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Performed by Radiohead

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environmental/political | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/3/09

i agree with either idea. could be a reference to the global cooling issue which came first in the 1970's and now the other side which is generally accepted.. global warming.

could also be about the hesitation britain and france showed at the beginning of ww2 in regard to which side to take. should they side with the soviet union or wait and let the germans and soviets destroy themselves before taking up the fight. hitler preferred fire, while stalin favored ice (the great terror and purges)

sorry but im pretty sure its got not a single thing to do with global warming or the environment | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/7/09

Its talking about the holocaust. it repeatedly remarks about women and children first because they were the first ones to be murdered in the death camps. through them in the fire is the bodies being thrown in. and swallow till i burst is talking about the gas chamber. Mostly this song is speaking metaphorically. Ice age coming simply talks with symbolism meaning whatever the listener gets from it i believe. The chorus is talking about how here and now some of us take everything for granted and forget things that have happened in the past.

Idioteque | Reviewer: John R | 4/4/09

This song shows prevalent issues being talked about in science and history. Thoughts of nuclear cold war are brought up, "Everyone in the bunker", and also "ice age coming", it's the thought of "have to preserve the human race by saving the women and children". Yet there's a disconnect in the sentiment of the thought, no one seems to be paying attention. It's serious news that threatens our livelihood but "the mobiles are chirping" and he urges you to "take the money and run"

Consumption | Reviewer: | 3/8/09

This song seems to be about human consumption. We'll get our entertainment(laugh), food(swallow), and own/do everything. Eventually, the world will be polluted and both sides will agree on it, but the people will say they're just fear mongering. Once the people see it's happening where they live, they won't be facing the problem, they'll try to escape it. The children will lose and they'll never hear the truth.

brief Interpretation... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/8/09

I was talking with a friend the other day, and got to the conclusion that the solution to many of nowadays problem, would be a massive genocide (Im not saying it would be the right solution, or that should be done... im just remarking the fact that many of the problems are caused by overpopulation...)

what if its talking about a massive genocide to avoid climate changes.. "Ice age comming
throw them in the fire"

holocaust reference | Reviewer: virginia | 3/3/09

reminds me of the holocaust, something like "throw them in the fire".. "women and children" "this is really happenning" the mass descrution of human lives/women children, take the money and run..get out this inhumane torture which you are about to suffer

global warming | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/26/09

definitely. i'm quite sure of it. the word "children" is mentioned a lot because it represents the future generation, which will be affected by the disaster more than we will. Some people say that it's about war because of the word "bunker", but i think that "bunker" represents a place of danger, and the women and children will face danger.
i also think that it's about climate change because of the part where it says "we're not scaremongering. this is really happening."

and i do think that radiohead's songs are extremely beautiful, and it's beauty is more appreciated due to it's meaningful and abstract lyrics. <3

WOW! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/17/09

having read about this page, i am humbled by the theories i have stumbled upon, especially 'seems clear to me' that actually seems like quite the theory! i had at first thought of it as an open and shut "global warming" song, but i believe that its deeper, when i thnk of another one, i'll post it, but this song, i believe we can all agree, is amazing, regardless of how you look at it. i don't think i can find anything wrong with a song by this amazing band!

Modern World | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/18/09

considering the daodism that Thom used to create the lyrics on this album i think there are centralized themes that are touched on in each song on the album. as he was letting his conscience run during the writing session personal items and ideas of his were expressed. after chopping them and rearranging them you still get snippets of each of those ideas but in every song, not each song expressing one idea. The only true way to pull the meaning of this song, is to read the lyrics of all the songs. Thanks, Peace out.

It's about climate change douches | Reviewer: Bitch McGee | 2/12/09

It's about global warming and climate change people. Look at the art with the forest on fire, "ice age coming" that's climate change caused by global warming, he talks about waste too. Thom was heavy in gobal warming science back then too

Good Music | Reviewer: patrick | 12/30/08

Interpretation. Could mean this, could mean that. I like the idea of chaos while everyone is dancing,what the hell right. But RH is unto themselves, I hate hearing references to U2 and Coldplay, totally there own thing going on here. My favorite band of the last 10 years and this song is hauntingly perfect.

idioteque review | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/12/08

even if it was random phrases surely the phrases meant something for them to put them in the hat in the first place. its hardly random anyway, as the whole song follows a theme about chaos (in the mind and in the world)and war basically, and serenity in the middle. Not comparing it to schindlers list, but a good example is in schindlers list when obviously what is going is madness, and schindlers on the hore and he sees the girl in the red walking through the chaos, not being bothered by any of it. The backing track is calm compared to the lyrics, which i think represents that random calm thing theyve got going on.

Hmmm... | Reviewer: you're all right/wrong | 12/11/08

I'm sure there was a set theme that thom wrote about but I remember reading an interview where they said they simply wrote down words and phrases and cut them all up, put them in a hat and drew them out in random order. They didn't say what song they did this for but it would make sense if it were this one.

So you who say it means nothing are wrong and you who say it has a distinct meaning are also wrong.

Anonymous | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/3/08

to all those people saying that it doesn't mean anything and that it is just random words, that is stupid, as bands don't just put an assortment of words together to makes up lyrics, especially those as good as radiohead! just because you don't immediately understand the meaning behind the words doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

Just happen to be here | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/26/08

I'm using this song for a project in my class. If any of you have read The Things They Carried, we have to find songs to fit the theme + what not. I immediately thought of this song. Possibly because the repetition of children "women and children first. children first" + not to save them. ha, yeah. and then "I have seen too much
You haven't seen enough
You haven't seen it" those verses reflect the theme of the book and although this song may not directly relate i feel as if it carries the same tone. SO for those who say it has no meaning, it does. it definintely can be interpreted into many things, and particular artist want that.

This is a great song.

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