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Performed by Radiohead

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long live radiohead! | Reviewer: daysi | 3/27/09

this song is a piece of art.
i agree with you i am a teenager and i love radiohead because of the impact they produce and complex songs that they have.. the meaning of the song for all of us is different but i think most of here agree that radiohead is a great band..
erin im so sorry for your lost.. and i totally share ur way of thinking..

No Surprises | Reviewer: Paul | 3/6/09

I think this song is is about selling out and making a deal with capitalim in order to live the perfect, "safe" life, "handshake with carbon monoxide" could imply sitting in traffic to attain such a dreaam, it could also be an acknowldgement to the cylic end of the oil and automobbile industry,

i cant believe u people! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/14/09

what the hell is wrong with those of you that decided to write about how this band is all geared towards money?! have you even listened to one of their songs?! not exactly the simple get in, get out, get paid approach most 'artists' use today! and i believe that i am one of the few teenagers to actually listen to a band like this! i enjoy looking at the son, and taking from it what i will. THIS makes radiohead songs art, and makes them true artists. i'm sick of all you pricks out there picking apart a song that you don't like.... STOP LISTENING AND DON'T POST!!!! how much must your life suck that you decide to try to pass the time by giving hate to those who are actually MAKING something of themselves. let's see you lay yourself as bare as Radiohead does and allow the world to take a peek into your thoughts and emotions, making YOU vulnerable to their criticism... let's see you try that out and see how you make out!

and Erin, i completely agree with your view on music, and i wish you had not been insulted by someone ignorant enough to think that by mentioning you were a musician, you were trying to get your name out there... idiots. i am very sorry for your loss.

so, if you do not like radiohead, and would like to share it with others, then shut up, we don't want to hear it... if you hate it so much, why did you look up the lyrics dumbass!!!

anonymous | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/4/09

i think it's not about suicide, handshake of carbon monoxide it's about giving up to society, final fit is what he thinks the best option for him, no alarm and no surprises meant living life by following the rules of "ordinary" people does. but deep inside him, he wanted to be free, to be himself as he wanna be (get me outta here). i guess that songs was a cynical statement to our capitalize society.

Nice. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/3/09

Erin never even said the name of his band, so obviously not trying to get his name out. And it was just a personal example of how great music can be and was in relation to what this song did for him.

Plus, only an idiot, would come here looking for recognition. Myspace does that trick.

Right as you enter a place where users can enter their own input, you should expect some people to talk about their own personal situations. It's common sense.

Your life must suck if things like Erin's post bother you.

And anyone who is arguing about Radiohead caring about money, it's pointless. Of course they care about money, they need to be able to survive. Everyone needs money. Without money, you usually end up living on a street. It's sort of the way society works. Also common sense.

NOT about you | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/23/09

To the review done by "Erin" Thats swell about your band and all...but nobody cares,when i look up lyrics to YOUR songs then ill read all about your gigging and what not,but its about radiohead this page okie dokie,not you. For the record,you just used this a medium to get your own name out there. Theres plenty of other pages to get that done,just not this one.Pretty silly matey,pretty silly.

No Surprises Review | Reviewer: Bill | 1/15/09

A very sad but true song, people who have had enough pain and suffering in their lives would just like to end it all. No more alarms and suprises in this cruel world. I don't think it only implies to teens, it can apply to anyone, who have only received only crap from this world.

no surprises | Reviewer: anonymous | 1/5/09

To me this song is about a person who wanted to do great things with his life <<bring down the government>> but in the end it didn't work out
And they end up living the life life that they never wanted, and working a job they hate, which looks really great from the outside <<such a pretty house and such a pretty garden>>
But inside they are falling apart from sadness and all the lost dreams and things they wanted to acheive are weighing them down <<a heart that's full up like landfill>>.
So the person decides to kill themself, quietly, and thinks no one cares. <<I'll take a quiet life, a handshake of carbon monoxide>>
The chorus, <<no alarms and no surprises>>, I think means that the person thinks it's really no surprise that they are killing themself, as they are so hopless that they feel this is the only solution, and that there will be 'no alarms' because no one will be shocked that they're gone.
<<This is my final fit, my final bellyache>>, can have two meanings; one that as the person is dying, they are thinking this because they're like, having a fit from the gas and it gives them a stomach ache.
But it could also be that the song is their final words, like a rant and they're getting everything they hate about their life off their chest. And it hurts, like a bellyache.

That's what this song means to me. I only heard it a couple of days ago, in fact I only heard Radiohead for the first time about a week ago. Already they are one of my favourite bands. It's amazing how Thom York can write about such depressing things and keep his head, but still get such raw emotion through in the lyrics.
Definitley one of the best bands today.

No Surprises | Reviewer: Mygalej | 1/1/09

For about a year when I was listening to this song I always though it was talking about suicide and killing yourself in your car and etc. But now I don't think it is. I think that the handshake of carbon monoxide is like a pact with modern society of just having a suffocating job and thinking having a quiet life by having this pretty house and this pretty garden and then thinking that everything will be alright by doing what society's expecting from you

When words speaks | Reviewer: Erin | 12/5/08

I've read a lot of these reviews...and honestly, being an artist, myself and in a rock band that gets some airplay here and there since our first album came out...I can honestly say that I'm in it for the satisfaction that comes from sharing your music with others.
We play unpaid shows all the time and benefits and funerals...and it's because we want to reach people and have an empowering effect on them by saying the things in song that people can't put into words.
Radiohead was definitely not trying to sell out like that.
Musicians write and perform songs like this simply because it is what we are destined to do.
We'll know what the song means to us...but if it helps anyone get through something whether it's a bad day at work or a death or stress or just a plain old hard time...then we're reaching our goal.
Now I'll agree that the corporate world can be unfair in this industry by picking up just anybody with little or no talent (like Britney) and putting THEM out there for money...but a band that writes their own songs is a different story.
I just lost one of my closest family members two days ago and this song is comforting to me since that has happened.
Maybe someday my band will be able to better return the favour to people who truly appreciate the real artists who still make real music in this world.

And all of you are a little bit right...but in the's how you take it, and what you make of it.



No Surprises review | Reviewer: Bianca | 12/2/08

Although it's great that people have related the song to themselves or what they see in the lyrics as what is being portrayed, it was well documented by the band that this is actually a song about politics and peoples complacence with political life. the song shows the average person's view on politics and wanting no alarms and no surprises, and having a 'pretty house and garden' with which they are far more interested in.
But truly everyone take it as you will. if i ever feel down i guess i can relate it to some feelings i have at the time, just because a band specifies one meaning doesnt mean that it cant relate to people and be understood in different ways. just enjoy (or if you must-hate-) the song and let everyone have a view- stop being so critical of people, people!

No surprises | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/22/08

Well we can obviously see that its about suicide, ie by carbon monoxide poisoning and the fact that its a 'final fit'. Personally, i think its the realisation of a depressing life, which can only be seen after getting all of the materialistic possessions that you could have.

my head | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/23/08

ur all fucking crazy. this band does care about money. no matter they let u chose the price, u have 2 pay anyway don't u? it's called marketing u banana-heads. it might be a great band, i agree to that, but what the fuck! it's just a band, music, a bloody song! aint ur life in it! anyway, if there's life, mine is shit, and i couldn't care about these fukcs or u. fuck off n die. i'll do the same right now.

suicide | Reviewer: boddah | 11/16/08

It is about suicide, no alarms no surprises, in the car park where you are committing suicide by putting carbon monoxide inside your car with you in.... see the video ..see the lights and suffocation ..

pretty house pretty garden(hallucinations,delirium..) (get me out of here..)

ART | Reviewer: Sam | 11/11/08

it clearly has plenty of metaphors about hose who are meterialisticandthose who are more emotional,but like art in general, it is all about what take you personally have on a song, you cant simply tag it on one simple meaning. In the end they had an idea, but its really whatever you take it to mean, thats art.

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