stop whispering... about me... | Reviewer: Jim Dwyer | 7/10/12

I get a great sense of social paranoia- the everyday delusion of the lonely introvert that all his friends are making fun of him, or making plans to leave. Dat general fear of being laughed at. This song, Vegetable- I will not control myself! and Creep are lyrically some of my favourite songs.

The great effect these 3 songs have are kindoff ruined in the context of the album though, as most of pablo honey is Thome sitting in an oak room on the second floor of some relative's oak cabin with bleak cloud filtered sunlight shining through a small, high, dirty window in to illuminate Thom on a small saggy bed holding a guitar, being fucking pathetic, and clinging to the shadows of romance (alot of us know that feel, don't we?.

the flow of inspirations and motivations of revelations | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/4/10

it's almost as though they are singing of their own deprivation to what they are able to utilize for his abilities in finding and even showing others who he truly is. He sees all that is around him, and how it works, but for some reason he is unable to communicate who he truly is.. either by words or song... he feels that is what he needs for others to see him. But how he wants to have it is in the way which he already knows but lacks in being resourceful to it.

start shouting | Reviewer: jay | 9/23/09

this song tells us that a child cannot speak whats he/she have in their mind because of many reasons like disinterest of people , personal hatred or something & thom is saying a child should not consider them & should speak as he wants to but he is only a child not a rebel. its actually different to do this practically