Electric | Reviewer: John Wilson | 2/19/13

Bulls on Parade is somewhat a good song around the town. It's heavy as metal is but It's better to just find out what the song would be about. However, Go on youtube and watch the video on your supercomputer If you have one.

bitchin' track | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/11/12

This a great track. It's heavy but the baseline hits hard, too. I see it's some hatin' niggas hatin' on this track, but they're not really reviewing how heavy the riff bangs or how original the song feels when it drops or how fluid the meld between hip-hop and rock is on this track. I would rather remark that this track boasts a tight flow in Zach's rhymes, has a mean baseline and Tom's guitar screams like a beast in this song. Niggas gotta hate on what they make in they minds cause this track is too heavy to hate-- it's just awesome. Get this album, play this song, hit repeat, and enjoy that shit. Real talk.

yawn | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/15/12

Zach of the Roaches is...where? What a once was! And please, bigmouth. It would be so easy to knock that whiny little bitch's dick in the dirt and make him lick it up, scrawny little twat that he is. I'll put it up on youtube, though so you cumbubbles can worship his wussiness. You can watch him suck and blow at the same time, like I had to many years ago when they were famous for five minutes. Consider it payback for that awful noise he used to make. Now don't get so mad that you punch a hole in daddy's wall, you might end up oppressed. Wah.

iron man | Reviewer: bilton | 10/8/11

It's very ironic that people seem to think that this song would pair well with the film iron man.

Also It's hilarious that tom morello is actually in that very scene you're talking about! Pure brilliance haha

@OMFG! R U Fucking Retarded | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/16/10

OMFG! What an under reaction. Why not track down the poster of the heinous comment and torture him to death. Motherfucker said it could be a little difficult to hear what zach is saying. He must die. Painfuilly. I know, we can hack the server to find out the country his IP address is in and then we can maybe release smallpox on them. If wee only had a nuke we could be reasonable sure we'd get him. Or am I being over zealous? Surely not. Hate to love

Ridiculously good song | Reviewer: Dan | 6/21/10

Great song, both in technique and overall sound, though that idea of playing it in Iron Man when he's killing people would defeat its entire meaning. The song takes a stand AGAINST the war machine, not in favor of it.

good | Reviewer: Metalhead | 2/7/10

Rage against the machine is a good band, i am a very political person, i agree with some of their views, others i don't. Although I believe the government is wrong alot of the time, i don't think a rebellion is the answer.

kick ass song | Reviewer: Tom Morrelo kicks ass | 9/1/09

this song kicks ass billiam thats a good film iron man it would be a killer if that came on oh and jack i learning it on drums to already lernt guitar and bass with sing did it at school talent show But AWSOME SONG IT ROCKS! p.s i got the song from gh3 and killing in the name from greatest hits

AWESOME SONG! | Reviewer: Niiiice | 8/1/09

At first I thought Rage was a piece of shit, but after listening to a few of their songs over and over i've really got into them. Awesome political commentary (clever lyrics), Tom Morello is by far my favourite guitarist. Overall, very talented band.
What do you people have against Audioslave, I mean sure, its not as meaningful/powerful as Rage but its still an awesome band.

Note. | Reviewer: Jack | 4/9/09

To whoeer said it is just rally round the family, have you heard the song, you can hear something before rally, and im pretty sur its they. But, I LOVE THIS SONG, Zack De Rocha rocks, Tom Morello kicks ass, and their drummer, i dont know his name, but im learning the drums to this now, and hes fricking pro! Lots of cymbal work. Sore hands =P

Good Song | Reviewer: Graham | 3/7/09

This is one of the best songs I've heard in a long time. One point of clarification, is it really, "rally round tha' family"
I always thought it said, "Radley (some guy) had no family, only a pocket full of shells (as in he was going to go on a killing spree)."

AWESOME | Reviewer: Billiam | 11/28/08

If you have ever seen the summer blockbuster "Iron Man" you know that Bulls on Parade would be perfect for when he breaks out of the cave and the terrorists are shooting at him and then he says: "My turn" and then bulls on parade starts that would be killer!!!

OMFG! R U Fucking Retarded | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/28/08

I don't know who this anonymous piece of shit thinks he is but if you actually believe that Zach De La Rocha is a problem you should have your eardrums blown into oblivion so that you can never hear again! Zach De La Rocha is the driving force behind this band and without his incredible amount of knowledge, which you are obviously oblivious to, there would be no such thing as Rage Against the Machine and the amazing drums, bass, and ridiculous guitar, that you seem to love would seize to exist you stupid fucking ignorant sheep.

Sickass | Reviewer: Saaam | 10/9/08

This songs lyrics are very political, as are all rage's songs..awesome individual vocals, they're almost in a genre of their own with this song. It CAN bbe hard to hear Zach sometimes which is why this could be wrong..still sick song.

awesome | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/27/08

i love this song. tom is the greatest guitarist ever in my mind. as for zack, rage would be nowhere without his radical politics. this song i think is about the overvaluing of the military by our government.