:) | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/6/07

love this song, thom is an absolute fucking genius. and that guy who wrote about someone not being able to spell is an ignorant asshole.

To Anonymous 9/18/2007 | Reviewer: Jim | 11/6/07

Dear Anonymous 9/18/2007.

The first thing we should learn in life is respect for others, something you clearly haven't. Oxford Graduates = Artists? Don't most Oxford graduates go into business rather than art?

I'm not sure Radiohead would approve of your rude and insulting remarks. I suggest the song is about something that they experienced, rather than what you wish it to be about.

Perhaps the worst review on here is yours, as it fails to include anything about the music despite the accurate spelling and grammar. Personally I think the content of what we write is more important than the syntax.

I liked it because of the great melody and vocal performance, and the emotive lyrics. Like all art it is purely a matter of personal taste.


So sad | Reviewer: Ems | 11/5/07

This song made me cry the first time I listened to it. I think it can be portrayed in so many different ways to different people. <3

Oven Fresh | Reviewer: The Dude | 11/3/07

I didn't discover this song until I heard it on the cable music channel. And I always thought High and Dry was the best single off that cd. Oops. Also, sounds like vocals from the 70s super band Bread.

Sweet | Reviewer: Alex Afnan | 10/31/07

I think this song is so sweet and its definately one of my fabourites songs it not the best song ive ever heard. It really captures me deep inside and i think it is something only radiohead can have done

Anonymous 9/18/2007 = asshole | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/10/07

Wow. You're really missing some vital insight into people's enjoyment of music. I imagine Radiohead don't give a shit whether the people that love their music can spell perfectly or not, although they might be amused to come across you on the internet lecturing others about how to critique their music, as if you are some kind of 'more serious' fan. Yeesh. Get a life.

radiohead | Reviewer: kate | 9/30/07

this is one of my favourite songs..i love radiohead ,,they have an unique style that u can indentify them from others...they r the best ones..and tom`s voice is the most beautiful voice ever..

Las canciones de Radiohead son las unicas que me conectan con mi interior | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/26/07

Me encanta Radiohead y en particular esta cancion, el solo escuchar la melodia y la voz de Tom me sensibiliza a tal punto de sentirme toda una protagonista de la cancion... es muy buena y que bueno es compartir buena musica.

truth | Reviewer: Vanitas | 9/22/07

Don't be so harsh, the person with bad spelling probably doesn't speak english as a first language so it isn't really a measure of intelligence. Anyways this is a great song, one of my favorites from the group.

good god... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/18/07

All but one of these are the most retarded, antithetical reviews I've ever read. The oxford graduates in Radiohead would be horrified at your horrible spelling, nonexistent grammar, lack of thoughtfulness or poignancy, and general nonsensicalness. I think they were writing the song about people like you...

fake plastic trees song lyrics | Reviewer: matthew Bekaert | 9/14/07

thiq song was actually a catalystt fot me to battle up my nervous break dowm feelings. I thank so much the Radiohead'singer.
Matthew Bekaert

.. great song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/22/07

never thought Radiohead could write such a song with complexed emotional lyrics (in its own); yet simple enough to drown one's senses to think about what matters most in life.. great song!

the best of bests | Reviewer: Bem Hur | 8/14/07

this is the most beautifull music that i've listened in my life.. so, all musics of hadiohead are very great.. makes me cry... but i love it...

violet | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/18/07

my ex-boyfriend wrote this song in his fotologe page...but just the end...i did not what to think....but it breaks my heart

Unique | Reviewer: javier, buenos aires, argentina | 7/10/07

This is one of the best songs i`ve ever heard. At the same level as "let down" and "no surprises" (OK Computer), or A day in the life, or Strawberry Fields. An anthem.