to damn | Reviewer: meh | 9/1/11

they are just sheeps ! going trough life with questioning its meaning..... its not abt how pretty you are, but what you can make with this life, its not all about money, cars, pretty girls! all that materialistic bullshit ! do you life life or life lives you

1990's angst | Reviewer: Emma | 8/30/11

Funny how in the 1990's songs were all about self-hating, such as this one as "Loser" by Beck, and today pop singers like Katy Perry and Lady Gaga encourage their fans to shine like a "Firework" and take pride that they were "Born This Way." Overall today seems to be a more positive time.

it's about all of us :P | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/27/11

I've always liked this song ...but then I started falling for a guy who has a long distance gf. He's, at best, neutral to me. When I first met him he made me smile in a way I forgot about, now...I just feel like a creep lol

20 years later... | Reviewer: Commandrea | 8/15/11

For all ya'll cats that are saying this song is about you now, keep in mind that when this song came out nearly 2 decades ago-- YIKES-- a lot of us felt the same way you do now. There are so many assholes/bitches in the world and for some reason we want nothing more than to be accepted/liked by these said assholes/bitches. The sooner you learn that you are all you have and maybe a few friends around you will still be around you 2 decades from now, the closer you will get to being free of feeling like a flaw in the midst of a bouquet of perfection. No one is perfect. No one. Fuck those ppl who bring you down- but don't sit there and hate on yourself. More than likely you're in a better place than a lot of others in the world- you have electricity/internet and good taste in music :) Seriously though- it'll be okay and you will be okay. Just remember- everybody- no matter how perfect their body or hair or wardrobe-- has to take a stinky shit every single day of their lives.

to jj | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/13/11

i knew someone I called JJ. he was being told he was a creep. his own mother called him like that. and i loved him with all my heart. but he turned his back on me for a greater good as he told me once.
whoever you are, do not give up on yourself no matter what people tell you.

Everyone | Reviewer: Michael | 8/14/11

This song relates to me too but you have to not think about yourself that low, You guys are awesome. Some people don't share their feelings and never do, so kudos to you guys. This song gets to me but please don't think you have to quit your life or "end it". Its not worth it. How many lives do you get? One. Only one. Make it last. Be proud. You have only yourself when no ones around, who cares what others think of you.

damn | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/9/11

this song perfectly describes me. im ugly as fucking sin, i look like a fucking disgusting mutant, my heads all fucked up with this fucking depression and anxiety bullshit. everyone else is so fucking perfect and special and all that bullshit. all those stupid sluts and assholes kick our asses every fucking day. so to all the motherfucking creeps like me, we are united by our ugliness.

My thoughts | Reviewer: JJ | 8/8/11

being "original" I'll say that this song is about me, the girl I love and my fuckedupness! :(
I sure wish to be normal! I want a normal body and a soul... but nothing changes it;[
Being a loser for the past 11 years really turns you into a creep! :[ hate my life, and just want to quit it :|

It's kind of a "downer"! | Reviewer: Eve | 7/25/11

I really love this song and i also feel like it's about me,but i think it's one of those songs that Can make a person commit suicide!i'm a weirdo,but i don't think that the salvation is in feeling really down and sad in a way that makes you kill youself!i have a future,we all do,and maybe i'm gonna get better and change,nobody knows!but anyway it's such a great song and i'm really glad that i finally found a song that really expresses me.

the outcast | Reviewer: Taylor | 7/18/11

I love this song!! It reminds me of what I used to be but promised myself I would never be again...and thankfully i'm not that person anymore. which is why i always talk to the outcasts and everyone judged me for it in the beginning of the year... but now its like a fasion at my high school yay! to that

the outcast | Reviewer: alexa | 7/6/11

yay i love this song :D its like hearing him sing about me. i am a fucking creep and a wierdo, when people see me they like me but when they come up to me and we talk for about a few mins, they hate my guts. and like the lyrics say "i want to have control" i try fuckin hard to be normal so that people wont hate me or look down on me but i cant and its kind of hopeless. i dont remember a moment in my life i felt like i belonged. i am an outcast for life :D

IM 1 TALENTED CREEP! | Reviewer: monster | 6/29/11

this song has such a beautiful melody! im so glad i learned how to play this on piano. oh and the lyrics are sooo well written wow just takes my 13 year old breath away hahaha lol my mom was like awww how sweet. i love this song its super awesome like BOOM GOES THE DYNAMITE <3 U RADIOHEAD!

i've been this creep before | Reviewer: lilly | 6/24/11

heard this song on the radio today and absolutely loved it. i'm sure many of us can relate to feeling this kind of thing; feeling out of reach of someone we love. anyway, fantastic fuckin song. love the singing, music, and especially the lyrics

just in time | Reviewer: compass | 6/15/11

this song comes right on time for me, as I met this girl that is just so beautiful in every way, that I trully feal I don't diserve. She likes me so far, but doesn't know yet that I really am a weirdo.

KF you were right.. this song nailed it | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/6/11

FY Kelly .. you don't deserve my love and devotion ..shame it took me 20yrs to figure that out. I will always love you.. and I AM the strong woman you needed, but still, you dropped my heart and shattered it into a million pieces.