<3 Rammstein | Reviewer: iris | 1/4/11

I completely agree with you Jaz-Z. The vocalist lyrics and voice are so strong. He doesn't need any cursing to overwhelm you. A good example is Mein Teil. 'Denn du bist wass du isst, und ihr wisst was es ist' means no more than 'you are what you eat and you know what that is' but his voice just knocks you off your feet!

Marcus, amour is French for love.

Awesome Song | Reviewer: Jaz-Z | 1/27/10

I've never met a man that can write lyrics like that and not use curse words to emphasize his words. I admire that about him. - Someone that can get his point across without making an ass out of himself via using curse words. - This song actually makes me want to sing along with it all the time. Because I can relate to it so much. Hah. It's a good song and the music only helps it be even more awesome. Dude, can Rammstein BE anymore AWESOME?!

i love rammstein | Reviewer: marcus | 11/28/07

i love rammstein all of there songs the best one is called mein teil then amour then sonne then zwitter then dalai lama and more but amour is not english so what does it mean love or happyness?