Palo Alto resident | Reviewer: Sarah | 3/13/11

I live in Palo Alto, CA. Its the headquarters of Facebook, right next to Mountain View where Google in located and Sun Microsystems. It's all part of Silicon Valley, the center of technology, where the future is made every day. The cost of living here is ridiculous! Houses here cost over a million dollars and people live crazy busy lives. Most residents who don't work in the tech industry either work for Stanford University or graduated from there. Unless you make over 6 figures, it's a really difficult place to scratch out a living, and if you do you're so busy you don't have time to stop and enjoy the all the things that make California a great place to live.

What the hell? | Reviewer: Charlie Holland | 4/1/10

Why was this not included in Ok Computer instead of songs such as climbing up the walls and let down, which compared to this are monotonous and stale. It is bloody brilliant, I love the music video they show in the documentary "Meeting people is easy", it's very new-age.

Palo Alto | Reviewer: Adam Gould | 3/9/10

Palo Alto is about the world of tomorrow, that we live in today, it is about the everyday hassles and streeses in our working lives that distract us from any quality of living. In some senses it feels very much like the epitome of the concept of the album "As a camera in a room capturing short glimpses of peoples lives"- my paraphrasing. It feels like you're the security camera in a lift on time lapse record. A beautiful and haunting piece. A worthy contender for inclusion on the masterpiece "OK Computer" (and can be found in the documentry "Meeting people is easy")