Great song to play | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/15/10

Every amateur musician should learn this song, whether it be on piano, guitar, or whateer you like. It's very simple, and very beautiful, and even if you can't sing for shit (like me) it's a great song to sing.

Brilliant | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/4/10

This song captures that agony that far to many experience. A feeling that I have felt far to often........

Heart rending, soul searing, and overall genius. Radiohead has forever sealed its place in the halls of musical masterpiece.

Fucking A+

creep | Reviewer: alycialoves.. | 1/13/10

This song makes me think of an eating disorder.
I see it as though he's basicly talking to the eating disorder

and this part stood out for me alot
'I don't care if it hurts,
I wanna have control
I want a perfect body
I want a perfect soul'

reply to Anonymous | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/11/10

dude, u belong in your short.. nobody will bring you where u dont wanna go, your the only actor of your own movie. move. do something and by the way youll realised that we're all alone with the years.. you gotta be able do be happy alone, uneless you with be happy with anybody else. good luck my friend life is full of suprise, enjoy bad and good one.

pattern | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/21/09

this is how i feel, even with friends i feel that i dont belong there sometimes there is when my friends are really cool to me but sometimes it feels like they dont want me here so its a pattern in my life

Amazing! | Reviewer: Solange | 11/30/09

It´s really amazing the powerfull of the music and how lyrics like this can move a lot of people. Im from venezuela and feel this song very personal cause was special for me at high school.. unforgetable

Its more than a Classic | Reviewer: Mario A. | 11/11/09

this song boldly tells the sorrowfull truth that many dont want to know, the fact of the one they love is to good for them("Your so Fucking Special") to go after ("What the Hell am I doing here?") and to let her go is best ("Shes running out the door") then suffer the regrett of trying to obtain that her heart("I dont belong here")

A majority of people can relate to this song one way or another which gives music listeners a "connection" to the lyrics like I can...

Meaning | Reviewer: J.C. | 11/1/09

I've only just recently heard of radiohead, and this song in general. I am a metalhead at heart, its what i like to play, But i got my inspiration from Kurt Cobain and Nirvana. So while i was looking for softer, more meaningfull music to play, i found this song, its my life.

The Best | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/3/09

Radiohead is, in my opinion, the best band of all time. This song came out very close to when is was born so it's fucking special to me.

To anonymous 8/25/09 muse are better than anberlin, they are 2nd to radiohead
To 8/24/09 how can you call muse fake? you obviously haven't Heard them.

so fitting | Reviewer: planetclaire | 9/27/09

i'm 46 years old and a southern democrat. went to my 80's decade high school reunion last night. back in high school i was pale, unsure of myself and wished i could be like the popular girls. as i was walking through the bar, looking at all those holier than thou republican, too tanned faces, sucking down their whiskey, all i could think of were the lyrics to this song. perfectly fitting, i think.

it makes me sad | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/27/09

A girl I know dedicated this song to me and she was really special to me she meant a lot to me I loved her until she got with another guy and everytime I listen to this song it makes me cry knowing how special she was to me

My dear friend.. | Reviewer: Nikita | 9/23/09

This song is a really speciell song,it reminds me about my dear friend who died in 1999..10 years have past..I will always remember her.She wanted this song to be played at her funeral,it was really,really,really sad...R.I.P Jessie! LOVE YOU ALWAYS! / Nikita

mario & claudia | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/18/09

this song makes me remember about our relationship. People say im more than special 4 u, and u always asks me why im with u, and i think does he really love me? Life makes me feel that we dont belong here... No matter how much i love you, what the hell im doin here. Quiero ser quien te acompañe hasta mañana!

that's why i love this song | Reviewer: me | 9/12/09

Oh my god I love this song for the thigs that they mentioned Im in love of some guy that. . . is a little bit difficult to have a relation between us because i don't know if he loves me like i do so. . . that's a little bit frustrating to me but this is the first time i accept this I love this guy " Thantks to him i think what a beautiful world" this is teachig everybody that you can do it !!! and never lost the hope and happines so. . . for everybody and forgot the bad things and be happy just for being in the world. . . this song means a lot for me

love it | Reviewer: Liz | 9/5/09

I absolutely love this song, its a classic! AT times, I have to say even right now i feel like a creep. and their r times when u just look around n r like i dont fucken belong here, what am i doing here? Like right now, I dedicate this song to my cuzins n my family.. "I dont belong here" cuz ur soo fucken special!!