It's not 'hate' | Reviewer: Amy | 2/9/11

Only according to these lyrics above, it does not mean 'you hate me' The German word for "to hate" is 'hassen'. When you conjugate it to mean 'You hate me'. it's 'Du hasst me'. These lyrics only have it spelled as 'hast' as in 'have'. It's a play on whether their saying 'you have me' and 'you have asked me, since gefragt is the present perfect form of 'fragen'. However, if you only listen to the song, you can not tell whether they're saying 'Du hast' or 'Du hasst'. it's a triple meaning.

Clever... VERY CLEVER!!! | Reviewer: CityKid | 1/23/11

The lyrics of this song are very cleverly put together - using the twin meaning of "Hast" as the noun Hate and the stem-changing verb for Ask into the perfect (past) tense.

You hate,
You hate me,
You asked me,
And I said nothing,

The song then goes on to use the wedding vows to suggest a scenario whereby the subject is (or was) standing at the altar and whereupon he was asked "Will you, until death does you part, be ever true?" and later "Will you, until death does you part,lover her even in bad times?" to which (despite the chorus of the expected "Yes" response) he replies with an emphatic "No!"

Thus the interplay between "Hate me" and "Asked me".

Clever..... very clever.

Amen | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/18/10

Amen to that, they played on the words perfectly and I don't know that they really meant to. It works and it's a great song. They came out with a translated version and you all my be surprised. You have loose translation and literal translation. Just enjoy the music and get the jest of it. They think the same about English music.

Wordplay | Reviewer: RaGe | 1/19/10

Well, it's easy to put this:
When a non-english person is watching a movie with subtitles, all the wordplay gets lost. Now it's the non-german folk who lose the song.

Everyone is so dependant on translations of Rammsteinsongs that it is slowly becoming a war between the "hate"camp and the "have"camp.

It's wordplay people, the fact that the two sound alike is the whole idea behind the song.

That and mariage...

The Truth on the Stupid Argument | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/28/09

The song is called Du Hast. Now in the song it says "Du hast mich gefragt..." which means "You have asked me." Now, when Rammstein sings the song in English they say "You hate" and not "You have" up until "You have asked me a question..." They changed the songs lyrics in the English version so that it would appeal more to the "hate-filled" American public. That is the only reason. Also, who listens to the English version of a song anyway? The English version always sucks compared to the original.

this is what i know | Reviewer: taylor | 7/11/08

i know that du hast mich does not mean u hate me it means you ask me a guestion and later on in the song he says my answer is no i know and speak german very fluently i have freinds who were born in germany so fuck u guys fuck u up ur stupid asses

double meaning song | Reviewer: klaus | 5/28/07

it is a play on german the language itslef be caus..... du hasst is you hate and du hast is u have but they sound the same sooo its a double meaning song look into it more great band

its basically wedding vows | Reviewer: jessica | 5/15/07

by saying you have me (du hast mich) you are saying that you will never leave them, and by them saying over and over again they are trying to reassure the other person that they will be fine with them, yet the other person keeps saying no. the other parts are saying the traditional wedding vows basically, 'Willst Du, bis der Tod euch scheide,treu ihr sein für alle Tagen?'
the priest is asking 'do you wish to love and honor each other, in sickness and in health, till death do you part' and they both then say no. its a classic change of mind at last moment. i love the song in german, but not so much the english version. its a great song to trip with.
much love to them

ich liebe es | Reviewer: ichliebedichsteffie | 4/17/07

i love this song. i speak german pretty well and when i heard this song i fell in love with rammstein. their excessive use of fire is fucking awesome. except i don't understand the reptition of "you have me" over and over again (du hast mich)

Du Hast | Reviewer: vampfromdead | 12/1/05

The first time I heard it I was like, "Oh yeah! They're playing a German band!" and I fell in love with the song. The music in the background goes very well with the lyrics. I would strongly encourage any one who listens to any hard rock music and want to hear a new band, to listen to this band!


headbangin | Reviewer: grant | 11/24/04

rammstein is a band that stands out among the rest, & in my opinion is one of the better bands out there. I dont speak german, although i try, it is still a great song for every occassion, wether it be just hangin out, or u wanna head bang, either way they are great!

Fun, Fun. | Reviewer: Miek | 7/19/04

Even though it is in german (i dont speak german), its still awesome. I like very few bands, but Rammstein stands out a lot.