Cryptic?? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/18/07

Even if Radiohead's lyrics are considered cryptic(which many are...) it still doesn't mean that figuring them out *AHEM you can't unless you're Thom Yorke anyway* makes or breaks your feeling of the band itself. How about just chalking it up to Radiohead being a great band? I mean, how many of you people could do ANYTHING as half as good as ANYBODY in this band? Radiohead is awesome, OK Computer is a more solid album, fight about that.
PS Please spell words correctly, your opinion gets dropped a peg or two when you spell like a 1st grader with a hearing problem... Happy listening(with an open mind, of course)

cryptic is a cop out | Reviewer: dundeevibe | 9/12/07

i love radiohead planet telex is a class tune. its just all the peaple out there dont need 2 know what every lyric means either its good or bad dont dicect every little verse let everyone interpitate the song themselves. cryptic lmao. one love xx

coolish | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/29/07

I like this song very much, but doesn't represent at all the disc.
seems like thom voice's going to break, really love it.

about radiohead's songs | Reviewer: Lola | 7/13/07

I agree with you,lyrics of this song are very enigmatic like all the radiohead's songs, I adore radiohead and this album but my favourite song is undoubtedly Creep from Pablo honey album.

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Response to the bit from "Anonymous" about the lyrics being cryptic... | Reviewer: James | 6/23/07

Cryptic lyrics are Thom's trademark. They are a part of what makes his music so interesting to listen to. When you write lyrics the way that Thom does, it forces your listeners to interpret the message of the lyrics for themselves, making the listening experience more intimate. I, for one, prefer this to the mindless babble I am constantly bombarded with when I turn on my radio. If you want less cryptic lyrics, listen to Simple Plan or some queer shit like that.

an opening... | Reviewer: char | 8/15/06

... to an album that is beyond incredible.
It's an excellent song - but the album should by no means be judged on this one song. The title track 'the bends' is by far a better show of radiohead-osity.

but it is, a great opening track.

Planet Telex | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/15/04

If you are looking for some new listening, and haven't checked this out, this song will help you make a decision. It rocks hard, great production, essential Radiohead. If i have a criticism, it is that the lyrics aren't really all that profound, more cryptic than anything.