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Performed by Radiohead

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Metamorphosis | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/4/09

I think that this song connects the drole day to day aspects of society to the book The Metamorphosis, by Franz Kafka. If you haven't read it, the main character turns into a bug, symbolizing what he has become due to his boring and pointless life, devoid of true depth and meaning. Thom writes of trying to grow wings, obviously symbolizing his wish to fly away from the norm. It's a very sad song, recognizing some very sad aspects of life.

so beutiful | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/11/09

ifeel his pain every day i get on the bus to school, I think of my life and the masive hole in it which i don't know how to fill. But listening to this kind of music which is negtive but still gives hope helps. ":-}

Let dow | Reviewer: Carlos | 10/7/09

Well guys, english is not my mother language. You will notoice that soon... I can hardy understan random words in this song, but i do not realy care. It makes me feel so fine and so sad at the same time. I just canot explain. I just love it. It makes me feel so alive and for few seconsd it connects me with something sad inside of me. I just cant stop listening to it.

Truly Depressing Yet Uplifting Song | Reviewer: RC | 10/5/09

This song is by far my most favorite song of all time. My playstation counted that I have heard this song 340 times and counting whem I barely bought OK Computer 3 weeks ago. I love how the song when you LISTEN to it, it gives the disapointments in life your bound to face, the cold hearted truth. Yet when you just HEAR the song you get this calm jangly happy song. Its like even through the bad in life, there is still hope. There is a small light guiding you through the dark tunnel. Radiohead is the BEST!

dd | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/1/09

This song is just showing the depressive loneliness and despair associated with "transports - starting up and stopping" the speaker (We can't infer that its Yorke speaking) describes it as an empty feeling. The rest of it is also a negative attitude towards society. It speaks of humans resorting to alcoholism, probably because they are being "crushed like bugs in the ground". This is incredibly negative, and yet the speaker remains determined to be hopeful, asserting that he/she will grow wings.

let down.. | Reviewer: just another radiohead fan | 9/2/09

i just wanted to say that this song, to me, is a pure exemple of the absurdity that life represents... the transports and so... randomness of life... loss of hope, desapointement.. letting down.
i just love this song cause it is so real...

Let Down | Reviewer: Jason | 8/10/09

To me, this song isnt about being let down or disappointed by others, but by yourself and the life you have choosen. There are so many decisions in life that affect what you do and the experiences you have. When you are young, you feel like you have the entire world at your finger tips and all the time to do everything you ever wanted... like you can grow wings and do anything. When life actually catches up with you, the reality is devastatingly disappointing. Where there was once great optimism, now only is hoplessness and despair. You now find it hysterical and useless to believe in yourself because you know you will always be disappointed and let down. You have become aware that all of your dreams are not going to happen and are crushed.

CHILL | Reviewer: HAPPY PERSON | 7/15/09

seriosly guys there are some morbid radiohead fans, fukin hell man! you guys need to chill the fuck out, have a spliff and watch some faceplants on youtube, brighten up sadacts!!! alsoooo this song is amazing buuut listen to the easy star all stars cover, it is amazingly upbeat and happy, and it has TOOTS AND THE MAYTALS guesting!! anyways, yeah cheer up boyos!

monica | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/1/09

this song always reminds me of car journeys when i was a little girl. my dad loves radiohead so he played their music alot, especially ok computer. let down is my favourite song on the album because i think it's a really calming song to listen to and it really makes me relax and feel happy, especially the "i am gonna grow wings" part, it just makes me feel hopeful about the future despite everything that seems to be wrong right now.

I love you guys. | Reviewer: Radioreligion | 6/5/09

Wow, I was astonished to read the comments that people have given here. I love Radiohead possibly more than anything else on this planet, and one of my friends always tells me how all the true Radiohead fans are different from other people - they have a soulwrenching deeper and darker side to them, wich other people don't have. And the comments I have read by some people on here really manifested that fact. I was seriously touched to the bottom of my soul by the things you people have written. Eventhough I will never see you in my life, I will have a very true and deep connection to you all - it's called Radiohead.

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