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Performed by Radiohead

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danny stop being an arse | Reviewer: TheHIV | 10/15/08

Not gonna lie danny, pablo honey is really not that great an album, when I listen to radiohead I always skip that one, its just not them. And creep.... really doesnt stand out as a particularly good song, i actually think there are better songs on that album.

Anyway, this a great album I really like the way the trumpet has a sort of.... laxidasical sort of sound and yet..... a sort of..... quite intesity. And that claranet, (thats what it is rigth), they really back up Thom magnificently.

Don't get upset danny | Reviewer: Samwell | 9/17/08

settle down, danny. she's not attacking you. by the way, creep isn't as amazing as everyone perceived it to be. the point suzanne was making was that most times, mainstream sucks. it's usually bland, overprocessed crap that has a catchy tune that attracts the bland, idiotic mass of people inhabiting this world. you will probably agree with me that most people are pretty dumb. however, creep made its way into that mainstream because of how catchy it is. it's a pretty good song, but not as good as people let on. it's not very deep, and the main reason people loved it so much was because of the distortion.

:/ | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/6/08

suzanne has a point. not sure if I agree about creep; I honestly don't care either way. But what she said about THIS song; the one you're supposed to be talking about, is really........... true. And it goes for everyone of their songs; sometimes it's nice NOT to know the lyrics, and simply get high off of the feeling that radiohead is trying to give. Each song describes a human emotion; some of them describe the same one, but in utterly different ways that makes me want to melt.

creep is a great song | Reviewer: danny | 4/9/08

i love this song, just as much as creep
why is people so affraid of mainstream stuff?
ITS NOT one of their worst songs, at all
im so sick of it.. that "normal people" enjoy a radiohead song does NOT mean its "one of their worst songs" I love radiohead and creep might be my favourite song!, so what?? what do you know about how much i like radiohead?? progression my ass, pablo honey is just as amazing as their other records, PLUS it was their first

A shot in the dark | Reviewer: | 1/21/08

I think this song speaks to the microscope that celebrities often live under. He takes two very common place situations- a disagreement with his "only friend" (a euphemism perhaps for a significant other) and the image of that person "papering the window panes"- and juxtaposes that with his "only friend’s" disingenuous affectation of a smile and life inside of a glass house, an environment in which not even the most ordinary of events goes unnoticed. Then he remarks how absorbing celebrity lifestyle and media attention is:
Once again we are hungry for a
That's a strange mistake to make
You should turn the other cheek
Living in a glass house
The media attention (lynching) is almost addicting and they mistakenly "come back (once again) for more, whereas they should ignore the hype (good or bad) by turning the other cheek, an action that could have another meaning explained below.

He advises us that life in a glass house is best lead by turning the other cheek. Turning the other cheek is the archetypal action for respectful behavior, a quality observed in Jesus in the Bible, when he is slapped by a man, rather than getting angry, he turns the other cheek. Since most people do not live by this prerogative, his suggesting that one should live this way inside the glass house undermines its credibility, suggesting that that action is only put on, much like the smile, to appease the public eye, perhaps in the wake of media criticism.

Life In A Glass House | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/11/07

I pretty much agree with everything you said there ^ Those you consider, or say they consider (it may not be the same thing) Creep to be Radiohead's best song is probably not a real fan, or has not been listening to them for very long. Life In A Glass House is a beautiful song. I'm not sure exactly what it means, but you can feel the emotion surging through the powerful insrtuments and Thom's gorgeous voice

A job well done =]

underappreciated | Reviewer: Suzanne | 7/16/07

typical that 'creep' has ten comments and this masterpiece zero... what i honestly do not understand is how people can say 'yeahh i love radiohead.. but creep is definitly their best song..'. i think it's one of their worst songs (of course any 'bad song' by radiohead is always lightyears better then any crap out there now like fall out boy and Leto's band (30 seconds to mars, i believe)). but even radiohead have claimed that they hated this song (what do you think 'iron lung' from the bends is about??) pablo honey was their first album and i think that every album after that has become better.. the progression radiohead make.. how every album differs from the one before that.. that's the real amahzing thing, in my humble opinion at least. so to say that you think creep is their best song is saying (in my opinion) that you don't like progression, and don't see how radiohead have improved and regenerated themselves since pablo honey. i think that when creep is your favorite song, you don't really love radiohead as much as you claim.. well anyway, that's what i think.
(here's the deal: i don't hate creep, and neither do i like it. i do, however, appreciate it, because it's a part of radioheads oeuvre.)

ANYHOOHDLE lets get back to the main toppic here, we're drifting off..i'm drifting off..
back to 'life in a glasshouse'.. i absolutely adore this song. it's such a masterpiece.. the slow,almost liquid piano in the beginning and then the slow release of the blow instruments.. the eerie high cries of the clarinet.. the soft buzzing of the trumpet on the background.. and then a deep breath before the plunge before the chorus begins.. it's simply magnificent.. brilliant. if you haven't already, you should look up the live version on youtube. if i remember correctly its just thom and jonny and an entire ensemble of musicians with blow instruments behind them.. it's amazing how radiohead can have such complicated songs and still perform them on stage as good, if not better, as on the cd. i simply can't get my head around that. and then the lyrics of LiaG.. it's sheer poetry. shakespeare eat your heart out. i can try to describe what i think its about.. but that would take way too long and way too much space. the most magnificent thing is is that although you can't exactly put your finger on what Thom's saying with the lyrics, he transfers the feeling of the words on to you so that you know exactly what he means.. and that, when you can do that, transfer emotions through music and make people like me burst out in tears when they hear specific songs, that is when you are a true musical genius.. so congrats Radiohead.. you are the best and most amazing band in the world, and i can't wait for lp7

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