Raz, Dva Tri! | Reviewer: h4x0r | 3/13/06

Awesome lyrics to an awesome song!!! Très Bien! Just one thing, one in Russian is Odin, Один, isn't it? Raz [ Раз ] means time (time, two three) shouldn't it be Odin, Dva Tri? A native of Russian Language please reply! (I am a learner of the language)

Echoes of WWII | Reviewer: Vagabond | 1/18/06

The lyrics give an interesting perspective in regards to how Germans feel about Russians.

I have to agree that it is an awesome song!

Its.... | Reviewer: Dave | 3/30/05

well its the best rammstein song around, the perfect combo of german and russian

Moskau | Reviewer: John | 12/14/04

After reading your only other review, I thought it might be helpful for an actual English speaker to write something. I don't speak German, but my friend does, and the translation he gave me tells me all I need to know about the song. Is there really anything better than comparing Moskau to a prostitute? And the bouncy Russian in the background? I would call that a brilliant send up of cheesy Euro-pop and possibly TaTu. I'd have to hear some of her stuff before I can make that judgment. After Amerika, I would say this song kicks the most ass as an international critique.

raz,dva,tri fantastic !!!! | Reviewer: Sébas | 11/21/04

The first time I've heard it when I bought the album on november 20, I fall in love with it. This is the best song I've heard from Rammstein : Amerika is worst than Moscau. The thing that I like the most is the girl that is singing in russian. She's better than T.a.T.u!!! And her voice, is really going with the song...Really! And we hear the Rammstein singer say Raz, Dva, Tri two times in the song. Fantastic. I give it a perfect 10 on 10