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Performed by Radiohead

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not what but how | Reviewer: bangyomama | 2/24/10

anyone heard the phrase : "beauty is in the eye of the beholder"??? It is inconsequential to sit here and argue whose opinion is right or wrong regarding the "meaning" of the song. It is true that there are many songs that one concrete meaning, however these are usually the ones not worth listening to. Thom often just keeps notebooks of random thoughts, or lines, that to him convey some truth/knowledge/funky golden nugget. So often words and lines in his songs are unrelated, but simply fit/work together nicely. Yes, this song's lyrics intertwine well and work together to portray a certain feeling; that thom is really pissed off about the state of things. Wow, that sounds like a lot of Radiohead/Thom Yorke songs i know. So what i'm try to say, is that there is no point in arguing about exactly WHAT he is saying, because only one person truly knows that (if you don't know that i mean Thom go stick a fork into an electrical socket, you overstayed your welcome on this planet). Instead, we should focus on HOW he is saying what he's saying. If you simply focus on the WHAT well every radiohead song is about the same i.e. Thom is pissed about something. The true beauty and eloquence of Thom's song lyrics reside in the HOW. This is what we should be praising and talking about.

Typical Internet Psychos | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/16/10

LISTEN EVERYONE. This song is about whatever you want it to be. Politics, a personal problem, or maybe whatever it means to you when you're stoned. Thom put the song out there for us to relate, not to judge. Judged is the last thing anyone wants to be. Lets just relax and listen to the music.

One thing I love about Radiohead is that, they don't make their songs very general. They specify the meaning of it, therefore we always have a song to listen to that knows exactly what we mean, if we allow ourselves to accept the song.

I love you, Radiohead.

not sure | Reviewer: freekaleek | 2/16/10

the song has pretty distinct sections. I don't know for sure what it's about in words but an emotion that comes from the pace and feel of the different sections combined is powerful. The chanting part caputres something perfectly, not sure what that is, and goes with the video well. The video has a lot going on, at the begining after he is putting shampoo into his eyes instead of his hair and walking towards the camera there are two niples and a belly button making a female triangle. Also, at the UN meeting the numbers behind them don't make much sense until right before it cuts away the numbers change and they add up to 13, while the one guy franticly waving his flag is crying.I thought that was interesting. I thought the scene where the politcian is trying to chop down the metal pole was powerful, when the camera pans out and you can see his drive to knock this kid from his perch. The light representing knowledge and searching for something more. he wants to cut him down to his level of thinking, but he doesn't relize that it's not wood, and can withstand this old trick. Once he figures out he can't knock him down, politician relized he is not needed, or the frenzy just makes him self destruct. Which will eventually happen to these corrupt sons a bitches that fuck with our lives like we are cattle. androids. He's paranoid as well, and not an android, but I guess the relief of the paranoia would be becoming an android, but he would rather deal with the pain then shut everything down. I write at a 6th grade level so blo me before I get the shit. Also, just wanted to say I think coldplay is an illuminti project. Think about it. COLD-PLAy. peace in the middle east

yea | Reviewer: woot | 1/9/10

everyone who is talking about politics please shut the hell up. this song has absolutely nothing to do with that. i think it means something much deeper than that..try listening to the song stoned. pretty amazing hahah. you feel the emotion in the song and the lyrics are awesome. the music video to go with it is also perfect. this is by far one of the most creative songs, if not the most. I get the feeling hes tripping and realizes all this stuff...and just takes a time out from everything or hes like trying to escape his hes trying to get some rest from all the unborn chicken voices in his head like the line goes...or when he goes and sits on the bridge and the angels come get isnt what we think it to be but peace can exist. within yourself. like we are all so different but the same too because we are all human. yup and thats that pretty much...anyway amazing song.

^^ | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/23/09

the music video to this is so intense. i don't think that the separation between paranoid and an android is such a big difference.. (I may be paranoid, but no android) i think that in the beginning of the song when he says this i means that to be paranoid but not an android is some sort of superiority to the other. and then he talks about how all his "ambitions" and "success" is actually failure and corruption because he thinks that because this person views himself as paranoid and not "controlled" or a prisoner of society he is better.. i think the song is about the constant struggle to stay content and perpetual path of wisdom and truth.. when the music slows down and "rain down, rain down" comes i think its like everyone is the same and everyone feels the same and its showing that humans have forgiveness and regret and sorrow and FEELINGS. and that all the gimmicks of religion and all thought process beliefs are pure destruction of the mind and it will be too late when you realize that. only when you die.. to be born again as another slave. what we choose not to see and assume as ignorance should be re thought.. and everything should be questioned. and thats all i have to say about that.

brilliant | Reviewer: pablo | 12/22/09

This is the thing with good art, everyone is finding their own meaning to the lyrics just with what´s going around their heads, everyone wants to armonize its believes and thoughts with this amazing tunes and melodies.

Matt is right on | Reviewer: B` | 12/8/09

I can't tell you how impressed I am with Matt's review. the one below mine. This IS what the song is about and this IS what everyone should feel. We must break free to enjoy life. The Rolling Stones once wrote, "you can't always get what you want, but you might find, sometimes, you get what you need". If we would all just realize that, recognize the beauty in one another, this country, this world, would be so much more beautiful than it already is.

Interpretation | Reviewer: matt | 11/29/09

So i think this song is about how your never gonna find what you want. You will always be paranoid, or an android, and they both suck. The first section of the song is about a loser who gets no respect, and he is an individual, but can't stand it, and he wants to have power. This is the paranoid figure. The next section is him as an authoritarian figure who has power, and now he is no longer paranoid, but is an android. He has power, but it doesn't get him what he wants. People recognize his power, but not his name. The final section of the song deals with him asking for cleansing, but he can't get it. He will also be stuck as either paranoid or as an android, and he can't do anything. God as a higher power presides over everyone, and everyone suffers, which is expressed in the sarcastic last line.

i think that.... | Reviewer: Lucio | 11/18/09

i think that what he means by android is that we all live by the rules of the system/society and we allways try to do something to fit in the society and all the ruttinary stuff, i mean every day we wake up at the same time to work/shool, in work/school we do the same things, then we get home and do the same, like we were programmed, i think that is the real signifficance of what he means by android

Some research I did | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/5/09

I checked a few websites, apparently this is a song about when the lead singer went out club hopping in LA. Everyone wanted something from him, especially drug dealers. He couldn't take it and left.

yeah | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/1/09

The only interpretation that came to mind was how in modern society (technological society) we have become so standardized and mechanized, that we are almost like androids. We barely have the normal human qualities left, and we are basically controlled by our technologies. The paranoid part may just be the fact that our lives are filled with more paranoia due to technology and its perils. The whole albums' theme is loss of individualism in computerized society, and the album pervades a wariness to all things technology.

My take on this is.... | Reviewer: bitchimthepolice | 9/29/09

He said that to introduce the song because, everyone knows that you can't smoke weed more than once without listening to this song stoned. But readers do beware, if you watch the video stoned, it will either inspire you to run around in a spikey jock-strap with an axe, or develop a burning desire to bone a big-titty cartoon mermaid. :)

mehmehmehmehmehmehmeh/ | Reviewer: Roy | 9/28/09

Ehm anyone of you ever watched the video? deff politics in there :p. but why argue about a song.. I mean every lyric every sentence of anything can be picked up differently by different people. And why would you want to share your vision of a song with someone else?

Thom's comments from Reading 09 | Reviewer: Omnisdjw | 9/3/09

At the Reading Festival this year 2009, Thom York introduced this song as "for all of you who have experimented with drugs for the first time this weekend".

I am not sure if this was a warning or perhaps a comment that this was the basis for the song's lyrics. Looking at the lyrics in this light, you could easily interpret the lyrics as the outpouring of a person on a drug fuelled trip.

how about a review | Reviewer: YouUsedToBeAlright, WhatHappened? | 8/26/09

seriously how can anyone equate this to politics? are you listening to the music or molding it to some whacked out idea in your own head?

i first heard it on the Adventure Club with Josh on the edge and i was completely blown away. it was unlike anything they had done before and thats when i knew they had taken the next step. they were no longer just another british band. the way the song drifts from one style to another is just brilliant and thom's lyrics, as always, never dissappoint

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