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Performed by Rammstein

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Re: Funny | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/13/2008 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/19/08

At first: something called '' Polka"" have nothing to do with germany- it's traditional polish dance. Do you know what is this: Poland? It's another country, with different language, culture and traditions, music as well.
What american- music influences? What american music culture? In my opinion Rammstain music is deeply builded on german electro traditions, with gothic elements.. I might be wrong about the last one, but I don't really think that north- american culture have something more to offer than Europe.
Why everybody gett so nervous about this tekst?
Someone cannot stand a little bit of critic?

....GOD | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/16/08

for starters the 1st few guys stop acting like dicks next, America technically is not at war with Iraq at all we are at war with alquida the terrorist group because in all actuality the national Iraqi military is helping the UK, Australia, and the USA at this very moment. Then yes, we have been involved in alot of major wars for the past century but then again 20000 years ago so were egypt and greece and now look at them. Next WW1 and WW2 both involed alot of German people (especially WW1) WW2 was also polish put thats not the point. Maybe our government is corrupted put the public is sorry we can't do anything about that because all of our power is in the congress and senate, virtually the president really has very, very low power. Yes whenever Kennedy was assassinated that sparked the Vietnam war but why no one in America even really knows..... Then last of all this song was not made to diss any country or bitch another country out the fact of the matter is they made this song trying to be slightly humorous and all you other guys except the last 3 are taking it waaaaaaaay out of proportion

Funny | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/13/08

So, this socialist-loving band, Rammstein, sings a song bashing America, its culture and worldwide influence. Fine. I guess the Germans are still bitter because their precious Hitler failed in doing so. But what I find so ironic about this song is this: they are making a leftist political statement about American culture. And yet... and YET... their entire musical sound, influence, vocals is BASED ON AMERICAN MUSIC!!!! Huh? Let's bash America and her culture -- by singing a song influenced BY AMERICA. LOL! If they wanted to be a true German band bitching about America's influence, they should switch to polka...

Here is the bottom line | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/23/08

Look disputing over lyrics with false facts and accusations with ignorant and arrogant tones won't solve anything.

Alot of people have good points here, and yes I agree but I mean seriously. Reality check you are fighting over lyrics to a song which really have no purpose other than to please people when the band performes.

Yes America has made many stupid choices, I am an American myself, and live in maryland I'm not trying to hide that fact and sometimes I'm dissapointed in what we have done but that doesn't mean we are all bad. There are some good things our country does from time to time and this is a true statement for all countries.

Trying to insult a country for something they may have done wrong and acting as if your country is perfect is pretty stupid
No country is Innocent, all of done things regratble and idiotic but have also contributed to the world.
You must simply deal with this fact and accept it or else you will always be upset and mad for no reason and it's a wasite of your time.
If you agree then go ahead, if you dis-agree then be my guest I'm not here to argue just to settle things I suppose

You damn blind patriots make me sick | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/21/08

I got a little sick reading the absolute mindless garbage posted here. The united states has gone to the jews and they are taking it straight to hell. Anyone who is truely educated knows that everything that is said about america is true. To say that if you buy oil and dont support going to war for that oil. Is so stupid. There are powers at work that see we have no other alternative. The oil companies are total crooks and in bed with the isralies. One day Amerikans will wake the fuck up. History is a lie you have all been brainwashed to believe what you are sold by the media. Please for the love of everything holy. WAKE THE FUCK UP. The boogy man is real and hes in the white house.

.... | Reviewer: lol | 2/20/08

and just so u all know half of this country dosen;t even like bush.. i think hes a dumbass myself.. and just because someones leaders are fucked up dosent mean the whole nation is and their people... dont say something bad till u know 1st hand...

Long live America, my ass | Reviewer: Fuck the Bush Administration and their braindead puppet called G. W. Bush | 2/18/08

To 'fuck u.' Just to get your facts straight: The USA doesen't have any real intentions of helping the countries with 'insane' leaders. Cause if they were, they woulden't steal that coutry's (meaning Iraq) oil for their own egoistic purposes. We all know that the Iraq war was a big mistake, and that Bush was a terrible leader, so there is no reason to argue with that.
However, I'm not the kind of person that automaticly condemns americans, cause I have been in the USA four times, I have friends there, and I know other people who has lived there. So I know that the people is not to blame for the actions of their goverment, although the people who support the goverment for what they do, are as guilty as their own leaders.
And I must also add that I am not one of those persons that think that their own country is best. I live in Norway, a country that far too often acts as America's little puppet in matters of war.

I have fired my bullet. If you don't like it, go ahead and shoot.

listen here you small minded people... | Reviewer: fuck u | 2/15/08

how can anyone even say that america is so terrible??? especially when u haven't even lived in america your own self... america isnt the best country but then again whos to say that??? only the narrow minded people that have no idea what they are talking about say those things... no matter what anyone says no one will ever change their minds because because they think that " their " country is the best, and that america is evil.. if anyone would like to tell me how this is so go ahead and shoot, but if u think we are evil because we try to help other countries with "insane" leaders who think they have control over everyone that lives there, then you should think again. long live americaaaa! and a job well done by rammstein!

Baloney | Reviewer: Adolf Hitler | 1/31/08

Rammstein have a point. Amerika has been taken over by the jews who control its every movement and America has spread worldwide. It is a dangerous enemy to the establishment of the New Reich. If course, Russia will always rival the JewSA.

Sieg Hiel

The Real Deal | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/27/08

I am American and i listen to rammstein, i think maybe you all are looking alittle too deep into this, why not just enjoy the music? Alot of folks have good or bad opinions of countries across the world, im not happy as of recent the decisions my government has made regarding other countries, but the truth is we are slowly loosing our rights here, not all of us have the luxuries alot of Americans do, i actually have to work for a living.

Nevertheless, anyone who wants to bad mouth the war in iraq our soliders needs a reality check, violence is human nature we are all capable of it,so stop acting like your innocent from all this, we are born into a world of sin, you should remember all the things your saying when your standing at the gas pump filling up your tank with blood, and that goes for every other country not just the u.s, bc the chances are pretty good that 10 bucks in your tanks costed a life, god damned hippocrits.

hmmmm | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/17/08

I almost forgot to say from my other hmmm post..but i cant really think of a way to make people really understand how im really trying to this:

why argue about the "corrupt" goverments of the world when these are the lyrics to a song thats made to entertain people

music was started for that reason to entertain peole to make them feel emotions............and no i aint a hippy peace loving person or emo which is the new way to make people feel like shit

there is nothing you can do about what goverments are corrupt and why its just the way the world is becuse of the lust for greed and power

hmmm | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/17/08

why do SOME people waste their time starting arguments about things like which country is the best which is the worst which is the most evil i mean whats the fucking point!

ok so not alot of people like america
they may have started/had a major part in the last wars in the 20th century.
they may have a corrupt goverment
they may manipulate their people
all the other stuff

but who can walk into the oval office and show the facts...i dont agree with what anyone is saying here nor do i disagree since im not american myself

but the thing that pisses me of the most is the people who are like yeah im american so i can say what i like and kick your ass at the same time its saying things like that, that starts controversy amongst people and then you get stupid arguements like this.......

im 15 and theres alot of the world that ive yet to see, and theres alot that still to be explored on this planet...i want to be able to see it and not have everything ended because some ignorant and down right arrogant people cant keep some of their views to themselves...tell you what why dont you let some of them known when your president..but then some people with the views they have like such and such country is the best then wont they in a way become the next "Hitler" of their generation

the roots of all evil start from the smallest of all seeds

Think before you say... | Reviewer: American Teenager | 1/11/08

I wanna move to Japan when I'm 18.

People who say ''If you hate America so much, why don't you leave'' piss me off. If you say this to people, you need to think about it for 10 seconds. What do you need to leave America? Money. A majority of ppl here are poor (including me), or at least not rich enough to leave. So if you have the audacity to tell me to ''love it or leave it'' then you should either pay my way out of here or just shut the hell up.

very sad | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/6/08

some of the people commenting here are just idiots, sadly enough. The guy who said America has the most corrupt government in the world--I'm really sorry the paramedics couldn't get your head out of your ass. America has its problems, but we're not the most corrupt government by far. Let me know when the US government begins killing people by the thousands the way they did in the Khmer Rouge.

People who say the US is the best or worst in the world are wrong. We've got our benefits and downfalls, just like any other country in the world. No country is perfect. If you fellow Americans hate the country so much, why don't you just leave? Obviously you're not happy with the way our country is run, so why remain here? No one's forcing you to stay.

Song aint bad. We don't need tanks, we got Micky | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/7/08

So America is the Great Satan. Because they what.... control and manipulate as opposed to all the other innocent countries of the world. Get a clue losers. Yeah, there is control and manipulation, but have you ever really watched your own media? British news is just as biased as they come. German news focuses on the party line. And french news is a joke! Shall we even discuss countries like China and North Korea? Everybody manipulates the populace to progress the governmental agenda. EVERY government tries to strengthen their powerbase. The question is, what does it DO with that powerbase? I hadn't realized france, Britain and Germany had done so much for the rest of the world and come to the aid of so many MILLIONS of people. While the U.S. just sat back and critasized Europe for every single thing it did, WHILE holding it's hand out asking for MORE! And by the way, when was the last time communism contributed anything good? Anything, in fact, that WASN'T evil? Unless directly oppressing the populace by force and torture and starvation has finally been condoned by you ignorant liberal fucks. Of-course, you're the first ones to say the U.S. doesn't do enough to counter such travesties. Then when we do, we're the bad guys again. Gimme a break! And as for you worthless cocksucking motherfucking pieces of shit 'citizens' who talk this smack, go fuck yourself. Move to China or france or some other communist wondercountry and live your life in headupyourass bliss. But don't suck on the tit of democracy and cry about how starved you are! Get out! NOW!

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