Thom's Voice | Reviewer: J | 10/1/11

Much of the reason his voice sounds the way it does is because of how it was EQ'd/compressed ("studio wizardry" to the layman). Many of the things we think "sound" a certain way on a record are due to the engineers and producers behind it.

Wrong lyrics posted | Reviewer: bittycolour | 6/5/11

Almost every website on the internet has these lyrics wrong. The ones posted make no sense whatsoever. Thom Yorke sings the lyrics as follows: "You can force it but it will not come. You can test it but it will not fall. You can crush it but it's always near. You can crush it but it's always near. Chasin you home....You can force it but it will stay stone. You can crush it as dry as a bone." Now doesn't that make more sense. What I want to know is who the HELL came up with "you can taste it but it will not form." and "you can force it but it will stay stung." Give Thom Yorke more credit than that!

Like this song, another personal interpretation (obviously) | Reviewer: Nicholas Morrison | 3/3/10

You can force it but it will not come, you can taste it but it will not form, I would say its talking about something that would be so special. But its just a memory and a feeling of what could be and nothing more. Further; its so special it is always with you and leaves everything and everyone broken in comparison.

UR RIGHT BRAIN never gets it... | Reviewer: 17 yearls old, male. | 12/4/09

Speaking out about the inner frustrations of being a human with an intellegint left brain and a right brain the cant understand language, and it never gets it. you can break it. you can control it, but it remains detached and abstract. making a somewhat full cirlcle of understanding availiable would be nice, but its never going to heppen. AND WHY CANT I FORGET?

love...(probably wrong but worth a shot for the theory to be developed) | Reviewer: ~*~Mr. Whit3~*~ | 5/11/09

everyone is, everything is broken...

makes it seem as if he's referring to everything developed by people which is essentially apart of people...& what it seems to me that he's referring to is love...& it's shift shaping abilities...everything having the ability of being intertwined by means of love within a person...

whether the object being considered are the rules of society, the people, objects created, even the idea of love itself...for an individual...never being eternal by means of the desire towards their creation...yet stemming from an origin of an innate sensation of love towards creation...

why can't you forget?

then questions the idea of why is it that this recollection of reality's torment consciously agonizes this individual...

great song, regardless of the difficult to understand lyrics | Reviewer: David | 2/24/09

this is such a great song! like orange crush by rem, the lyrics make no sense to joe average, but that doesn't stop you appreciating the song. even if there is a meaning to this song, then who's to say that the one Thom intended is less valid than that thought up by a listener, there is unlimited proliferation of meanings which can be gleamed from most things of ambiguity, that's why we should just appreciate it for what it is - great music!

planet telex | Reviewer: anon | 2/1/09

thom's voice sounds like it's going to break because he was lying on the floor very very drunk while he was recording this.

and trying to figure out what went through thom's head when he wrote this is hurting my head. it's much nicer to just sit back and enjoy it rather than over-analyze it.

Void | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/21/09

It seems to me that he intentionally left out just one piece that would make everything in this song fit together. But as it is, it's a riddle. There's something buried in the song that goes much deeper than anything that could be gleaned from a surface level description of whatever he left out. I think that is integral to this song- if we knew what it was about we would not have that gaping, mysterious hole in the middle of the music.

I need to go look for Yorke's description of the song..

The first song | Reviewer: Beiza | 7/29/08

Everytime i listen to a new Radiohead album,the first song always make me listen to the entire album because of how good it is,a matter of fact that how I fell in love with the band,after i listen to "You" in "Pablo honey" i just had to finish listening to the album,and "Planet telex" in not an eception is full of all the Radiohead stuff and style that we their fans love of them,the Enigmatic lyrics ,the crazy sound in the guitar,and the best part for me is that after the song is done you just CAN'T stop listening to the album,and not because it gets better,(it does get way better) but because,I wont let you down it all,and is like listen to a diferent band on each song.

best ever? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/25/08

my favorite radiohead song has changed probably every 4 to 6 months or so for the past however many years, but this one has been my favorite for the past maybe 10 months. I really like this song. I think it may be my favorite radiohead song. It just keeps coming back into my head. I like how heavy and it is, and the kind of psychedelic edge it has is awesome.
The bends is a great song as one reviewer noted, but its way more heavy-handed than Planet telex. P Telex just kicks ass and is done, none of this on and on about do we have any real friends ;)
No seriously they are both good songs. (planet telex is better)