A STORY | Reviewer: Frances | 11/1/13

Well, my ex, Andrew, and I had the most beautiful summer together. We felt things for each other. We're both musicians. But one day in October, we just decided that we did physical things to make up for how much we were bored with each other and we really hadn't much in common besides music and love and God. Even before him and during his relationship, I had been in love with another, but we couldn't see how it would work out. He's terrified of leaving his insane girlfriend. But I loved him not Andrew.
Andrew and I both happened to audition for a music event and we both made it- me as a soloist and him with his band. I saw him perform this song at our rehearsal, the other lover sitting with me in the audience. I was just thinking: I wore him out. He wore me out. My other lover is set up to crumble in burn in other situations. His girlfriend wears him out. Andrew said to me once "I wish you could be as crazy with me as you could be him" and I knew I wasn't made for him. The last lines of being all you wanted, that sort of reminded me of that. Hmm.

"You got it all wrong" (?) | Reviewer: Fattylicious | 4/25/13

Well, it's a song, it's art, and I don't think there's a right version or interpretation for it, it's not a contest. So the first wrong one in here it's you. Yeah, sex might have become an addiction for many people, but, wtf, it doesn't have to be incompatible with love, in fact, it can be used only for "fun" or can be one of the greatest expressions of Love, some people prefer the first one, some rather the second, it's all about tastes :) Peace

You guys are all sex addicts:) | Reviewer: Talkin head | 2/25/13

...and you got it all wrong. This song is about sex. And how people and society have become addicted, and try to promote it every second.

Plastic surgery is the (fake and failed)art of making people more attractive.
The first sexual attraction for guys is breasts, and that's usually the first purpose of plastic surgery.

But sex wears you out, it kills you, in the long run you just 'crumble and burn'.

'She looks like the real thing
I could blow through the ceiling
If I could just turn and run'

Sex wears you out, using your genital essence for fun, kills you in the long term.
If I just turn and run, if I could just get out of there before it happens, it's the problem of sex, it's already too late before you started. We all know it's almost impossible to stop once you've started.
'If I could be who you wanted all the time'
We all want to be the perfect sexual partner but it will never be enough. Sex is nothing other than a drug.
The only solution is to not engage. Also in this lyric there's a feeling of love, a feeling of wanting to love the person without the sex, just like when you were a kid, we all long for the love that we were, before sex had any meaning at all.
We wish we could show our partner how much we love them, and we wish we could prove to them that we're not just using them for sex.
But the addiction destroys everything.

This is directed to White Oak | Reviewer: mw | 2/11/13

he used to do the surgery
for girls in the eighties
but gravity always wins

I think this means that he was a plastic surgeon, he personally plasticized human beings, but gravity always wins, meaning all the tit jobs he performed didn't make a difference, because their breasts began to sag anyway. I could be way off, but it makes sense with the rest of the song, I think.

I agree with SaykoPa Yan Yan | Reviewer: Igor | 12/18/12

His comment is completely correct, although 1 might consider this text is a comment about the human condition in general as well... It's art so it can mean what you get out of it...

Politics etc. | Reviewer: White Oak | 12/9/12

Hello, I'm Oak and I hate politics.
I hate when they see politics in lyrics in poetry etc.

I think that's the song about love. Yeah, love.
Just complaining about a plastic girl, about a plastic love, about plastic feelings.
Evrthing's just so fake and plastic.

Well, what I could not understand that's the line about surgery.
What could it mean?
Maybe, smthing about sleeping with girls, huh?

A Different Point of View | Reviewer: KAP | 10/8/12

I think this is one of the most beautiful songs and actually helped me to make a change that I needed to make...
I was in an extremely abusive marriage for more than half my life. My life to the outside world appeared picture perfect. Beautiful home, beautiful children, money, vacations. Behind closed doors was a very scary unhappy controlled place.
I met an amazing friend in an unlikely place and we became very close. For the first time in 17 years I confided in someone what was happening... We met every day and one day we met on our usual park bench to share lunch and he played this song for me and told me that he was in love with me and he wanted to help me but if I didnt want help then he would leave.
.. I had created a fake plastic world... I lived with a broken man...
I fell in love with my best friend that year. He helped me and my children safely get out of the marriage. We have been very happily married for 5 years now. He sang me this at our wedding...
Its probably not about a third person saving someone from an abusive plastic world but its what it means to me....

My mind's interpretation is... | Reviewer: SaykoPa Yan Yan (facebook only) | 4/22/12

I'm sorry for destroying these moments by posting this post.

It is simply connected to their song called "creep". I'm not sure of what does the song composer looks like. But my brother said that the composer hates surgery. And probably the composer's ugly. So he composed "creep"

now let's go back to this song. Its all about a person he/she loves. But that person have no single taste for him/her. Because that person likes cute, hunky/sexy, handsome/beautiful persons. In other words, "almost perfect"

i dunno if this is the real meaning. But this is what I've experienced in my 4-year love life. Wherein I'm waiting for a girl who broke my silence with a single glance. Ohh yes that eyes. That smile... Anyways, that's what I feel as this music plays. XD

Revolutionary Road | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/17/12

This song reminds me of Revolutionary Road. It actually helps me to interpret the book better. It's easy to dream and be anti-materialistic as an individual. Relationships take a responsibility. It's hard to provide for someone's material needs while still striving for out dreams so we settle for the material and just go through life like a pig in a cage on antibiotics.
You can't be everything to everyone and you can't even be everything to even one person all of the time. I great relationship takes effort. A meaningful life takes effort. The song doesn't attempt give answers, but it stirs up enough emotion to get you thinking.

(Sorry, no spell checker.)

Open mind | Reviewer: Student | 1/10/12

I rarely post about anything online, but the previous posts regarding this song encouraged (and inspired) me. Thank you.

One of the beautiful things about poetry is that it is up to the reader, the listener, to interpret the meaning. The best part of the internet relates to the multitude of opinions from which to educate yourself.

To me, this song sings many ideas. I'm sure (to me) most of them are my own, though as a "just-past-gen-x-er" I'd love to claim them as my own angst-ridden thoughts.

Is it unusual to find yourself in a relationship that involves lies or deceit? If I'm wrong, I'm happy, but I think this is not a feature limited to California, as many posts have suggested.

Regardless of the authors intent, i interpret this song/poem as an encouragement to tell my loved ones that I love them, to do my best in my career without pretending, and to be honest. In general.

My interpretation... In my opinion the same song heard by a different person should have a differentnmening, but be can all learn from each others words

the actual meaning of the song! | Reviewer: vicktoriadarko | 12/26/11

the actual meaning of the song is about a pretend relationship! she's fake he's fake the world around them is pretend so they pretend to be together! thus the ending 'if I could be who you wanted all the time!'

it´s so simple | Reviewer: ed feitosa | 11/29/11

the reference to ours today's society is just the cover of the cake. I really like Fake Plastic Trees because it has the tolstoian universality. The song talks about how the people (including me and you) are tied by materialist thought and the pression of the old day-by-day; she uses her watering can, doesn't she? And meanwhile can't see love or whatever.

What this song is about | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/31/11

I think that the reviewer Anonymous on 10/26/11, is absolutely right about his interpretation. I just finished watch the movie "Bruna surfistinha" that ends with the fake plastic trees, and the conclusion that you get from the movie is precisely what he wrotes. Sentence by sentence

What this song is about. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/26/11

To me this song seems to be about how the world we're living in is becoming increasingly fake. Everything is become plastic, and everything is becoming available to a large portion of the population, but it's not real. What's especially not real is the girl in this song. She chose to not be with whoever is singing, and instead decided to live in her fake plastic world. She has all of these comforts around her but none of them are the real thing. As of now, she is okay with it, but eventually she'll realize how meaningless her life is and she'll miss the opportunity she had to love a real person. At least that's the meaning I get out of it. Songs are really subjective, and you can derive your own personal experience out of them.

Thank you priestessmunak@gmail.com | Reviewer: george | 10/5/11

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