I'm In Love | Reviewer: TammC | 1/5/13

Awe man, these guys are more than radical, dance to, thought bearing individuals, they are incredible musician. RATM's message is thought provoking and pure, a true revolutionary movement. But, what about those of us that are not talented musically? You guy can rake in the money to keep you feelin' just fine.

All I'm sayin' is that listening to the man, as you say, and not following the majority of the rules and laws would involve destitute, jail time,or many other unimaginable things. Not productive time at all.

Luckily, you guys are U.S. citizens and can throw out your wonderful music without being down trodden, or asked to stop your music due to the Mister. Many other countries in our world would not think twice about shutting you down if you dissed their laws and bullshit. Actually, RATM would have never even gotten this far!

Love your music!


I am a fifty one year old man who grew up seeing this country change, no evolve into the MACHINE, that i believe Tom M. Zach, Brad and that bad ass bass player (forget the name). But i have seen the Black Panthers march..The Klan hold their rallies,And the Brown BER-RAY'S..young chicanos organization..seen only the two of these organizations fall because of UNCLE SCAM AND HIS GOD-DAMN PLAN..I first heard Rage sometime in the mid-1990's..but as soon as i heard them their message their music..They were the coolist REVOLUTIONARIES..ALONG WITH CORNNEL WEST WHOM I GREW UP WITH...THERE IS SO MUCH I WANT TO SAY BUT CAN'T CONCENTRATE BECAUSE OF THE ENERGY THEY PUT OFF..ODD THING THOUGH I ALWAYS THOUGHT THAT TOM M. WAS THE ONE TO DISBAND THE GROUP, NEVER WOULD HAVE THOUGHT IT WAS ZACH D. THE WAY BRAD POP'S THOSE DRUMS AND THE PASSION HE AND THE BASS PLAYER SHOW AS DOES TOM M. AND ZACH..WOW FOUR TOP NOTCH PRFORMERS..GET TEARS IN MY EYES WATCHING THEIR VIDEOS LIKE KILLIN IN THE NAME..AND BULLET IN THE HEAD..BULLS ON PARADE..AND SO ON..SO WISH THEY STILL PLAYED TOGETHER

Best music out there to question the world | Reviewer: Burkely Hermann | 7/6/11

I have never listened to music so radical as Rage Against the Machine in my life. Every song makes me question what I've learned in school and it captivates you. I feel like I could be a revolutionary out there protesting for what is right in the world. I am just developing my political beliefs now and they just inspire me to do more to help the world learn what is really happening, not what they are fed by the manipulated media.

:D | Reviewer: Amilah | 2/25/11

Im listenin to mic check as I write this. Thsi band is beast because not only does it sound good but it actually means something. im tired hearing about sex and ass shaking and drinking and "swag". if your so great you dont need to say it all the time, people just know. and with RATM, you just fucking know man. you just fucking know:)

Uhm yeah... | Reviewer: B-Money | 5/10/10

half of you people would'nt even know of Rage if it werent for the guitar hero series, or grand theft auto san andreas. you need to get your own music and not only know two of their songs. Some of you are just ridiculous.

Personal Favorite | Reviewer: Wayne Campbell | 2/11/10

I am totally obssessed with ratm. I have all 4 albums and a live disc. I have 2 live dvds along with 5 shirts. they're honestly the only band that i listen to. my sister introduced them to me 2yrs ago and i imediatly became obssessed. ZACH DE LA ROCHA FOR PRESIDENT!!!!!!

Seed of HOPE | Reviewer: sabrina | 4/1/08

I think that a seed is only as good as the earth its place in which in fact is summon of all the things on earth… If you find a good potential ground one can stand and deliver tomatoes other then “magical beans” But I know many grounds are unstable and corrupted with penumbras so I suggest you work with these grounds this aspects of reality in which product can be eaten and one can become satisfy.

Please do not destroy the bad grounds but yet “cure these grounds” to be cultivating FAMRS for humanity

Apply this to your own life I know I need it I do not know about you!

Undiscribebly Amazing and Life Changing . | Reviewer: Alpha Man | 1/5/08

This band has deminstrated the most powerful mesage I have ever heared. RATM has Powerful Lyrics, Funky drum beats, and life changing guitars. The listener is pulled into a their own mind and feels undiscibible feelings, feelings of powerful urges to change the world. Rage Against The Machine in my prospective is the best band ever to be formed. They are the roots of a new Revolution that nobody can stop, but anybody could start.

sick band | Reviewer: kevin | 1/5/08

i love this band so much, their song bulls on parade, is a fun song to play on guitar hero 3 and tom morello is one of the most unique and greatest guitarists of all time. RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The only thing better would be its return | Reviewer: Danno | 7/31/07

fuck yeah, these guys give me a reason to live on throughout the bullshit I've seen all my life. call me whatever you will, but I agree with these guys on a lot and I think they were some of the coolest revolutionaries around since fuckin Fidel Castro. and for those who think Castro was a bad leader, or a terrorist, or a tyrant, read the history books guys. You'll be suprised, I know I was.

absolute class | Reviewer: Tom | 4/5/07

I love this band so much zack has influenced me and so has their political beliefs i've got all their albums n stuff and now all i want is a ticket to California in April:D:D Absolutly fuckin amazin

Great | Reviewer: Peter Andras | 3/11/06

This band was one of the biggest bands in the history of rock.These guys are made to play together.Evil Empire?Find a better album.I love them the most because of their non-commerce and sincerity,idealism.Listen to it or die...

only one other | Reviewer: tj | 7/28/05

when i first heard their cds i loved them instantly and you;d have to rip the head fones off and only one other band made me feel like that (blink-182 who im in <3 with)

absolutly amazing | Reviewer: bonnie | 5/15/05

this band is one of the greatest bands ever to grace this earth. rage against the machine has an amazing ability to produce great albums and videos that can stop the stock exchange (see the 'Sleep now in the fire' video). this band has influenced me from Zack's powerful rap lyrics to Timmy c's cool bass lines . this band has every thing you could ever want in a band heavy rock guitar lines, anti gouverment rap lines and hip hop drum beats. i just wish this band were still together now because they have such a following.