glub | Reviewer: pet | 3/10/14

Mein Teil doesn't have to mean penis, it could also be any other part of his body. Und an alle, die diese Sprache verstehen: Hört bitte auf, den nicht-deutschsprachigen Fans Rammstein zu versauen. Es kommt nicht nur auf die Lyrics an. Danke.
This song is probably my favourite Rammstein song. They sound kickass as always!

Meaning | Reviewer: RaGe | 1/19/10

Nice little detail to the story, the guy who responded to the add(the guy who's diner) actually ate himself. He asked Armin to cut of his eleventh finger first, so he could have some too, but when they baked it, it became too tough to eat. All that time that guy(diner) was bleeding, because they couldn't stop it.
That's what the second verse is about: "Die stumpfe Klinge - gut und recht"-"the blunt blade - good and straight" "Ich blutte stark und mir is slecht"-"I bleed heavily and I feel bad" "Wie ich auch mit der Unmacht kämpfe"-"No matter how hard I fight the powerlessness" "Ich esse weiter unter Krämpfen"-"I eat more suffering stommachcramps"

Pretty dark stuff right? I love it:P

Lyrics | Reviewer: nielsiepielsie | 10/13/09

Yeah, for those who don't know what the song is about because they don't speak the language, it's about a cannibal, Armin Meiwes, and he placed an add on the internet for a person who wanted to get eaten, someone actually replied and armin ate him :)

F&%^$N Wicked | Reviewer: Craig | 10/9/08

Let me just state this;
Rammstein's concepts blow my mind...something's don't translate that great but, to grasp the gist of this # particularily (im deutsche...larger than live.
Let's see...flambe, good dishes, some good wine and candlight...time and culture and then you find out what's on the menu..,"you are what you eat."

to Billiges Groschenheft | Reviewer: merry | 7/26/08

its not the words that make a song its the emotion in it and feel of the music so yeh some of its lost in translation but the feelin is still there and we who dont speak german still no whats being said so dont tell us we cant like music because the words arent in our language this is a brilliant song and i dont have to speak german to know so

Billiges ur a tool | Reviewer: Andrew Bennett | 2/29/08

I played in a norwegian death metal band for 3 years, and i dont have a fn clue what the lyrcis they sing, as I only speak english and finnish, but it still has meaning to play in this band, u dont have to not what the lyrics are... music is music twit..

Today i will meet a gentleman, he likes me so much he could eat me up | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/3/08

This song is pretty much about eating people.
The beginning line of the lyrics says, "Looking for a well-built 18 to 30 year old to be slaughtered. The Master Butcher."
BUT, it is a very good song. =]

good song | Reviewer: Tyler | 1/4/08

I do not speak any german but this song still kicks ass. So i guess its pretty good when you can't even understand it. And heres to you Billiges you german speaking fuck. You do not have to understand the meaning of something to like it. Why dont you pull your head out off your ass and quit being such a picky little bitch? k thanks bye

um? | Reviewer: Sarah | 12/3/07

I'm american and I can't speak any German, BUT I listen to this band cause I like there sound. It's the same with J-rock or anything else of the such. I mean yeah, they could be talking about how they hate americans, but I hate us to. so whatever,

Billiges Groschenheft | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/22/07

You know what pisses me off more than anything? People that hear Rammstein good and do not even speak German or understand what the lyrics mean. A lot of meaning is lost in the translations, and only one that knows German well will understand what the lyrics mean.

I am sick of these American rednecks coming to me and singing "Du..... du hast..... du hast mich"

mein teil | Reviewer: love | 11/21/07

it doesn't mean tool or private part it means my thing or part it can mean private part but not in this case.denn du bist, was du isst, und ihr wisst,was es ist mean because you are what you eat and you know what is. ist doch gut

entirely abnormal in 'normal' society..but what is normal? | Reviewer: jessica | 5/15/07

this song was perfectly executed in the sense that they were talking about it as if it is nothing out of the ordinary, yet you have to put in perspective the fact that what used to be normal back then is soo different compared to the 'normal' nowadays. and what i have gathered from the song is that the guy whose dick was chopped off and the guy who chopped it off was argueing as to whos it really was seeing as how possession is 9/10 of the law, and they both wanted it. it was the actual owners, but the guy who has is it is legally the owners, and they BOTH wanted to eat it. in all, this was once again a GREAT song from rammstein and I WANT MORE!!!
k thnx

Penis Eating | Reviewer: Rammi | 2/17/07

This song is actually about a cannibal from germany, this guy met someone over the internet who liked to be eaten, so in short he wanted to be dead. So after a while of chatting over the internet both guys met at a trainstation from which they went to the cannibals house. At first they cut of the guys penis, and its this penis which is referred to in the song as "Mein Teil" which literally translates to "My Private Part". After the cannibal cut off his part he cooked it and tried to eat it, hence reference to gut flambiert which means well cooked. Just translate the whole song and you'll see what I mean. The Cannibals name was Armin Meiwes and his willing victim was Bernd Jürgen Brandes:)



Best Rammstein Song! | Reviewer: XaViOr-Su | 10/10/04

Love the chrous. Seriously heavy stuf from rammstein but what can you say, thats them! weird lyrics tho but hey its in german xD. Heavy guitars and nice beat as well, very well put together song (as usual). STONGLY recommend and metal fan to go get it and crank it up!

You are what you eat-excellent!! | Reviewer: Maxi | 8/15/04

I bought the single as soon as it was on the shelf in HMV, and I couldn't hold in my excitement as i looked at the bright black and orange CD case, and stuck it into my CD player as soon as I got home. At the beginning of the song, the riff is powerful,yet shows that these guys really know what they're doing. It's powerful, it's heavy, it's angry, and boy does it ooze German Industrialists.Till Lindemann's cracking, creepy vocals peer out from the synthesizers and backing drum roll, and slowly rolls into the bridge, which is exceptionally good, as it matches the songstitle (My Tool, about a German cannibal)- dangerous, but you want more. I think that the chorus really does rule, the riff changing as richard Z Kruspe-Bernstein and fellow guitarist Paul Landers yell out ''Nein!'' in conjunction with Till shouting ''It's my tool''. I really strongly recommend this single, it's very industrial, sexy, powerful, dark and melodic. In other words. It's RAMMSTEIN.