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Performed by Rage Against The Machine

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The great change is coming! | Reviewer: | 9/11/09

though ratm is near a end, their words will never be forgotten .The fire of rebel will be succeed by generation and generation.The under would never rest their arms ,and struggle shall continue till the final peace be given to this world.
The end is near.The great change is coming!

Lost | Reviewer: Alex | 8/29/08

This song is the most intense and inspiring song about the indigenous people of the Americas. Revenge will be had and justice will come. Even though Zach has abandoned his beliefs, and left us without a much needed leader to this movement, the words left behind have been burned into our skulls and will not be forgotten. They may have broken him, but the damage he has done to their image is evident. The dawn of a new era comes.

wake up, wake up people of the world..... | Reviewer: Tashi namgyal | 6/9/07

this song has awesome lyrics********* thats true
rage against the machine will never forget your message ........rage against the machine is awesome***** Zack de la rocha missing you.........

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