We are all living in America! | Reviewer: NothingiSAnnonymous | 7/16/13

Thanks to Snowden it's become pretty clear that we are all living in Amerika. At least as far as the the American government is concerned.

There is a lot of discussion of national socialist Nazi and communist Stasi regimes in Germany in these comments. Two characteristics of these political systems that were extremely scary were the way they monitored the activities of citizens and the way they acted with impunity. It's sad to see these characteristics appear in the government of America.

This song is spot on! And becoming truer all the time...

Don't let stereotypes get in the way | Reviewer: AboutTheBand | 7/16/13

Rammstein concerts are Rammstein concerts (not unlike other bands have concerts, just better than most), they are not Rallies. There is no political agenda. There are no calls to actions. There is just hard thumping music and lyrics with clever, deep, ironic, twisted humor and yes perhaps a left leaning tinge but certainly not enough to be called an agenda.

If you are struggling trying to figure out how German music, made by Germans could not have something to do with extinct political systems you are seeing the world through stereotypes and you need to wipe away the veil and see things for what they are.

Yes They Are | Reviewer: Anon E Moose | 9/27/12

1) They are commies. Which is the flip-side of the same coin that has Fascism/Nazism on it.

2) A Rammstein concert is to a National Socialism Rally as Zima is to a good old fashioned German Lager/Beer:

* All the darkness and bitterness removed
* New and Improved!

"Ich Will" --- Nazi-like call-and-response from audience.

3) So they are supposedly leftists/commies. Weimer-era Germany had THE largest communist party in Europe. And what happened when Hitler took over ? Basically they flipped, became Loyal Nazis. There's even a book on this phenomena by Wilhelm Reich. No mass exodus for the door from ex-commies when Hitler took over.

4) Personally I like the band and their music. I just think that anyone who doesn't recognize the underlying nazi-nature of Rammsten is deluding themselves.

Blah | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/25/12

"we export 1.5x more goods than we import" yeah but how much of it isn't disgusting candy or terrible cars? either way I have nothing against America and I should despite being on our side in the wars in the middle east they still killed a bunch of our soldiers down to their idiocy. But it doesn't matter, my point is, patriotism is good but it can be taken too far. Oh and this song is f*****g hilarious and totally badass. Peace out.

The truth is out there | Reviewer: European | 1/13/12

" And if we want to invade countries for their oil, resources, or to construct political allies, so be it, we'll do it to maintain our lifestyles and our superiority." You have said all about american lifestyle and superiority with this comment. Ignorants. But remember: Trees cannot grow till sky.
I realy hope that China will soon show you who is the real world leader after years of exploatation of cheap workers and resources.

Oh dear children | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/20/11

1st - like it or not, it is what it is. America is both the world's bully and if you're on its good side, protector.
2nd - Rammstein is a talented and actually very intelligent group of men who obviously know how to get people talking.
Finally, I titled this 'dear children' because everyone here is probably young enough to be my grandchildren. Yep, I'm THAT old and totally a Rammstein fan. I'd go to a concert but my walker wouldn't make through security ;)

The Truth | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/21/11

Rammstein are an awesome band, and any1 who spews out hate saying they are anti-american think again.

If they were anti-american they wouldn't bother making a song about america. Besides its hypocritical cuz In the "states" you have the kkk and other evil organizations so shut your beaks and enjoy the music.

RE: Jesse | 1/18/11 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/20/11

The German government is no longer Nazi. Besides, Nazi is not really an insult. The Nazi Party was originally a pretty good party. The only reason it went downhill was because they gave one man complete power.

RE: Anonymous | 2/12/11 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/20/11

I'm an American. I think Americans are fat lazy sh*tbags. I hate us because we think we are better than everyone. We have one of the worst healthcare systems, we have an extremely high homeless rate for being a super power, and no one really likes us. The only reason we have allies is because we have nukes. We are the "Big Giant" that can be easily defeated if China stopped supplying us with anything. We cannot get anything on our own. We just rely on others.

Hahahaha | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/12/11

I think it's funny how there are so many people bashing the dominant super power of the world right now. You can do whatever the hell you want here. We've had, what, a handful of attacks on our soil since colonial days? Look at places like the middle east where there is constant religious turmoil killing tens of thousands. Look at Egypt with political unrest and military control. Look at Africa with skyrocketing inflation. Look at Europe with their failing European Union, modeled after America, but yet their citizens harbor mistrust and even hatred for one another. The only place that comes close right now is the far East, and that's only in isolated areas and for successful upper class citizens. You can spew your anti-American hate all you want, because you're below us. We can do whatever we want in our country because we work harder than any of you (except Japan). You think Americans are lazy? That's a sad and unrealistic stereotype. Our average work week is the second longest in the world next to Japan, so don't even think that we're lazy, haha. And if we want to invade countries for their oil, resources, or to construct political allies, so be it, we'll do it to maintain our lifestyles and our superiority. Even if the whole world disagrees, there is nothing anyone can do to stop us. You crying about America, maggots? Hope your country doesn't have something we want to take or you'll be left dying in the sewers just like any who oppose us. Go ahead and bitch about America more, because you know we control the world and you with our military and economy (oh yea, and before you complain about America not making anything, we export 1.5x more goods than we import, bitches, another false stereotype)

Agreed | Reviewer: Jesse | 1/18/11

I agree with one of the people who posted on..page two, i think it was...All of these Germans who are posting and talking an "anti-American" attidude need to stop and think about the fact that the countries goverment does NOT always represent the people of country..so STOP ACTING LIKE IT...if i took such an attitude as an American, I could go around calling Germans nazis...but do I? No, of corse not, that would be ignorant.

Tony Boner | Reviewer: America | 12/17/10

Just a short note... Tony Boner, bring your communist seething ass to my front door, I will end your pain. I have never spoke poorly of your country. I pray you come to mine. I WILL END YOU!!!!!!

Rammstein are amazing ! | Reviewer: Tony Boner | 10/2/10

Just saw the video for Amerika on TV for the 1000th time :-) What an awesome song & the video is great as well...This is in my top 5 Rammstein songs for sure.

As far as America goes, its a 340 million man shithole...Americans are essentially full of shit, have little knowledge of anything outside their own little slice of the world and pretty much deserve any shit that happens to them, i.e 9/11...

That's what happens when you go out and fuck with the rest of the world, Yanks :-)

And don't spin me some shit about "oh its our government, don't hate us"...You idiots need to get off your lardarses, storm Washington & demand your government leaves the rest of the world the hell alone...

Until you lazy fucks do, I have no sympathy for you if you suffer more terrorist attacks...You basically deserve it...

Why do you think their nazi | Reviewer: All against nazi | 9/8/10

Rammstein is the most awsome foriegn band in the world and 2nd is this band that i keep heariing in japan their both awsome even thought you can't understand a word their saying now if you go to germany and say the word nazi infront of the german police then you get taken to jail and i always wish that rammstein will come to okinawa some day... please rammstein make a boys dream come true

I thought what everyone else did until the end | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/21/10

Right at the end when they are dancing united in a circle around the flag and then they are in a pyramid WOW. Even then i only saw that the second time i watched it, the thing that first tipped me off was when the production lady is applying the blush and the scene unfolds. They are all living in america and they own nasa and disney which they mention in the song. Nasa and Disney our Heros right lmao of course its wonderbar for them wake up people. Nazi Bitches