Insane | Reviewer: None | 4/23/06

If you hate America, then you have the right to leave...Simple as that.

Great Song | Reviewer: 1234 | 10/24/05

this song kicks so much ass. i am also american, but i agree with most of what they say. Even though it is a very polical song, i think this is a great sog.

What about the music?? | Reviewer: Emma | 10/15/05

Instead of whining about American culture, can't we just sit down and enjoy 'Amerika' as it is - a song? It's meant to be a form of entertainment. If the guys in Rammstein wanted to make a political statement they would have just spoken it on record, or stood naked onstage in protest like Rage Against the Machine did. But they didn't. Because they're not a politically motivated band. So stop moaning.

Must Hear! | Reviewer: Anamika | 10/4/05

Rammstein is an awesome band and this song is one of their best and it does hit home. Im an American, work here, study and everything. But I hate the culture. The superficiality, moral corruption, lack of family values, promiscuity, and money-obsessed society. How can you try to rule the world with that package?

What can we expect when the government is being controlled by a Secret Society. *nods head*

Rammstein are the best | Reviewer: Martin | 8/20/05

I did what mr. Marine told me to do, I moved back! I was born in Germany, and when I turned old enough I moved back, and its great fun over here, the americans are pulling out of Eastern Europe because they cannot sustain them there and for the fact that the cold war is long over and they don't need a base in every country over here in Europe. Did you know that just last week gas prices in Iraq lowered.....LOWERED to five cents a gallon? Yet in America, you are forced to pay in excess to 3 dollars? I loved the song Amerika and their new song Benzin which is coming out on the new album in just a month is about Gasoline prices basically, and how wars are fought over oil and not honour anymore. Anyway I just wanted to say that I lost interest in what America had become, and call me a traitor if you wish but I stand by my choice.

AMERIKA | Reviewer: elizaa | 7/26/05

Alright this song was tuchy with me. as a german born and rasied citazien and then turning 16 and comeing to the states and then going into the USMC, i have to say this song struck so many cords i didnt know weather to laugh or get pissed after hearing it. (amerikan cultar) is evrywear and for the most part is hard to get away from however that dosnt mean u have to embrase it. i think if every one would relise how short life can be and how petty of a thing it is to get pissed off over a song i think this world in a hole would be a lot better off. i mean after all they have jsut as much right to say what they want about the usa as we have the right to go into a nother country and help defend it. lifes to short people its really not worth getting upset over a song. its an opien people have them . jsut like cultar u either exsept it or look the other way. any one who has been deployed to iraq can understand jsut how short life can be and for all those who haven't take it from some one whos been there TWICE ITS NOT WORTH GETTING UPSET OVER.

USMC Member Talking | Reviewer: PFC A. Williams | 4/16/05

Ok, Rammstein is a great band, however, i couldn't have said it better than Anonymous in Euro Trash BS. If you want to go out, protest, whine, and cry about the war, realize this: you are able to have the freedom to do that BECAUSE of the fact that you have people such as myself fighting for your freedom. America is wanderbar litteraly translates to: America is marvelous. if you want to whine about our culture spreading, then reject it. dont accept it. why do you think everyone wants to wear American clothes, see American movies, do things the American way? because we are trend setters, our culture and government is based on freedom and democracy. that means that we can do as we please, wear what we want, worship whatever god we want, and say whatever we want just like you guys were. because we can do this, we can start trends, and they catch on. like I said before if you don't like American culture REJECT IT but do it a long ways away from US soil. in fact, do it AWAY from the WESTERN HEMISPHERE ALL TOGATHER! go to germany where you love the people who will in a song sing about America, I have an uncle stationed in germany in the army right now, and things do catch on. it takes a while longer, but they do. however, even on base there are 2 english channels availible. they are MTV and CNN. that's it, so America isn't completely taking over culture. there are 2 American channels, and they are in english. Big deal, the germans wear artiicles of American clothing BIG WHOOP! IM SURE THEY WEAR GERMAN CLOTHING TOO! SO THEY WATCH AMERICAN MOVIES, WELL ANSWER THIS QUESTION: WHERE WAS CROUCHING TIGER HIDDEN DRAGON MADE? WHAT LANGUAGE WAS IT ORIGINALY IN? see, a dubed over/subtitled film not made in America or originaly in english even, made it big. so see, America isn't the big bad monster you want it to be. look at iraq. they bitch about us AND sadam now, but did they do that before? NO! now they have the freedom to bitch about whatever they want just like you can. Imagine this: you are unable to complain about the terrible government for fear of being killed, or your family being killed. Does America seem so bad anymore? anyways, what this was truly suppoused to be about, all of the posts. this is a good song with a good osund and i enjoied it. AMERICA LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT!

you don´t have to be "american" if you don´t want to? | Reviewer: Che Guevara | 2/23/05

OK...what do you mean that "you don´t have to be american?" don´t you people realize? US is all over the world! or what do you think globalization is all about? what do you think NAFTA is all about? it´s about cultural, political, economical or, should the other options fail, military supremacy? if US is not willing to, by those methods, rule the world, then what is Iraq war for?, what is the Cuban embargo for?...let´s me just state an 1973, when a military coup sponsored by the US removed Chile´s democratically-elected president (should I add he was socialist?) Salvador Allende, Henry Kissinger just said "We couldn´t (or wouldn´t) tolerate a country to become socialist due to the irresponsibility of its people" (OK, they aren´t EXACT words, but the meaning of the message is the same), when democracy plays for the wrong side, US, also known as the knight in shiny armor of democracy, freedom, etc. think of democracy as an "irresponsibility"...such hipocrisy

Couldn't have said it better!!! | Reviewer: Stacey | 2/11/05

Some douche above said that if someone doesn't like this culture to move some where else. In case you didn't get the hint of the song your are so bravely critisizing, AMERIKA HAS SPREAD THEIR INFLUENCE EVERYWHERE! THERE'S NOT REALLY ANYWHERE TO GO! I understand being tough and not taking anyones crap but to try to take over the god damned world? and even if america has something good to offer the world at least that would be one thing but what do we have to offer? we bomb everything we see (especially if we don't get our way), we tell everyone what to do, when to do it and how, who died and made amerika ruler of the world? then people are surprised every one hates us. people need to wake up and realize the whole entire world is laughing at us! america is not big tough and unstopable but pathetic! look at our own economy for instance, we are starving and don't have jobs for our people, bombs the rest of the world and then pretend to care so much about them and completely ignore our own people. how fair! how nice! worst thing is that the "americans" are so blind to all this bullshit! fucking nonsense

Amerika lyrics review | Reviewer: Pankinator | 1/18/05

As a canadian who dislikes Bush's approach on things and dislikes governments (of any country, don't matter), i'd say that rammstein has everything on the dot here, folks. this song pretty much sums up everything.

Euro Trash BS | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/16/04

Love it or leave it. Dont bitch and complain about how much you hate it here and stay. Shows a lack of conviction or perhaps you really cant think of a better place to live. Hell look at rammstein they want to complain about our culture and yet they release there albums here. lol never let your convictions get in the way of makeing money...
These are the same types that complain about the spread of our culture(wouldnt happen if they didnt want it to) and in the same sentence will say we have no culture.

Are you really AMERICAN?? | Reviewer: Erick Norge | 10/21/04

UnAmerican: You must not be an American if you're saying you hate America. Then why you don't you leave the US and go elsewhere you can feel better?? We the people who love America are ACTUALLY America, not the government, which I dislike too much. You don't have the right to criticize without proposing anything if you think you can claim to be AMERICAN. Hope you can sleep on it and re-think it. Oh, by the way, germans have been peace-lovers throughout history, aren't they?? good song even tough lyrics are only in their minds....'cause you don't get americanized if you don't want it

Amerika ist Wunderbar. | Reviewer: UnAmerican | 8/28/04

This is a wonderful song. As an American who actually hates the country I'm in, this song speaks volumes to me. A must hear.