

Wow | Reviewer: Pein | 5/6/13

I listen for Rammstein for about a year...not much but in that short time i managed to love 35 songs! Amazing band that everyone should hear about and see!! Song is very touchy and amazing! Everything is done perfectly like in every other song of theirs.

Rammstein and The Germans | Reviewer: Paul Johnson | 12/5/12

I am Australian but lived in Germany in 1984 (Berlin) and have visited many times since. I am fascinated by the Germans --a dark and destroyed people still doing penance for 12 years of madness under the Third Reich, such a short time compared with the 1300 years since Charlemagne was crowned the first Holy Rome Emperor in Aachen in 800 AD. I admire they way they have faced and accepted their past,--you only have to go to he Documentation Centre in Nuremberg, or the Jewish Memorial in West Berlin or the Stasi Museum in old East Berlin to get this. We in Australia are nowhere near the Germans and have not acknowledged the Aboriginal disaster for which we are all partly responsible. Back to Rammstein - Germans are like this: deep, introspective, loving, romantic, at times meldodramatic, at times crass, but always thoughtful, aware, beautifully educated and loyal to their friends and to the idea of civilization, at least the Germans I know are like this.

EPIC MASERPIECE | Reviewer: Sifu Wolf of IMVU | 9/4/12

This song is in and of itself a epic masterpiece of poetry and music. The lyrics, even if you don't speak the German language, hit you hard deep inside of you. the musical composition built around the lyrics just add extra power to the words, and that is what makes this song so epic. No matter how many times I hear this song, it still hits me hard as a sad, yet beautiful song, and one that speaks to the listener on so many different levels. Ohne Dich (Without You) is a testament to what a great band can accomplish, and puts Rammstein in that elite epoch of great bands in the history of modern music since Rock-n-Roll made its initial scene. When one views the video of Ohne Dich, the video and the song flow perfectly together, like a mini-movie of sorts that brings a new level of power and emotion to the original song. All in all, next to Klavier (another powerful emotional song) it is truely a Gem in the annals of music. ~ Sifu Wolf (David Halstead - United States)

dutch-guy about Rammstein | Reviewer: sjaak | 3/18/10

Rammstein is my favorite band. as for years i heard so much bands, but i keep coming back to Rammstein also their music keeps helping me if things go wrong in my life, and its a little education 2 for me cause i didnt speak a word german before i met Rammstein. and now i can have little conversations in german. not bad at all :)

wrong!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/13/10

am i the only fucking person that listens to this song and hears something COMPLETELY FUCKING DIFFERENT than the lyrics posted on herzeleid and everywhere else??? wtf am i crazy??? for instance, the beginning of the chorus sounds like ohne dich fur ich. am i the only fucking person who hears this???

This song is amazing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/5/09

Rammstein is one of the best out there! Not only is Lindemann an excellent writer and poet, but all in all, they don't have to use swear words to get their point across! That, within itself, says power! ANd this song, along with Feuer Und Wasser, Mein Teil, and Engel, all are testimonies to that!

Ich liebe Rammstein!!!

und die Vögel singen nicht mehr.... | Reviewer: Nicklaus | 7/10/08

The video clip is a complete small movie. The song talks about nearly everything loneliness, freedom, friendship, love, death even god, whatever your heart will interpret the lyrics to .... Suprisingly for some Rammstein made one of the best songs ever!!!

SIMPLY AMAZING | Reviewer: Nicklaus | 7/10/08

The video clip is a complete small movie. The song talks about loneliness, freedom, friendship, love even god, whatever your heart will interpret the lyrics to .... Suprisingly for some Rammstein made one of the best songs ever!!!

amazing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/18/08

this is one of the best rammstein songs, becuase are incluiding a lot of things, love that's no common in them, sadness, y when you listen, just let it go all the bad things thar happen in your life

True | Reviewer: Velma | 12/10/07

Thank you guys for releasing such an amazing music and lyrics as well. I do appreciate your contribution to world art! Till,Richard,Paul,Cristoph and others I'm crazy about you!
This song is so real-to-life. It helps me in many ways.
Other songs worth of admiring are Mutter,Du hast,Mann gegen Mann,Ich will,Links 234,Du riechst so gut,Stirb nicht vor mir (Don't die before I do) and others left unsaid. Respect!

Rammstein,Die Konigen von Musik | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/8/07

These guys are rockin.Till Lindemann is a great poet,through his lyrics,i can easily say that.I know that he has a book but dont know how i can find it as i live outa germany.Would love to hear if anyone can help me.Speaking of their good songs,you should mention Buck Dich and Du Hast too

Without You | Reviewer: Roterfleisch | 9/17/07

I just seen the video for this. It really kind of hits home for whatever reason. These guys keep blowing me away! I'd love to them live, Reise, Reise! Ich liebe Rammstein, ja! Ausgezeichnete!