RADIOHEAD | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/6/07

radiohead are one of the best bands ever........ i'm into alot of hardcore punk rock and some metal but i also love radiohead..... and i love this song alot the lyrics are beautiful and you could listen to it on a bad day and it could actually make you feel better. Can't wait for their new album.

my song.. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/5/07

seriously one of the most beautiful songs.
i was once suicidal and listened to this
song for hours. its was perfect.

my fake plastic love | Reviewer: paola | 2/15/07

"" it wears me out''
One of the saddest tunes out there, I actually felt his pain. He sang for me, or at least it felt that way.. Lyrics in a song, the best for of expression to a broken heart... Great Song to say it wears me out... heard it once while saying good bye, heard it again while memories creeped back.. and it made me cry!!!!!!

Buy this album | Reviewer: | 8/29/06

Radiohead is clearly great.
"The Bends," in my mind, is even better than "OK Computer."
This song is so moving that if I could only have written one song in my life this would be it!

Fake Plastic Trees | Reviewer: Dave | 1/9/05

I agree - a very poignant tune and top lyrics. One of my all time favourites. Radiohead - for me, have never achieved the same intensity of LOW in their later material.

The Song Of Our Age | Reviewer: Terence | 8/7/04

Arguably the most poignant song ever released by Radiohead - a heartfelt, moving depiction of the modern condition. Tom Yorke's widely-known talent as a lyricist is truly exhibited here as he brings new meaning to the phrase "it wears me out".