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Performed by Radiohead

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religion and culture | Reviewer: Tannyc | 1/25/10

I've always thought this song had something to do with religion. In this analogy, the Iron Lung would be a sort of "crutch" for our culture. The middle to the end of the song is talking about modern culture creating weak people that are incapable of handling their own problems, instead sucking their thumb in the dark when the power goes out. But the Iron Lung is always there to make you feel better! IMHO

pro-euthanasia? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/16/09

hmmn, i interpreted it as being pro-euthanasia.
perhaps i was being too literal, but i thought the song was about someone being on life support (a lack of oxygen from my life support) lol and about how the iron lung is the life support machine that keeps you breathing artificially, and how the loved ones of the person who is brain-dead keep them alive by making excuses (too young to fall asleep) ie too young to die, but that being able to keep someone alive artifically is a downside of the advances of modern medicine (A twentieth century bitch). The eternal itch we're scratching is an endulgance of the desire of living forever and preventing or prolonging death.
"when the power runs out we'll just hum" could be the turning off of the power switch on the life support machine and the not knowing of what to say, which could result in an awkward noise or humming noise.
the lines "and if you're frightened, you can be frightened, you can be it's okay" to me says its ok to be fearful about turning someones life support off and therefore ending their "life" that its ok to be scared, but not to worry, you're doing the right thing.

But i dunno. i was never very good at anaylisis in english, so i could be wayyyyy off the mark. its just what i thought it was about, and thought i should share my interpretation. - MH

Faith | Reviewer: Tweek | 10/29/09

perhaps it's actually about a relationship growing distant. Perhaps they're separated in some regard, and they have to rely on their faith for one another. Their communication lines have been degrading, and it hurts like hell because there doesn't seem to be anything they can do to heal things. So they just have sex ("the twentieth century itch") - the sex that is both a problem (perhaps one has an std or erectile dysfunction) and the thing that is keeping them together (our iron lung). Their iron lung is enough to keep them together while they go to therapy to deal with the pain of being in a loveless relationship like this - and for hope that it will help them to one day patch things up.

Its pure nonsense | Reviewer: Gowthaman | 10/14/09

The whole album is a part of a giant glob of disguised nothingness, and more. To track these lyrics to their origin, is a fruitless and futile task. Where it spirals down, is devoid of any goddamn pain, or tang or any heartfelt emotion whatsoever, and presents before us remains of unprepared and arrogant "philosophy", for the melodramatists, the fish eye theaters and the negligent 90. Neither the lyrics nor the music contains insight or power. Yeah, its like this, if you look deep, you see something. Look deeper, and it gets uglier. But most people look only this deep. Its sad. But it ain't gonna last. It ain't gonna last.

A fake plastic lp, by a fake plastic band.


Don't be douchebags | Reviewer: Seriously | 9/23/09

The beauty of music is that it can be interpreted in infinite ways, don't be a dick and automatically assume it has only one meaning JUST because that's what Radiohead said. People should feel free to interpret whatever the fuck they want without having some ass tell them they're wrong.

Camus | Reviewer: Ho | 8/31/09

Could the iron lung not allude to this age of (digital) music and the supposed meaning we derive from listening to so many songs and kinds thereof, having been brought up in a world the philosophers of the last century claim is empty? Indeed, post-modernism causes us to grow cynical before our time; but for us, who did not go through the historical process which led to these ideas, it is toilet-training and blatant indoctrination.

The faith which once gave us reason to live is no longer acceptable to us, and we turn from this now-despised ex-meaning to quantity of variety, consciously exploiting it as a veneer to mask our lack of purpose. Yet this variety is as empty as the faith that went before.

haha | Reviewer: ATD | 1/7/09

RRT fails at his knowledge - even a quick look at the wiki article says that it was a reaction to their success with Creep - the lyric "This, this is our new song
Just like the last one" should've been plainly obvious. Yes, the song could allude to teenage pressure and that old staple "the establishment" (wrongly used to describe oh so many songs) but in this case, it isn't.

Lol. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/10/08

Lol @ the pretentiousness of the last post when Thom Yorke has out and out stated that this song was inspired by the band's growing resentment for Creep. All songs can be taken out of their specific contexts and used as broader metaphor in one way or another, but the fact of the matter is that the specific context for this song is the band's personal reaction to the popularity of Creep.

No, no you've all got it wrong! | Reviewer: RRT | 11/2/08

Musicians are people that perform music. Composers create/write music. There is a difference in my book. It is our good fortune that Radiohead is both!

Second, this song is about people being brainwashed by the government and the media - "the head shrinkers". Regarding the teenage line, that is the age when people are the most influenced by societal pressures. That effect can last a lifetime unless we all break out of the delusions society would have us buy into!

"When the power goes out we'll just hum" is about people's utter non-nonchalance - rather than thinking for themselves, taking a stand, speaking up and choosing what is RIGHT - not what is decided for them!

Isn't that clear? How does "creep" have anything to do with this you silly interpreters? Perhaps it might in passing, because Radiohead obviously did not want to be considered one-hit wonders. But to attribute this song totally as a reaction to creep is a damn shame. And quite honestly, you're missing the POINT.

to johnny depp | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/10/08

"Thus, it is obvious that the members in Radiohead are musicians. In my book they are not on par with Beethoven, but they are musicians nonetheless. They are modern composers too - don't they write their own songs? Perhaps a stricter definition of the word "musician", such as an instrumentalist, is what you were referring to. I just needed to clarify and analyze what you wrote because it really didn't make any sense - haha - not trying to be a cyber bully or anything."

what he meant was the person who said "theyre the beethoven of music" was basically saying beethoven didnt make music, assuming he painted or something. so your whole rant about what is and what isnt music was just useless. im not trying to be a cyber bully or anything :P

this song is pretty sick.

still here | Reviewer: Sarah | 8/5/08

Just looking up the lyrics to this song after hearing that it was written because the band was upset about Creep. I've listen to this song many times but never realized how beautifully and cleverly written it is.
Boy has Radiohead shown the world that they're not 1-hit wonders!
They're 1 in a million! ;D
Rock on guys

Clarification on the term "Musician" | Reviewer: Johnny Depp | 7/3/08

Directed to the person who said this:

"To the person who said Radiohead are the Beethovens of music: First of all, you spelled Beethoven wrong, second of all, Beethoven was a musician, you idiot.

I'm sorry, I didn't mean to be a keyboard bully. haha. I love this song, that short bridge before the end is the best part. I just saw Radiohead a couple of days ago, and it was definitely the best concert I've ever been to."

Do you think you're smart limiting the term musician to just Beethoven? Clearly, you do not know what a musician is. Here is the defintion from

1. a person who makes music a profession, esp. as a performer of music.
2. any person, whether professional or not, skilled in music.

Thus, it is obvious that the members in Radiohead are musicians. In my book they are not on par with Beethoven, but they are musicians nonetheless. They are modern composers too - don't they write their own songs? Perhaps a stricter definition of the word "musician", such as an instrumentalist, is what you were referring to. I just needed to clarify and analyze what you wrote because it really didn't make any sense - haha - not trying to be a cyber bully or anything.

on the verge of losing his love | Reviewer: cominfast | 6/26/08

faith, could be name or a metaphor for the woman he loves, but she doesn't seem to be reciprocating the way yorke wnats her to!!!.
hence he says 'driving me away", he's cynical to openly express his love for her, and he is constantly feeling the pain in this bloody situation.

he still might go for other bitches, but this particular woman has to say yes, he would go back to her!!

he doesn't want to let go too, for he feels he can wait forever, even if it is insanely late in his life

Irony | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/26/08

This song is pure irony. They wrote it about feeling drowned by the song Creep, about the feeling that it was the only thing keeping them afloat. I just saw them play a few weeks back, and they all look so contented when they play this song, probably because they have LONG ascended past the idea that they are one-hit wonders.

possible meaning of the song | Reviewer: Sean | 6/24/08

Obviously the lyrics here are very deep but this is my interpretation of them: I think that this song kind of has a different meaning per verse. the first verse is a clear statement on a sort of atheism it seems like. Like religion is something that's nice for some, but it doesn't work for him. the rest,to me seems to be like an anti-"Smells Like Teen Spirit." It kind of is saying that teenage years are a waste of time. We go from being cute and innocent to old and cynical over the course of 5 years or so.

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