Reviews for Amerika (English Version) Lyrics

Performed by Rammstein

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.... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/2/08

ok i personaly like this song. I am an american and i personaly dislike the american government. i just have to say this to that little 11 year old....shut the fuck up, you havent even hit puberty yet little boy. im gonna laugh my ass off when your balls drop and you realize you like guys..theres nothing wrong with gay people. Im not gay, i love my girlfriend. and i plan to marry her. but i have no problem with gay people. i have gay friends. and to who ever said that kirk hammet was gay...hes not gay you jack ass...he has been married twice. and he has 2 kids...hes currently married right now. he got married to a woman in 1998 and has a 2 year old and a 3 month please learn your shit befor saying anything...if anyone would like to argue with me, you can reach me at

. | Reviewer: Gretzinger | 10/21/08

Dude nobody is gay in Rammstein, they like to fuck with people. Some of them have kids and look around the internet to see pictures of them with chics that would make a homo puke. You can't believe rumors from the internet. It'll just make you more ignorant (if that's possible).

ok | Reviewer: mike | 10/27/08

i may be rong so im sorry if im rong but im going by what i hear my album of rammstein English version.. so yeah sorry if im rong and i had wasted my breath for the the three times i sent messages

LOL at rock is american music | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/19/08

Yes, rock is big in america, and plays a huge role in our society and history, but if anything, it is euro music. some amazing bands have came from america though, like Avenged Sevenfold and FFDP and Disturbed, as far as new rock goes.

back again | Reviewer: mike | 10/27/08

sorry but ur translation's for this song is dead wrong.. everything but the were all living in amerika. and not to be a dick but i think we all understands that amerika is America
like mickey mouse there is nothing said that mickey is on the outskirts of pairs listen to this i've searched over 50 English versions of rammstein and all the English versions for this song is dead wrong from ur translations listen to it and right em down right im sorry to be a dick about this like i sad before i get irritated when people fuck good fucking songs up

i thank you for ur time and i apologies again. and thank you if u change and make this song right..

thank you

the joker

Great Song | Reviewer: shadowfox544 | 9/20/08

I'm an American, and I agree with everything in this song. Great band, great song.

"i like Rammstein, and i'm only 11 yrs old... I JUST CANT BELIVE THERES PEOPLE IN THE BAND THAT ARE GAY! i thought they were cool, but you know, you think life is cool, and then it blows to hell in front of you, i feel sorry for this band and i hope they get every fag out of the band... thats just ruins the metal culture. if u know what i mean..."

Is something wrong with you? I don't see how there's anything "uncool" about homosexuals. Climb out of whatever homophobic hole you've been living in for the last eleven years and look at the world. There are gay people in it. They are just like you, only less obnoxious

.. | Reviewer: Anon | 8/23/08

You do know that Lars and Kirk from metallica are Homosexual right? You little 11 year old homophobic bastard,i Bet if Till read your comment, he would come to your house and shove a mic up your ass.

I hate all you posers who think they know what they are talking about. | Reviewer: METAL_FAN | 8/19/08

FOR ONE. WTF CARES IF THERE ARE GAY PEOPLE IN THE BAND. Some of the most talented musicians are indeed Homosexual. For 2. There is no music that started in America except for bluegrass(even though we used a type of music from the U.K. to form it) and rap. For 3. Why the fuck are you even talking about politics because some countries band trashed us. Your an American you ridicule and make fun of countries all over and try to make yourself look better. For 4. Yes i'm an american and i'm proud of it. We have proven ourselves as many things time and time again both good and bad. But i don't even care about the lyrics to this song for one reason. ITS A SONG. They are just sayin things that they feel like how must Americans always talk shit about Mexico, China, and North Korea. The main reason USA will always have a bad reputation with people can only be expressed in one metaphor. "We can make jokes like a bully, But we can't handle it the other way around." Instead of fighting for a fking playground why don't we just share it so we can all be happy.

Good song! | Reviewer: Anon | 8/17/08

To the dildo below me, Rammstein has no gay members. And even if they did, it wouldn't be a problem.

And dude, you're 11. Listen to metal for another 5 years and THEN act like you know everything about the culture.

The song is basically, (from what I gather) other countries adopting American culture and abandoning their own. It's not about supremacy, it's about American culture spreading out where it shouldn't.

crap | Reviewer: anonymous | 8/10/08

i like Rammstein, and i'm only 11 yrs old... I JUST CANT BELIVE THERES PEOPLE IN THE BAND THAT ARE GAY! i thought they were cool, but you know, you think life is cool, and then it blows to hell in front of you, i feel sorry for this band and i hope they get every fag out of the band... thats just ruins the metal culture. if u know what i mean...

are you crazy tanner? huh? | Reviewer: luisangela | 7/25/08

Tanner, i feel sorry for you!!! Rock is not "AMERICAN MUSIC"... Early rock & roll drew from a variety of sources, primarily blues, and country, but also gospel, jazz, and folk from UK... In case you think is not enough, not even american music is just american music Beginning in the 17th century, immigrants from the United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain, and France began arriving in large numbers, bringing with them new styles and instruments to create american early music. Rock is Not just "american music". your ego is too big to notice that the rock we listen is absolutely influenced for european rock...
The cultural origin of flok rock, progressive,soft, hard rock and heavy metal, punk, post punk,glam indie cultural is europe. Bands like judas priest the cure jetro tull sex pistols, deep purple, Led Zeppelin, queen, the who, pink floyd and rammstein and more can prove it!!! stop thinking: "rock is american"... shit! ROck is world´s music not american music...

u fucks | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/13/08

This song is no more a diss than it is a complement all of u people ar acting as if coca-cola and wonderbra are the demise of sanity in the U.S. the one thing that rammstein may hold against this country (if anything) is just that we over promote ourselves in any act of either cowardess or courage. had any of u even noticed that there is not one picture of america in the entire song.

true | Reviewer: Tanner | 4/13/08

[originally posted by Anonymous]

"So, this socialist-loving band, Rammstein, sings a song bashing America, its culture and worldwide influence. Fine. I guess the Germans are still bitter because their precious Hitler failed in doing so. But what I find so ironic about this song is this: they are making a leftist political statement about American culture. And yet... and YET... their entire musical sound, influence, vocals is BASED ON AMERICAN MUSIC!!!! Huh? Let's bash America and her culture -- by singing a song influenced BY AMERICA. LOL! If they wanted to be a true German band bitching about America's influence, they should switch to polka..."

true but then agin the only TRUE ways to reach a message to people especially the younger culture through music are by the genres rock and rap

nazis.. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/13/08

it suuure is nice to know that people still think Adolf Hitler was a messiah, and that a fourth Reich should be established.

are you people psychotic?

The only reason nationalist socialism suceeded was because of dissatisfaction and debt in post war depressionary Germany. The Germans needed someone to pin their troubles on, and the Jewish people seemed to be perfect, simply because they have
money and are smart. Considering that that the Germans let a schizophrenic lead them into a global war leaves something to be said. seriously, this guy killed his own wife.

I don't see how this argument started anyways. the song doesn't say anything about "Jews" or "fourth Reich", or "911 is a lie". It's about a guy dancing with his girl, making references to America.

just as a afterthought, I'm a blonde haired, blue eyed swede, but you don't see me calling all you "undermensch", nor will I ever.

Bush is our hitler | Reviewer: John | 3/28/08

Bush is our Hitler. Him and his group are profiteering off the deaths of thousands of civillian and people that are thought to be "enemy combatants" alike. Hell we even sponsored Saddam because he was to our financial benefit. There have been around 800,000 - 1 mil civillian deaths in Iraq from our soldiers. Ask yourself how many people died on 9/11 compared to that. Then ask yourself why we are there, when we originally sponsored Saddam for financial benefit and Iraq (according to the president even) does not have AL QUEDA. According to the CIA whistleblowers, or main objective their is to build fifteen bases and control the resources.

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