Good art is something different to everyone | Reviewer: Jeff | 1/21/10

To me this song is about our hopeless faith in materialism and how even if we see this as a problem our western views are so pervasive within our society we can't escape a lifestyle drowning in engineered obsolescence.

'kinky' review from 12/6/09 | Reviewer: Mari | 1/23/10

This song has served me well, as *the* song I listen to when I needed to feel the soul-wrenching, heart-aching pain of a failed relationship. It was at the top of my playlist when my marriage was crumbling.

Until now.

That review was the most hilarious thing I've read in a long time. I am sure that from now on, all I'll be able to think of when I hear the song is over-inflated blow-up dolls.

I hope the author of that post comes back and identifies him or herself, because I want to add him to every social networking site he's on. That sounds stalkerish, but really, I just want to read your quips on everything else.

OMG you're funny. :)

You're all wrong | Reviewer: Etienne | 12/5/09

It talks about a guy who sees the relationship of his lover, a girl who is accustomed to the fake living with her fake husband or bf (a plastic surgeon) and he loves her so (she looks like the real thing) but the relationship won't go anywhere because of her fake plastic life. He just wishes he could be who she wanted all the time.

Kinky? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/6/09

I think hes bought a really top of the range blow up doll, and she looks real, and she tastes real, but she keeps deflating and sometimes it feels like hes blown her up so much hes actually gone through the ceiling in some kind of oxygen deficiency induced high. And it wears him out, you know? I mean, it would wear me out and im in quite good shape. The stuff about the rubber is probably about a chinese dominatrix who wears latex and the polystyrene man is about severe impotence that is so bad, it actually manifests itself as the whole member crumbling off, and it burns because he has herpes. Its all quite sexually charged. But the kind of sexually charged that you dont want, like...a premature ejaculation kind of sexually charged, definately the kind that would make things a bit awkward afterwards.

Fake plastic trees..... | Reviewer: flash | 12/6/09

In my opinion this song talks about our corrupted minds and corrupted thoughts without returning changed by 'fake plastic' community that controls us with their decisions and fake morale..
However, there are some that know it but cant do anything cause of that it 'wears them out'..
Something so great about Radiohead is that every and each of their songs can be seen from different aspects because of their open-minded lyrics... I Love You Radiohead; best band ever.

it wears me out | Reviewer: dol | 12/3/09

everyone will have their own perspective. i feel that every relationship i've had builds to the one i have now. fake only because now i have something not so fake. all the time all the time. thx 4 reading. sd.

I think. | Reviewer: loopi | 11/10/09

to me this song it's like something that has hapenned to me.

is like when you met a person, and you start having a relationship with this person, but it isn't a real relationship.. what i mean is that deep inside your heart you know he feels something stronger for another persona and you too.. so the relationship doens't even have a name.. but you are always with this person.. he takes your hand, he kiss you, he even make you feel safe.. they look like the real thing.. and believe me.. he tastes like the real thing.. but the truth was that even if i started falling in love with him ... i would never be who he wanted all time.. maybe at nights.. when we see each other and we like each other.. but never all time..
and the feeling is soooo .. frustrating
you can't help it... and you think. "if i could just turn and run.. " .. and leave behind all this sick strange story..

but you can't..
because it's fake but it's your..
and it's plastic but it's LOVE..

and it wears me out!

sorry my english it's not so good, i'm from chile.

One of the best songs ever! | Reviewer: Marcelo | 10/30/09

This song is al about how fake our society is becoming.
Even artists are not authentic anymore, they just do what others say to make money.

Society is becoming a jungle with everyone making their own rules based on pure marketing through tv, internet, music and so on.

So back to the verses.

At the first tom sings very smoothly, the girl knows that the plastic tree is fake, but she lives in a town that is full of fakeness. She stars a relationship to forget bad times, she's beeing used but for her is not her fault.

She lives with a broken man who's probably her father, cracked is about his concept of life, gerneration gap, that is not valid for the time anymore (crambles and burns). Used to do surgeries is double meaning, plastic surgery in the 80s and also a trying to put moral and values on his daughter and friends but (gravity) tendency of the artificial world always wins and take over her father's ideas as he became used too.

Now he sings angry because he's in love with her but and is scared that the same thing is happening to him. He tries to justify his thoughs (looks like real thing, tastes like real thing). But he can't deny and can't stand the pain of realizing it is all becoming fake.

In the end he regrets that he was being used by the system too and still is. And the whole time he just did the same thing she was doing. But now he sees how ugly and empty he became. So he knows now that ALL the relationship was fake. So it never grew up, as fake pastic trees can't grow.

He suplicates her trying to find something real between them. He finds out that what he wated was to be loved by her. When he sings in the last verse: "All the time" twice he's admiting he had just been an actor. But here in the last verse for the first time, he tells her the truth (the real thing).

This song is so f..... depressive, but also so down to earth.

[ ]s

Simple | Reviewer: C.D. Wilson | 9/28/09

This song is about how false the delusions we build up as walls around us really are, especially love.
Reviewers are making it too complicated and it is losing its impact. Ambiguity is good.
The plastic surgery is just an example of a physical way that the "women in the 80's" captured the delusion of youth (it too eventually gave way to gravity)

who is more aware | Reviewer: tyler | 9/14/09

This song is all about how unaware people really are. The best explination as to why most people who hear it think its beautiful it touches on a concept most people can't live up to. As a whole people have over the relativly short period of time become superficial. Superficiality is something that is would generally be expected when we blend our natural instinct with the technology we have created. This song is amazing because it talks of something that deep down everyone wants and that's being who they are supposed to be not what other people expect them to be. The truth about people is that we are animals locked inside of cages we designed our selves or that were designed by those who raised us. Sometimes it takes the people who shaped us revealing their regrets in life to show how we should live our own lives. Live free, fall hard for love and let go of the things that are not wanted. The real kicker is that people have a high awareness of the morality of a decision, But will ignore it to better themselves. A dog has a very low sense of morality yet that exact fact makes it more moral then most humans because it has a reason, while people haven't any.

Requiem for the lost reality | Reviewer: Robert | 8/18/09

Fake Plastic Trees, is so achingly sad because it focuses on an aspect of ourselves that is very difficult to grasp simply because it is so achingly sad. It is essentially a Lacanian/post-modern lament for our lost selves. We live in a symbloic world, as the entry into language has buried our core essence beyond where we can reach it. Everything in our world is fake, we have symbolised everything; when we name something it becomes the name we have given it rather than what it actually is. All our concepts are symbols, no feelings we have can escape social expectation; based around everything that has been said about it in the past.

The song itself neccesarily personalises this Lacanian 'concept' of lost human essence, focusing on the speaker and two 'Others' to highlight the nightmare of lost selves. If this seems a bleak view of life, then maybe that explains Thom Yorke's disposition.

Apparently | Reviewer: Ady | 8/4/09

Thorm York said on some interview that Fake Plastic Trees was about a remote area of the docks in the "isle of dog" where they where building "Canary Wharf" and they planted loads of trees around the wasteland.

A heart-breaking reality | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/28/09

Fake Plastic Trees to me is about a person who is in the fake plastic world and he doesn't know how to tell the girl he loves that it wears him out by trying to be something he is not. The girl is being fake and worrying about everyone around her and everything. Fake Plastic Rubber plants and Plans, its like she is living for fake things. "She lives with a broken man" Is saying she has gotten married or is living with some guy and he is broken inside and depressed, he doesn't know how to handle it and he can't deal with anything because of the saying the line "Crumbles and Burns" He must be cracked and burns because of what happened or happens. And the line "My Fake Plastic Love" he is talking about the girl and he wants to be himself but they all can't because everyone is so superficial he becomes one of them and cannot show his love to her and cannot be himself around her because of the fake world we live in. And line "I wish I could be the one you wanted" instead of that crumbled and burnt man I think that he means he wants to be the one for her instead of the other superficials. This is truly a master peice and a heart breaking song. It really comes down to how that the people in this world aren't what they seem to be because of the way we all live and how everyone is fake. He probably feels like things are plastic because there are so many people really wanting to be something else rather than themselves. Its like the story In To The Wild he just wants to be on his own because of all the fake plastic things. A heartbreaking song and story, truly a heart touching Song. Amazing.

Plastic Tatt | Reviewer: Dale | 7/17/09

I reckon he works in a local pound shop and sees the same girl coming in week in week out spending her gyro on cheap tatt instead of going next door where you can get real quality merchandise at suprisingly reasonable prices.

Regret | Reviewer: Surindra Goolcharan | 5/14/09

My take is that this is a song about regret in this man's life.

Back long yonder there was a young girl, shown with fake plastic toys.

He had a strong love for her. He calls it "Fake Plastic Love", but by fake, he means very real, shown through the emotion in the third verse.

Back then, he was unable to express it. He says "I could blow through the ceiling
If I just turn and run."

A rich man then married the girl, before the speaker's emotions were expressed to the girl.
It is shown he is rich via:
"He used to do surgery
For girls in the eighties
But gravity always wins" which is a reference to breast implants.

It plagues him today shown by:
"And it wears me out, it wears me out.
It wears me out, it wears me out." this excerpt is give further power since Radiohead songs never make self-references.

It has a very debilitating effect on him, and he reiterates his feelings of strong regret:
"if I could be who you wanted
If I could be who you wanted"

This is my take.