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Performed by Radiohead

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been warned | Reviewer: why? | 2/14/09

A few months ago I listen to this song "videotape" 5 times ... I felt so emotional I started crying and thinking about death! My mom took me to this theriopist. Cause that night I listen to videotape I felt suicidal, I slept and hopefuly my emotions changed in the morning .. They did ... WARNING TO EVERYONE THAT LISTENS TO VIDEOTAPE it might come with a gift of thoughts! .. I don't think I'm normal .. Idk

RBG | Reviewer: Mothernature's Son | 1/13/09

This song cripples me, in a way I'm disappointed that it's the last song on In Rainbows because it's so depressing. Nevertheless it is an apt way to finish one of the greatest albums ever.

I think to understand the song you need to understand Faust's deal to the devil (Mephistopheles) - that Mephistopheles will give Faust anything, but Faust would have to give up his soul if he proclaimed to reach the zenith of human happiness ("the most perfect day I've ever seen").

The videotape references are much more subjective. Perhaps Faust is able to face the eternal consequences of damnation with the memory of the most perfect day being etched in his mind forever.

great song, but depressing | Reviewer: Jimmy the Peach | 4/17/08

This is my way of saying goodbye
Because I can't do it face to face
I'm talking to you after it's too late
From my videotape

that verse I think is talking about a tape that someone left to say goodbye to a loved one. Maybe they knew they were going to die or they killed themselves? I really don't know, that just my guess.

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