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------ performed by Rage Against The Machine

awsome!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Jacob | 1/14/10

all i have to say about DX is that they might be the best tag team there ever was, ever is, and ever will be!

i am such a big fan it is unreal. i have recorded all the monday might raw maches that they have done from the slamy awards to now.

i am also getting sick of jerico trying to get back on raw. he is like a bad penny he allways keeps turning up. this is the third time he has been kicked of raw (literaly).

and if your not down with that i got two words for ya

SUCK IT!!!!!

Not a RATM somg | Reviewer: David | 1/13/08

Hi there

The previous reviewer is 100% correct - this track was never recorded by Rage Against the Machine. I haven't heard of them doing it ever as a cover, but who's to say that is true.

Could you please remove this from this site, because it taints what is an otherwise outstanding effort.


Not right.. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/18/07

This isn't even RATM, the song is "Break It Down" by the Chris Warren Band! Sorry to tell you that but the song wasn't even done by Rage.

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