its all true | Reviewer: David2 | 12/5/14

I love how everyone here is correct in some way! This song clearly doesnt deal with just one subject, but all of the ones mentioned here and more. Overall it is critical of America, in a lot of ways, recalling events from throughout the history of America since Europeans arrived. From inhumanties in war, use of WMDs and the greed that is built in to the American state of mind with clever use of propaganda in media and education. And the ability to make people believe that they are free, when in reality the US government use as much propaganda and censorship as the soviet union, difference is their better at it than the soviet union was.

Reviewer David: Historically incorrect information. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/31/12

Claiming that smallpox wiped out the natives throughout the Americas is factually incorrect. When you get the chance one day, when you're not busy finding false information. Read Bartolome de Las Casas "A Short Account of the Destruction of the Indies" and "Historia de Las Indias." If you read them you will get a firsthand account of the events when the Spaniards met the with natives. Under the guise of converting natives to Christianity, they slew natives in the hundreds of thousands. Las Casas will explain how the Americas went from housing millions of natives to only a couple hundred thousand (this includes the Carribeans, South America, Central America etc; from over 15% of the Worlds population to becoming less than 2% of the total world pop. Then you also have to define conquer. The natives were not conquered, they were enslaved. Its obtuse to say conquered when there was little resistance as the natives were friendly to the Spaniards. When you read Las Casas you will understand how everything you learned was false. Not surprising if you're American. I got the same false education.

America as the worst? | Reviewer: David | 9/24/12

First off we dropped an atomic bomb not a nuclear. There has been no nuclear bombs dropped on civilizations on historical record from United States. We test them at White Sands, New Mexico. Second off the Indians were conquered but were dying out from disease like smallpox. Worst in the world? Please look up Mao Zedong, Joseph Stalin, Pol Pot, Adolf Hitler, Saddam Hussein, and Ghadafi. We retaliated with an atomic bomb after being initially attacked. USA is not a perfect nation and yes I admit that more than likely women and children were killed in Serbia and Iraq but, don't point the finger when you don't have stats to back you up. Imbecile

RE: barrett | Reviewer: Anon 2 | 4/25/12

Anon didn't say the US was evil as a result of the use of Agent Orange but insinuated that they should have done actual testing prior to use of the chemical. That's precisely the reason why many tests are now performed to figure out the volatility of chemicals which may be used in the environment. When you're just releasing something without extensively testing it, you're ENTIRELY responsible for what it does to people, the environment, and anything else because YOU had the power to test it but refused to. There are many tests to perform on chemicals, drugs, medicine, and anything that might be applied to the body, to food, or to the environment. It's not vilifying anyone or anything; it is accountability.

Also, you might want to look up the word "relativity".

2nd oppinion | Reviewer: barrett | 1/25/12

yes agent orange was used to kill the plant life in viet nam but it wasn't leathal to people but it has been proven to cause cancer and some people are awful quick to villify the usa (annon) with info we didn't have at the time of our actions every country in the world has done worse and isn't considered evil for it

Just one thing... | Reviewer: Anon | 11/28/11

To the dud that things Agent of Orange is a reference to's a reference to Agent Orange...a chemical used in Vietnam by the US Military to thin out the brush so they could more effectively enact their offensive, but the gas also killed a lot of people as a result of the governments pure carelessness in releasing the substance.

Jesus | Reviewer: Nick | 11/7/11

Don't take the Jesus reference so seriously. It was about how falsified American religion is, "Jesus blessed be with its future and I'll protect it with fire." That's an oxymoron, Jesus Christ would never protect "the party." He's speaking from the view of an American wall street exec, lobbyist, politician and showing how disconnected they're from god. Their only pursuit is wealth, and in process destroying the world both economically and environmentally.

Meaning | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/27/11

To me the song is about bombs, Sleep now in the fire means being blown up. He's talking about America's readiness to use the bomb for it gains "The cost of my desire" and "The agent of orange (fire)" he even mentions Hiroshima and The Santa Maria. The Jesus refference of the US using religion as a weapon.

Wthat this song is really about | Reviewer: Che | 6/19/11

most of you are wrong about the song. The only person who came close was the guy who talked about Manifest destiny and Kipling. It is true that this song talks about how the history of capitalism is based on the racism and religious intolerance of white europeans. They used this especialy in colonialism, which is something Zack is very much against, being the Latino he is.

But the song is also a strong denouncsment of socioeconomic capitalism and its effects on the world. Especialy, the songs describes how competition whereby the sucess of one means the devastation of the other is destroying the world, everyywhere and for many years.

"the world is my expense, the cost of my desire"
means that the desires of the upper classes are creating our world of wars and inequalty.
the rest of the song talks how we legitimize this system to ourselves and to others, and how we are willing to protect this world of dominance with fire.

basicaly this song is against america. its protogonist represents the abstract america

To the person for the bombings | Reviewer: rage against ice cream | 6/1/11

The reason japan bombed pearl harbor was that we cut off their oil supply. Think about the things our country would do if we had the fuel for our cars taken. Think about the bombing we did to iraq after 9/11

what does he mean when he says | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/28/11

"The priests of Hiroshima" what does that mean? is he against the A Bombing of Hiroshima? If he's against it then I think he's wrong because we had to do it. Look at who started the war. Look at how many lives the Japs killed.

Wicked, Incredible Song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/8/11

Rage is incredible. Their music freaks me out, it's intensity and edge. It evokes a reaction-goose bumps and anxiety! Sleep now in the Fire is about sin. Pure evil. Greed. Fear. Using God's name to perpetrate violence and persecution. I'm much older than you. You confuse capitalism with greed. Socialism is about control. Capitalism is about competition.