Are You Serious? | Reviewer: Jake J | 7/26/08

Ok seriously, to the guy who thinks that Zach De La Rocha was the only thing bad about RATM, you are completely insane. I mean yes, Tom Morello is one of the best guitarist of the 90's, but it is very obvious who the all-star is here, it's Rocha. Nobody else in the Rock business can get up and move around on the stage and pump adrenaline through his fans and the crowd more than Zach De La Rocha. I would watch a concert even if he didn't sing, thats how exciting this guy is. Just listen to some of the old Audioslave tapes without Zach De La is similar, but doesn't compare to Rage Against The Machine's vocals....not even close...

listen to me! | Reviewer: tom k | 3/25/08

ok listen anyone who dont like this song!! DONT COMMENT ON IT! HOLY CRAP JUST KEEP UR FREAKIN MOUTHS SHUT! GO COMMENT ON SOMETHING U LIKE!! (this isnt to any1 who commented good cause this song is great) this always happens to the songs i like (if u agree comment too)

good song but it dose not have the right lyrics | Reviewer: jason | 3/13/08

im not a critic but before you type in any song make sure that you use the right lyrics cause big rage fans will get pissed off because they never heard the word public inthe song if you think all of this sounds gay keep it to yourself

Zach De La Rocha | Reviewer: Bob The Savage | 3/11/08

To the person who previously posted about the singer: Zach was the driving force behind the band. Their politics were what made them great, the way the feared nothing and fought for what they saw as right. His vocals are stellar, and defenitaly ADD to the music.

If you want to continue to be an ignorant Piss ant, then listen to audioslave. Same people but with Zach replaced. The music is ok, but they have none of the drive.

They should make instrumental songs | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/26/08

Funky guitar, nice drums, the fact is that only their singer puts them in a bad light. If only they had a good singer, I would worship this band. If they made an instrumental I would totally buy it.

wtf,is this right? | Reviewer: (lol,you wish XD) | 2/21/08

"They rally round tha public! With a pocket full of shells",then "They rally round tha family! With a pocket full of shells"?!?!if you listen to the song,you'll see public is wrong,unless its said fast in some way.knowing Rage Against The Machine,if they did say public,they said it fast & made it sound like family.

this song is awesome though.the 1st song i've ever heard them play is "Killing In The Name" from my friend's Guitar Hero 2 (FUCK YOU,I WON'T DO WHAT YOU TELL ME!!!! \m/, ).my friend has all 3 guitar hero's & i've played this song.(for those of you who didn't know,yes,Bulls on Parade is on Guitar Hero 3)speaking of,i have a friend who works in a Gamestop.he says there will be a Guitar Hero 4 (its a popular game,OF COURSE THERE WILL BE A 4!!!!) & i'm hoping for more Rage Against The Machine

stand up to the man | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/30/08

I love bulls on parade!!! It's time someone finally stood up and said that it's okay to stick it to the man when he's got ya down. Empty your mind of the crap they feed you and fill your pockets full of shells!!!!

pretty kool | Reviewer: Angelique | 11/30/07

this song is pretty kool but i think some of the lyrics are hard to memorize (i usually memorize the lyrics to the songs i like)