august 2006 | Reviewer: jenny | 8/1/12

my fiance bought this cd a couple months before he was killed on his motorcycle. That summer i had two little red foxes that took up residence on my little 3 acre farm and i was delighted and so was he. I got his music collection and put this disk in, never hearing it before, and the song struck a chord right into my soul with the whole "year of the fox" and that he had passed and this was the sequential order of him knowing that he had passed from this life and my finding the music was his gift to me of comfort in song, since he knew i always sought refuge in music.

Creative | Reviewer: Cocita | 2/18/11

Its not our business to tell the meaning of this song its only that we have to listen and enjoy . I don't know about you but when i listen to this song i feel like i'm going to this temple of the king . I'm a new fan of ritchie blackmore and i love him so much :-)