Also covered by Marillion, Behind the Walls | Reviewer: Myself again | 4/14/08

This song struck me in the heart al long time ago and still does. Heard it first time on a limited fan-album from Marillion named Behind the Walls, semi acoustic. It hit me hard, driving back from my friend knowing not beining able to meet expectations in life with my wife, forgetting I had a life myself.
Marriage is just over now. Struggeling to find myself back again, however improving every day. Best descision ever but my God, was it difficult. My lesson of life? Make discissions now, posponing them makes them only harder, more complex and more difficult.
Good luck to you all!

The Fake Plastic Marriage | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/3/08

This song has a lot of meaning for me because of the role I've been playing for years in my marriage. Pretending everything is fine, trying to hold on to a wife I do not know if I even love, a wife who doesn't respect me or the things I do for her, the constant feeling of being used, the constant suppression of the real you because for some reason the you who your wife married is no longer wanted and your wife complain and nags constantly about you being you, and the fake life you live just because you feel you've made your bed and now you must lie in it.

To those who read this ... If you are dating anyone and at ANY point, it feel fake, like you are not you, GET OUT BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE.

what a song..... | Reviewer: dangelo78501 | 3/19/08

Sometimes love can decieve one's heart. Fake palstic trees is just a song about how fake society is. Where's the love? Everyone looks for love yet....everything is a mirage. Love exists but its very hard to find.

love | Reviewer: Ezra | 3/13/08

i could play this over and over and get a new meaning and a new emotion every time. The cover done by KT Tunstall is also so good. It has a differnt feel but you just have to tune in. I also was in a relationship where I was just worn down. And I could never be enough. Never the right person. and sometimes thats how it always feels you can't satisfy the "right" people. There are such high expectations in the society we live in. Those who you satisfy and dont want you to change should be the people in your atmosphere. not other fucks. what an emotional song. This song is perfect for an early rainy morning after a late night. Maybe in the forrest. With a light jade color.

Not living fake anymore | Reviewer: Obby | 2/1/08

I was just in a love-less relationship that I essentially faked for 6 years. I stayed for the wrong reasons, but now that I am out, I am still this combination of fake and real. And as I enter a new relationship I feel confused and fearfull, but this song helps me understand maybe what he feels. He doesn't listen to Radiohead, but he's said himself he thought he could be what I wanted. At that moment this song changed from a just a good something amazing and affecting.

loneliness | Reviewer: yodo | 1/28/08

We're never truly alone, and ms. raw feeling and false ideas, you've got quite a story to tell, and my heart goes out to you. Never live a fake life..this song tells you about it, it'll wear you out.

fake plastic | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/25/08

iv listened to this song hundreds of times but have never been fully aware of the lyrics..somtimes you can hear what you would like it to me the song is about being in a relationship, probably for a long time... but feeling the profound lonliness that is our human existence.

: ( | Reviewer: blank | 1/16/08

This song is amazing it reminds me of how you can love someone and yet they dont feel the same way. It makes me cry every time it gets to "She looks like the real thing" because I am in the same situation being in love yet not being good enough for her.

Raw truth and false ideas... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/13/08

I feel this song so deeply in my core. I was a stripper for a little while and was severely abused by a boyfriend that told me I needed breast implants to be more attractive than I already was.... I had nursed a child and my already small breasts, he said, could use a little something..... because of my deeply esoteric and spiritual nature, I found this option horrifying and "fake" and it was so sad to me that this was what someone who I thought loved me told me, even as we were both "hippies". I didn't have any girlfriends at the time and I sucombed to the negative control that he exerted on me and I did it.... I went under the knife. I came out of it devastated and took them out right away feeling mamed and defeated and worn thin, and then put them back in again after I realized I would never be the same again.... I had been scarred for life, because I did not trust myself enough to go my own way and yet, if someone were to look at me, they would never know is not obvious, but every relationship I have been in since then, I have had to explain the pain of feeling that there is something"fake" about me, when really, there is nothing but raw, deep truth and painful experience that allowed me to truly understand women, men, humanity better and I am far wiser having gone through this.... the men I have been with have known my story and almost cared deeper for me because I have the courage to understand the lesson....but it wears me out..... to talk about it, to process it... to be a product of someone elses false idea of beauty, or their need to control my idea of my own..... in the end, I have no longer the desire to be near anyone who would judge such a thing...but it wears me out to think about it all... the feeling of falseness in the world merging itself into my body and then having to be a strong enough person to recognize the difference between truth, illusion, and experiential wisdom... I love this song because I had never heard anyone write a song that so clearly described my experience with such delicacy and meaning, even if that was not what Thom was talking about.

Wow | Reviewer: Jon | 1/1/08

I've just watched them doing this at Glastonbury in 2003, When he gets to "She looks like the real thing" You can tell Thom is forcing the words out.


wow | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/18/07

wow this song is sooo beautiful i dont even understand it fully but apparantly he cried when recording the lyrics for the song, and im trying not to cry while listening to it...sounds so sad... i think its about a relationship that was fake? i dunno but someone else should reply to me if they feel the same thing about this song

Oxford, please! | Reviewer: Asteorid | 12/3/07

oh my God you're all still going on about Anonymous 9/18/2007, the date's almost famous! Haha, and yes, you are all being silly. Who cares if they are Oxford graduates or not, and the song speaks about unreachable expectations, so stop expecting Oxford graduates to be geniuses anyway!

This song can conjure up a tear in anyone so just appreciate that if nothing else!

He is not an Oxford graduate! | Reviewer: Matt | 11/18/07

Hate to get into all this, but since people are being silly I thought I would, too:

Why does everyone say Thom Yorke is an Oxford graduate? Thom Yorke is not an Oxford graduate. He is an Exeter graduate who happened to live in Oxfordshire. I know this because I am also an Exeter graduate from Oxfordshire. Exeter graduates, unlike Oxford graduates, don't particularly have a reputation for being bright, so go easy! And for the record, great song.

Yay | Reviewer: Jovo | 11/7/07

This song was amazing when they played it live at Bonnaroo in 2006. If you ever have a chance to see them play, sell anything you own to get there. It'll be worth it.

Oh yea, and that was a huge dick move by the spelling guy. We're all here because we like the song.

one more | Reviewer: Jovo | 11/7/07

Sorry to write another, but I needed to demonstrate the Oxford grad's spelling to someone:

"i was told yesterday..."
"we were playing THe Tourist at the end of the show.. and yyes we did wander what..."
"infact if i had known all this..."

These are from Thom on Radiohead's site. Pretentious bastard.