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Performed by Radiohead

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anon. | Reviewer: anon | 8/9/07

To say that high and dry is the only good track on the bends screams of ignorance. Listen to the album more, it's one of the best rock albums of our generation.

My opinion.x | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/13/07

Difficult to find words to sum up this track. Very few songs exist that are in the same league.

bad ass song | Reviewer: gerardo villagran | 6/27/07

its a great song to listen, it catches me and force me to remeber past times of my life, and thats what great songs are supossed to do, bring you memories and take you to another place, some of the neww groups may learn a thing or two from radiohead and other groups, we need more music like this now a days. stop the stupid pop invasion.

love thom yorke. love this song. | Reviewer: fionanz | 6/5/07

those who love th passion in this song will love the acoustic version of creep (if you haven't heard it yet, i suggest you do...thom yorke like rips his heart out in one bit...)
i first heard this song when my friend song it for an auditon and fell in love with the lyrics, and the melody and once i heard the radiohead original, i fell in love with thom yorke
easily the bst radiohead song, and one i can never EVER get sick of
thom yorke is a sexy beast, yes, lazy eye and all.

high and ry radiohead | Reviewer: hello | 6/5/07

this is a beautiful song and I'll never get bored of it. i don't even usually like this type of music but i still love it. bilal did cover of it and i like the spin, its the same lyrics with an soul twist, unlike other commercial artist who cover songs word for word. i recommend it highly :)

Great song! | Reviewer: Johnny | 5/12/07

I love this song, recently I heard a cover of this song sung by Jorge Drexler (the one who sings "Al otro lado del rio") its a very nice cover so.. check it out guys!

It became my favorite song... | Reviewer: C. | 5/9/07

I don't know how but this song became my favorite Radiohead song. Why? It's great and it's one of the more "simpler" Radiohead songs, not to deter from their other works though :P

Easy To Sum Up | Reviewer: mark | 5/5/07

It's the best thing that I've ever heard
The best thing that I've ever....ever heard!

Laura.. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/7/07

About this song..

I love this song from the day that i heard that..
when i heard it i fell well..Is one of my favorite song
Radiohead is great

amazing | Reviewer: Deanna | 4/2/07

I love this song. One of my favorites, though I only heard it the night before. Now I can't stop listening to it.

TOP TRACK | Reviewer: Maynard James Keenan | 3/13/07

High and dry is a very beautiful song, only good song on the album "the bends". It was also covered nicely by JAMIE CALLUM. Great lyrics, great drums and guitars, THOM YORKE is a god, his lyrics are just so excellent and makes u think....

The Best | Reviewer: Sonny | 3/9/07

This is one of those songs which even after 30yrs of your life, you would always remember.
I always liked Creep, but this one is beyond that, didn't took me a much to get this one on my fav list. Really, one of the best ever..

And very metaphoric, anyone get to be associated...

high and dry classic | Reviewer: bryce wastney | 10/27/06

Ive played in many bars and this song is always a hit.. everyone knows it and it has a great hook line and lyrics that allow you to pour your passion into..

simply a classic for a solo acoustic act!!


One of the worlds greatest songs! | Reviewer: Harvey | 1/7/06

I've been a fan of Radiohead since 1999 when i first got wind of them! I love all their music and have many favourites, i can't single out just one of their songs because they're all amazing! but this one, High & Dry, really gets to me! I can hear it over and over again and it always gets me in a good mood! wicked song!!

two thumbs up | Reviewer: Jill | 4/29/05

Short and to the point. Addicting in melody and very true-to-life. Yet another classic to add to Radiohead's library.

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