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Performed by Rage Against The Machine

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Worthless Neo-Marxists | Reviewer: JRC | 7/27/09

Hypocrites. America-bashing wankers who makes millions on the capitalistic sales of their hate-filled albums. Kinda like most Obama voters, they gripe and whine and complain, but have no idea how the world really works. They’re made at Steve Forbes because he’s rich. Since when is success a bad thing?

Shut up and sing…

jose rizal | Reviewer: don | 4/3/09

this as what our National hero Dr. Jose Rizal does, no need to have a bloody revolution against the Spanish Gov't...but by writing books and novels he wake up the entire Philippine Nation to stand for our rights in order free from discrimination... ZACK idol!

non-violant yet powerfull revolution ! | Reviewer: anti-system ! | 9/14/08

speech is powerfull ,music is much more need for guns and blood ,just be aware and conscious . i've never seen a better rebellion . no need to fight agains the system just be aware of it and deep down don't obey !
thank u zack de larocha and the guys in RATM ,thank u serj tankian and the guys in SOAD for raising this much awareness !

I luv it | Reviewer: B00n3 | 7/20/08

I've known for a while that this song had some kinda meaning to it. Sadly, I'm only a kid, and I have no experience in figuring meanings of songs such as this one. So, referably, I look up the lyrics to see how well the dude who submitted 'em and check to see if anybody got the meaning. I also need some social experience and history classes. =(
Now that I know what this is about, I'm in agreement with the people who figured the song out. I need to look up the people said in the song, and then I might have a little more understandment about such songs and be able to figure 'em out on my own. On to good ol' Wikipedia! =P

Who is Cassius? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/9/08

"Then stick and move like I was Cassius"
Is a refference to the famous boxer Cassius Clay later known as Muhammad Ali.

Cassius Clay publically spoke out against the Vietnam war, and ultimately became a draft-dodger as he refused to go even after he was recruited. Sent to prison (which lost him his Olympic Gold Medal as well as his Heavyweight Title), he discovered Islam, and became Muhammad Ali.

Ron Paul, just another meaningless figure. | Reviewer: Joel | 4/9/08

Yes, this talks about civil rights. Yes, this talks about government oppression. Yes, this goes deeper.

Movements come and movements go. Leaders speak, movements cease when their heads are flown.

This is the line that all Ron Paul people should focus on. When a movement is pledged to nonviolence, they end prematurely the moment the leader is taken out. There is no continuation because the followers, ie sheep of the movement, have been indoctrinated against violence. The only threat is the leader itself. When a movement does not take war off the table, such as the founding fathers, then every individual becomes a threat. The movement can continue on after the leader's demise.

And yes, I know about the changes happening to local and state GOPs across the country due to Ron Paul's delegates. Yes, I have been part of that. And yes, I would love for this movement to work through peaceful means, but it won't last. Once we get complacent in what we've accomplished, tyranny will win. It always does. You cannot unseat the true rulers of the US democratic monarchy through peaceful means.

Why would a king give up his throne unless there was a sword to his throat? We can't truly get our republic back without crossing blades. Any change made through the pacifistic Ron Paul movement will only be temporary.

The only difference between Ron Paul and Martin Luther King is that a lot of people in the Ron Paul camp feel the same way I do. Thus, Ron Paul will be allowed to live to keep preaching non-violence until he dies of old age. If he was assassinated, that just might be the spark required for real change.

mesage of the song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/1/08

I think the song is about the civil rights movment and such

they say

You know they went after King
When he spoke out on Vietnam

refering to MLKJ being against the vietnam war


Ya know they murdered X
And tried to blame it on Islam
He turned the power to the have-nots
And then came the shot

refering to Malcom X and his problems with the nation of islam and his death

basicly the whole song is about oppresion and injustice

just my take

A few more titbits | Reviewer: dvidby0 | 2/27/08

Undoubtebly this song was chosen as an ending to The Matrix because of its title. The song was not played entirely. The middle was snipped off, but the end, from where the music changes to the last lines, that part was preserved. The reason the last lines were preserved might be because they could be obliquely interpreted as a reference to karma and rebirth, something that had a deep relation with the storyline of The Matrix.

What you reap, is what you sow.

Cassius | Reviewer: anonymous | 2/19/08

I believe Cassius is not the Shakepearean reference but Cassius Clay, aka Muhammed Ali. Stick and move is a what Ali would do during boxing. He is also a Muslim and very famous during the 70s and Black Power movement. It follows the same lines as King, Wilson, and X.

amasing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/6/08

I love all rages songs i play them on guitar and i just love trying to understand their lyrics. I wish there was a site where i could research all the meanings. Its just so enlightning, Really wakes you up ;D hehe

albums | Reviewer: littlenicky | 1/31/08

I just wanted to let you know that "Wake Up" was originally on there debut, self titled album, RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE. and it came out in 1992. but mad good song and made an amazing ending to the matrix

Favorite song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/30/08

This is my favorite song and im glad they put it in the matrix because if they didnt then i never would have heard this song or Rage against the machine

just a small thing... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/29/08

So... I agree with everything I have read thus far in the reviews... except for the blurb about Cassius. Cassius is a character from Shakespeare's Julius Caesar. He is the man who betrays Julius Caesar by convincing the man Brutus to commit the assassination, letting Brutus take the fall. I think it is a cool reference that always jumped out at me. Also, fun fact: the role that John Wilkes Booth was most famous for in his acting career was Cassius... and then he killed Lincoln. Hmm.

good song.

Wake Up | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/23/08

As said before, this came out before The Matrix. This song is obviously extremely political in nature... The biggest reason they chose it for The Matrix is it's name: Wake Up. The whole point of the song is that there's illusions of power all around us, but the real power is with the people. That's true both for the song's political roots as well as The Matrix.
Is the reference to "Cassius" in the song a reference to Hamlet? The twisted and treacherous ways of Cassius to get things done?

Wake Up...

evil empire | Reviewer: jross | 1/7/08

this song wasn't made for the matrix, it just happened to be the picked for the theme. if you look the album evil empire was released in 1996, which is the album with wake up in it. the first matrix was released in 1999

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