False info | Reviewer: Tisi | 12/17/08

While yes, the original is in German, it has a DIFFERENT TITLE (Engel). please use the German title for German lyrics and English title for English Lyrics. I have both songs, and was looking for the English words.

I could | Reviewer: Igla | 2/12/07

I could listen whole day only music of this song, i don't speak German and I really like rammstein I'm not going to learn German :) cuz almost every man in Germany speaks English :)

German version vs English version | Reviewer: Chris | 4/27/05

The english versio isnt exactly "great". It may be more understandable than the German version, but the German version sounds so much better.

How much better does Rammstein sound in German | Reviewer: anna | 1/26/05

Well, the english version of this song is in fact very good, the melody is the same, the sense of the lyrics is kept, but I assure you, Rammstein is a band which you cannot accept singing in english! If you like them, please just learn the language! It's not that "tough-sounding" anyway! Every literaly masterpiece is much more stunning, when read in the original language! So, think about it!