Review | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/4/13

I think that Rammstein made a GREAT presentation of the city. Russia (and Moscow) are very corrupted places.At least we now know for sure that neither Russia nor USA is loved by these guys.
Apart from that, it´s an awesome song.

Found another meaning | Reviewer: Denis | 1/25/13

After googling, i found a good version and if its true, then i like the song again, lol. Here`s the quote for other people!

"This song is about the adventure of Russia from communism to typical capitalism.

He thinks of Russia as a beautiful sophisticated woman that has sold out and become a whore for money, like in capitalism everything is paid for, and though still maintains sophistication from her old communist times, she now has to be paid for the love that used to exist and now is remodeling (as said in the song her breasts). Still reminisces her beautiful old communist times, but now has become a regular capitalist whore trying to catch up...

It sounds pretty clear to me, though then again, Rammstein allows their listeners to make their own interpretations"

Pathetic | Reviewer: Denis | 1/24/13

I once liked this song as i didn`t know the meaning, but comparing Moscow to a prostitute? For such an ancient piece of human culture, this city is probably the only one of its kind, it has gone through so much hell, revolutions, wars, fire. To compare it to a prostitute, is to disrespect the whole nation. So its either Rammstein got affected too much by real world political shit like WW2 (well, its not like Russians started the war, right?) or whatever, who the hell knows what is the true meaning of the song, only if it was asked of them personally, gonna google that.

Pioneer clarification | Reviewer: 23103 | 5/7/12

Pioneers refer to The Young Pioneer Organization of the Soviet Union, also Vladimir Lenin All-Union Pioneer Organization, which was in existence from 1922 to 1991 in the USSR. It was a massive youth group for children aged 10-15 which was very similar to the Boy Scouts of America, but with more politically charged programs designed to make lil' Commies out of all of its children.

another | Reviewer: ulises | 1/22/12

A prostitute "gives" you all for money ..
Moscow, such a huuuge and expensive city (and big -fat-, but also with very beautiful areas -still pretty-), gives you all ... but again, only if you have a lot of money ...

I don't think you have to invent complicated stories ...
(by the way, a really great song! After having visited Moscow, it is clear to me that Rammstein members know the city very well. They know the "soul" of the city. IMHO, of course )

A few corrections | Reviewer: Kresimir | 8/8/11

Hello, well to set the record straight, in ALL Slavic languages, German (not Germanic) language and people is called "mute" altough country itself is often called "Germanija"- Germany. In Croatian even land is called "Njemačka" (for those who can't see Unicode - it is pronounced "nyemachka") - land of mutes.
Secondly, Russians are not offended by this song, only American's take it too serious. And "red dots" - Gorbatschov, anyone? He is the man who gave even Soviet regime human face, when especially by modern, USA-branded culture (movies) Ruskies where depicted as troglodytes whose women perform depilation with sickles - and today they are wet dream of every USA white racist who is disgusted with global multi-culture mellting pot. Kournikova, Sharapova - tall, lean and blonde...

Interpretation | Reviewer: Revekka | 6/28/11

The way Moscau is depicted as a prostitute makes me think of the western "exoticization" of eastern countries. Geishas and samurai in Japan, flying carpets, camels and pyramids in the Arabic countries, elephants and large palaces in India, panda bears, dragons, and kung fu masters in China etc. What he is trying to say is how Moscow has been exoticized to some extent. It may be a beautiful and perhaps exotic place, but its history is far from beautiful.

The line "fat but yet so lovely" alternates between desirable and undesireable characteristics can be interpreted as what the westerners see isn't what the locals see. Also, the references to communism (red dots, Lenin etc) show that even though the city is beautiful, it has something hidden beneath.

To sum it up, Moscow may be this beautiful woman, but underneath all that, she is corrupt.

Play off of WW2 | Reviewer: Jennifer | 10/4/10

You're correct, I'm sure the germans are just as bitter towards the russians as the russians are towards the germans. The russian word for german is немецкий is offensive because it's derived from the word немой which means dumb or mute. German used to be considered to the russians an intelligible language.

Meaning | Reviewer: Robert | 8/24/10

This is another of Rammstein songs with subtle WW2 connotation . Male German voice express German point of view - Moscow is a an old whore , den of communism , but still attractive (they want to conquer it) . Female Russian voice sprouts usual Soviet propaganda .
Of course , everything is concealed and with double meanings and multiple layers of understanding.

A Russian Comment | Reviewer: Torrie | 3/11/10

I was greatly surprised to listen to the song which was about Moscow and contained Russian words. Well, not the best R+ song for me, but it's really catchy :D Though I'm not a citizen of Moscow, I think the lyrics are true and a bit insulting at a time. What do the pioneers and Lenin have to do with it?)) Maybe the words themselves sound very, very familiar to the Russians... :))

Awesome song | Reviewer: Under The Judas Tree | 2/13/10

"Mind you, in the song Moscow is depicted as a woman, and thus "her forehead" would make total sense, with the "red dots", meaning she still has some communism inside."

You may be right but it could also be a reference to the Kremlin, or the 'Red Square' :D the red towers of the Kremlin, as red dots.

Anyway, fcking awesome song, i love it!

@Sean Ferry | Reviewer: RaGe | 1/19/10

Mind you, in the song Moscow is depicted as a woman, and thus "her forehead" would make total sense, with the "red dots", meaning she still has some communism inside.

Whoow, political...

Great song, love it, the russian parts just fit the setting of the song.

Ummmm.....its not Tatu | Reviewer: Mike | 9/18/09

the female in this song is not from TATU....its a russian singer named Veronica Fersh(SP on the last name?) Look on the pamphlet that comes with the CD o.O

Anywho, good song, one of my fave by Rammstein

From an English Speaker | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/13/09

This is the first Rammstein song I heard, and I was hooked! I haven't heard of Tatu, but the female singer has a sexy voice. At first I didn't understand it, but this translation has helped. I have it about 60% memorized, it's a great song even if you don't speak German or Russian, and I didn't listen to metal before either! Good Job!

Correction | Reviewer: Sean Ferry | 2/27/09

I actually think they said "hat rote flicken auf die Sterne" which sounds identical, but means "has red points on the star" instead of "has red dots on her forehead." Since we're talking about the former soviet union, I'm guessing the first would make more sense. Plus der Stirn would be "the forehead." Ihr Stern would have meant "her forehead."